Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Pre-Slotta Dark Elf army finished!

Wow! I did'nt realise that had been this long since I updated my blog! Sorry, but in my defence I have been a busy Goblin painting and finishing my pre-slotta Dark Elf army. However before I detail them, I would like to say that my blog has received 360,500+ views, which is pretty cool. Thank you for everyone who has taken an interest in my intermittent blog updates. :)

Now concerning the Pre-Slotta Dark Elves, I have finally finished painting the army. This blog update is a 'stop-gap' in a way. My plan is to update with a few photographs of the army now, and of the shields to show how they look. However I am planning to go to my local games store (the Dice Saloon) to hire a much larger gaming board to photograph the Dark Elves in a much better (hopefully!) set of photographs, as I did with the Snakemen.

The main time consuming aspect of the army were the shields. As I have mentioned before, I considered the old C09 pre-slotta Dark Elves to have a slightly 'Classical Greek' feel to them. So, with that in mind I have added some Classical Greek Hoplite shield transfers I purchased from 'Little Big Man Studios'. As the Dark Elf shields are small I opted for 15mm scale transfers from Xyston, which I guessed (correctly!) that they were the right size. Little Big Man Studio's website is here: http://www.littlebigmenstudios.com/

I am really happy with the look of the shields, and the army as a whole. I tinkered with the shield transfers where the transfers and shield edges met with the transfers to blend in with the colours, and I think they give the Dark Elves a distinctive look. I wanted a 'Classical' feel to them, an anitiquity aspect to them to suggest a post Elven Civil War feel, before the Dark Elf culture became very distince to the High/Sea Elves, and also in line with the 1st Edition background.

Apart from the Dark Elves, I have been lucky enough to win an e-bay auction for one of Nick Bibby's Spined Dragons. I love this miniature, and it is becoming very collectable and so difficult to find at a non-silly price. However, as it was broken, I managed to bag it, and then repair it. I still have to add the wing membranes, which I plan to do with very thin (0.25mm) plstic card, and then paint thinly to suggest the translucence of membranes.

Other than that, I randomly bought a Dragon Skull incense stick holder for £15 to use as background for photographing. I have been working on sorting out my Melnibonean army, which I really want to paint soon, and making plans to revive my Catachan army for 40k. After recent conversations, I will also post an inventory of my Slann at some point as well.

Enjoy :)
The obligatory, if not very good, army photo shot. 
Centre of the army.
Army General.
Rear view.
Female Wizard.
I like her as she is a realistic looking middle aged Elf. reminds me of some of the Wiccans and Druids I know ;)
Male Dark Elf Wizard.
Bound Ghost.
Dark Elf Sea raiders, made from the RR4 Regiment of Renown Mengil Manhide's Dark Elf Company, with a C09 Dark Elf Leader.
RR4 Regiment of Renown Mengil Manhide's Dark Elf Company, with 'Mengil himself', well sort of really. As this is a post Elven Civil War army, it would be too early for Mengil himself. So I like to think that the male regimental leader and the female standard bearer are Mengils ancestors, and he followed in their (bloodsoaked) footsteps many years later.
Cold One riders.
Witch Elves.
More Crossbows!
I actually have ten of these, but I only seemed to have photographed five.
Shield transfers.
These were easy to use, although I did have a couple of mishaps. They are great quality and cheap.
Crossbowmen's shields.
More Crossbowmen's shields.
Shadows (scouts).
Again Shadows (scouts).
Cold One rider.
I went for some of the 'fancier' shield designs for the Cold One riders as they are an elite.
Cold One rider.
Cold One rider.
Cold One rider.
Cold One rider.
The Sea Raider Warriors regiment. 
I opted for more of the aquatic designs for this regiment.
More Sea raiders.
Mengil's ancestor and troopers!
Dragon skull, with Goblin for scale.
Nick Bibby's sculpted 'Great Spined Dragon' from 1984. It's a lovely Dragon, full of character, and quite a size. I never bought it at the time as I was put off by having to make the wing membranes.
This little chap (or chap-ess?) was a bargain at £85 inc P&P compared to recent auctions. It came listed as broken, which may have put people off of the auction, with a broken and foot, but I fixed those.
Repaired, the Goblin being for scale, and of course mischief!
Right hand side view.
That's a lovely smile! :)

Next blog update, which will be next week I promise, will be a proper series of photographs of the pre-slotta Dark Elf army.


