Monday, 4 August 2014

Foundry Mail Order, Ally Morrison Boxed sets, Clanrats, and a little peek at The Empire army.

An update a little later than usual due to a busy weekend!

 In the building of my Chaos Nipponese Army using the Warhammer Armies Chaos list, I sent off a mail order to Wargames Foundry for some of their Oriental range of models. These models were originally all sculpted in the early 1980's by Aly Morrison and released under the C05 Oriental Heroes range and in the DL1 Samurai Oriental Heroes box set, and can be found here with other Ex-Citadel ranges from the 1980's still in production: 

In additon, I purchased a few of the Mercenaires models and Men at Arms for my 3rd Edition Empire army which is now completed and ready for an army list and then painting.

Considering that the sculpts are no over 30 years old, the details, style, and overall look of the models are great, and I a looking forward to painting them up.

Other than buying things I have almost finished the 66 Skaven Slaves, they only need another hour of so painting.

Looking through the Samurai I noticed that they are the same models which were in the 1980's Deluxe Box set, so for fun I decided to photograph them as per the box set. Also, I have photographed actual 1980's Hobgoblins from the other Aly Morrison box set from my collection. As the Hobgoblins have Oriental theme style I shall at some point be painting them too, probably after the Samurai.

 I will take proper photographs of the Nipponese army once I have based them and sorted out an army list.  Concerning the Hobgoblins, I will do an update on the full range at some point too. My collection of 1980's Hobgoblins is such that I can field the whole of the Mercenary list from Warhammer Armies, except for a few Hobhounds, and field a regiment of 30 strong RR15 Regiment of Renown 'The Mighty Throg and his Hobgoblin Despoilers of the Dark Lands' to go with them.

Enjoy :)

The Samurai deal with an extra pack purchased.
Three packs for the Empire army.
Free models from Foundry! A Socts/Irish Knight, a Pirate, and the free Ninja in the Oriental deal.

DL 1 Aly Morrison's Samurai Oriental Heroes box set.

From left to right: 
Kato Kiyomassa, Shindozuka Iga No Kami, and Hachiman Taro Yoshi Iye.
Tomori and Inukai Kampachi.
Maeda Toshiie and Yorimasa.
Sasaki Ganryu and Date Masamune.

Shidzuka-Gozen (a female Samurai), Tanabe Meibachiro, and Kajiwara Genda Ragesuye.

DL 2 Ally Morrison's
Please be aware I painted these models circa 1994 to include in a Lord of the Rings style Orc army, hence the poor painting. I will be repainting them in lovely Oriental colours to stand opposite the Samurai army. 
Left to right, 'Champion' and 'Warrior'.
'Discipline Master' and 'Chieftan. 
The 'Discipline Master' is armed with a Mancatcher and whip, so no written warnings from HR in the Hobgoblin army!
'Berserker' and 'Shaman'.
'Warrior with Naginata' and 'Standard Bearer'.
'Hobhound' and 'Hound Master'.
'Warrior with Spear' and 'Assassin'.
Rear views of 'Champion', 'Shaman' and 'Warrior with Spear', showing the Oriental style and Katanas.
66 Slaves, only and hour or so away from being finished. 
Once completed I will have painted the bulk of the army, some 165 Infantry, plus the odds and ends. Next will be painting the Command models.
Sneak peek at some of the models for my Empire army. They are largely 1980's Citadel/Ex-Citadel Wargames Foundry, with a couple of Alternative Armies and Ral Partha present. 
I also have 20 Rieksguard Knights, 3 Cannons, 40 Crossbowmen, and some Forstjager to add. I need to write an army list for these too. 

Next blog update will be more progress conmcerning the Skaven painting. Also, I will write the Chaos Nippon army list and photograph the army.


  1. Good job and a nice start. I'm looking forward to seeing the Hobbos as I've just started collecting them along with Half Orcs and Chaos Goblins for my Dark Goblin project.

    1. Thank you.
      I can really recommend the 1980's Hobgoblins, they have a very nice Far Eastern Style with Samurai armour, equipment, and weapons, and are really nicely detailed. I like the idea of them being more Mongol inspired in opposition to the Japanese style Nipponese.
      Of course, I like th Chaos Goblins, quirky little critters which they are.
      The Half Orcs are in the same vein as the Hobgoblins being very individual and charatcerful, although more West than East in thier style. They are great models too. Apart from the Regiment of Renown, I have most of the C series Half Orcs somewhere and could do an update on them if you wanted to see closer photographs ?

    2. I have quite a few Half Orcs but a update is always welcome :)

  2. Congrats on the skaven progress, really impressive and inspiring. I've fallen behind oy own after putting far too many hours into my BSB. Good for you keeping your nose to the grindstone!

    1. Thank you, I am pleased to have got the bulk of the army done, but I still have a lot of the metal models to do, and I have'nt even started my BSB yet!
      Your BSB is looking good :)

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the Chaos Nipponese painted up, will be really unique I reckon

    1. My plan is to finish the Skaven army first, and then either tackle the Chaos Nipponese or The Empire army later in August. It will probably be the Nippon army as it will be fun to paint, and I have an interesting idea for painting the Dragon/Wyvern.