Friday 31 July 2015

There's a Troll in the Garden!

Well not exactly in my garden, but more of that later.

This week it's a bit of a smaller update as I have'nt had the time to spend on painting. For those of you from the 'Oldhammer' Community who read my blog, I won't be able to make this years BOYL due to work commitments. :(
...still it will give me another year to finally finish the Slann army and invade the North!

Anyway, after spending the last two weeks painting Regiments of Renown, I have returned to the painting more general miniatures of my idea of the participants of the Goblin Wars. I have painted one C series Troll, re-painted a Ral Partha Troll and Giant on an Elephant, a pack of wolves, a random Orc, and the old solid based Thrud.

 Enjoy :)
The latest batch of minautre, ready to wreak havoc in the Goblin Wars.
Citadel C20 Troll, 'Rattlebones Bowlegs'. 
I wanted to base him up to suggest that he had broken into someones garden and is about to cause chaos.  
Rear view.
Top view of the base.
I added some smaller flock to suggest a lawn, some stones for 'crazy paving', a small flower pot, and a couple of model Hosta's in the bare earth strip by the fence.
Ral Partha RP5 Monster range Troll.
I had painted him before, some time ago. However I decided to re-base him (on a 50mm round lipped base) for the Goblin Wars, and re-painted part of the skin, adding slightly pink flesh on parts of his grey skin to give him a little more life.
Left side.
...and yes, he is a naked Troll.
Close up of the face.
I think it's an excellent piece of sculpting and deserved a closer look.
As far as I am aware, he was sculpted by Tom Meier.
Thrud the Barbarian, of the White Dwarf comic strip fame. 
This is the first miniature of Thrud to be made by Citadel, and released in the SS6 White Dwarf Personalites box set. 
He was fun, and very easy to paint, and will lend some support to the Dwarven cause, providing they keep him in beer!
Rear view.
Ral Partha Giant riding on an Elephant. 
He is another of my miniatures which I had painted before, but decided to re-base and give a painting 'make over' to.
He's a great miniature and an unusual model, and adds a potent line-breaker to any army.
Left hand side.
There were several variants of the Giant produced (only one elephant I understand), with the Elephant and maybe this particular Giant sculpted again by Tom Meier, later riders by the Perry Twins. 
For more on them here's a usful link:
Close up of the Giant.
Wolf pack.
One of the three Wolves from the pack. Three of the Wolves are the 'Vicious Giant Wolf' from the BC2 Monster Starter set.
The fourth wolf is the FF69 Giant Wolf.
A random Citadel C 15 Armoured Orc.
Lots of teeth!
FTD 9 Dwarf standard bearer, not painted yet, but I am just happy to have bagged one (and not broken) on e-bay.
Dragon tipped standard.

Next update will be more Goblin Wars stuff, but not sure what as I have'nt painted them yet! Probably some Goblins. :)


  1. What a great selection of vintage minis, and so well painted as always. I really love Ral Partha figures, more so than Citadel ones I'm afraid. That giant on the elephant is a cracker (I have the other Tom Meier one, ready to lead my gnomes into battle). Too bad about BOYL, but there is always next year and other events to look forward too.

    1. Thank you.
      I have a bit of a soft spot for the old Ral Partha miniatures as well, although I do prefer the Fantasy Tribes Goblins/Dwarves.

      The Giant on an Elephant is such an unusual and nice miniature. Tom Meier is an excellent sculpter. I keep meaning to buy some of his Thunderbolt Mountian Elves, but I have far too much to paint as it is! It would be great to see your Giant.

      It was a shame I could'nt make it to BOYL, but hopefully next year. :)

    2. I hope to start up on my Oldhammer stuff soon. I'm sure you know, but I'll mention it just in case....Ral Partha are starting up again in the USA and re-releasing the CS series to start with...elves and orcs , then hopefully loads of other old goodies. I am saving up already for an elven force.

  2. Everything looks great (as usual) but that giant on the elephant is fantastic. And you are totally right about his appeal as a line breaker for any army, I'd field him as much as possible. Should I ever come across one on eBay he will be mine!

    1. Thank you.

      A lot of people, especially on the Oldhammer Facebook site, have really liked the Giant on an Elephant. I really like him, he is a quirky and random model to have and use in an army and great fun to paint.

      Good luck on e-bay, they don't turn up very often, but personally I think they are worth getting one if you can.

  3. Really nice. And great score on that Dwarf Standard Bearer! I hadn't seen that head variant on the Standard Bearer before. Beautiful looking wolves too!

    1. Glad you like the Wolves, I'm really happy with how they turned out.

      Yes, you're right the Dwarf was a great find. He was a Buy It Now Auction for £6.99 on e-bay. The Dwarf army did'nt seem complete without a proper FTD standard.

      I have been paiting some Great Goblin/Gnoll infantry this evening, so more of those for the next update. :)