  1. Very nice. I really like the creek theme. And thank you for the link. I suck at painting shield and going to ordet some transfers for sure.

    1. Glad you liked the Ancient Greek idea. The shield transfers are great, a lot of the historical designs work nicely with fantasy miniatures. I am the same as you, I am not great at painting banners or shields so the transfers help a lot.

  2. What a brilliant army.... subtle colours and I really like the historical shield designs. The Minifigs dragon is a cracker too. Well done.

    1. Thank you.
      I looked at the early Dark Elf background and the sculping of the miniatures and thought that they had a slight Ancient Greek feel to them. So I thought I would try out the shield trasfers and go for bronze shields and helmets. It's nice to see it has worked.

      I originally used the Dragon in my old Bretonnian army, but thought it would look better repainted and with the pre-slotta Dark Elves. You're right, it's an old Aureola Rococo Dragon, which Minifigs has now put back into production:


      I have had this Dragon for years and years, but I might have to buy another one as it is the same design as Elric's Dragon on the front of the Eternal Champion boxset. The artwork is by Rodney Matthews, entitled 'The Dragon Lord'.

  3. Those Dark elves look great. Nice idea on the shields

    1. Thank you. I thought I would try out the shield idea to give them that Ancient Greek look. I used the 15mm scale transfers as their shields are quite small.

  4. Wonderful dark elf army. A real achievement and I think you've really captured some of the essence of the early Warhammer, Tony Ansells Dark Elf artwork and the dark swords and sorcery, gothic-fantasy vibe.

    The pairing of the Aureola Rococo dragon with the Dark Elves is perfect. Looking forward to seeing even more photos!

    1. Thank you Zhu Bajiee. I wanted the capture that early Warhammer feel, glad that feel I have achieved that.

      I did want to build an army with that post Elven Civil War feel, and do the miniatures justice with the painting and army concept. You're right, Tony Ansell's Dark Elf artwork is lovely and evocative both in it's details and simplicity.

      The Aureola Rococo Dragon seemed to fit with the Dark Elves. It was just the right size for the Dark Elf rider. Just as important it looked slightly evil and with the colours I painted it, it had has a sea feel about it, befitting sea raiding Dark Elves.

      Also it is of the right era for the pre-Slotta Dark Elves. I did'nt want to use anything that would jar with the theme and era of the armies miniatures, so I thought the Aureola Rococo Dragon was ideal.

  5. Great looking retro dark elves, the greek styling has added to the whole force and given them a unique style.
    Look forward to seeing what you do with the great spined dragon

    1. Thank you, I wanted to make them a litle more unique and looking at the miniatures and reading the old background suggested the Ancient Greek theme to me.
      I am looking forward to getting started on the Great Spined Dragon. However, at the moment, due to an increase in interest in Slann with a few other Oldhammers/bloggers I am just sorting out my Slann army for a large scale photo shot and inventory.

  6. Simply glorious! One day you need to field this in public as it is a work of art!

  7. Excellent work, as ever my favourites are the Cold One Riders, I really do need to get to work on my own Dark Elves.

    Awesome stuff, congrats man.

    1. Thank you, glad you like them.
      I think that the old Cold One Riders are underrated miniatures. The Cold Ones themselves look very lizard-like, and the riders have a lot of details to them.
      They were fun to paint, and look great on the gaming board.
      It will be good to see your Dark Elves, it's always good to see how other people might have a different approach to the same army.