Wednesday 18 September 2013

Nick Lund Wolf Riders

After painting some of the Citadel Lord of the Rings Orcs I had a look through one of the other of the Orc Armies I have, made up from Grenadier and Chronicle miniatures. I intend to use them as an alternative Lord of the Rings army as I have always liked the miniatures and thought they fitted in better with my mental image of Orcs in Tolkien. I always loved Nick Lund's sculpting style, and collected an Army from Chronicle miniatures to his later work at Grenadier. In all the army is about (Orcs, Uruk-hai, and Wolf Riders) about 200 strong.

Whilst sorting through the army, which I will photograph at a later time, I released I had all but one of the Chronicle Wolf Riders, as well as a fair few of the later Grenadier models. So I thought that people might be interesting in seeing them. Here is the Stuff of Legends link to the range:

I have'nt got around to painting the army yet, but since painting the Citadel Lord of the Rings Orcs, I have more of an inclination to do so now. They will be in a style and colour as the two Giant Orcs/Uruk-Hai in the last blog update.

However, before that I still have the Warhammer Armies to finish. I have decided to complete the Dark Elves next, and spent the late afternoon painting the Chaos Snakemen. There's a WIP picture at the end of this update.
In addition I have included a few photographs of Giant monsters I never included in the last update and which Dons Hans has asked to see.

The next couple of weeks I will be finishing of the Dark Elves, and I am planning an interesting variation on the Empire Army.

Enjoy :)

N15 Chronicle Wolf Riders. 
All except 'Gutter', and on a mix of the different types of the N15 Wolves.  

'Sharp Blade' and 'Ugly'.
'Spear Stabber' and 'Sureshot'.
'Mangle' and 'Mace Arm' .
A broken 'Wolffriend'. I have replaced (not yet glued on) the spear. 
On the right is 'Dwarf Annilator'.
'Death Mane', standard bearer.
Two of the earlier N15 Wolf Riders .
Two Orc Wolf Riders that require seperate weapons. 
I could not find out where they are listed, but they look similar to the N11 Black Orcs.
The Grenadier Orcs.

Grenadier Orc hero with Halberd, now listed as Taka the Heads Cutter. I got him in about 1992 in the boxed set below:

You can still buy the Grenadier Orcs that were in this box set from Mirliton, based in Italy, although Miniature Heroes does import them. 

Command group. 
 I bought these second hand in the later 1990's after Grenadier miniatures went out of business, and it's not my painting!
Two more Wolf Riders. 
They are bulkier than the Chronicle ones, and the wolves are less detailed. Also, the Orc on the left has glue-in weapons rather than one piece casting.
Orc Shaman and another Orc with glue-in weapon, a pole arm.
All the Wolf Riders, only in need of dusting, assembling, and painting!
Grenadier Storm Giant, one of the Giants I missed photographing for the last update.
Three Giant Grenadier undead monsters (with a poor overworked Goblin for scale) .
Undead Giant Cyclops.
In need of TLC and retouching of the paint and re-basing.
Rear view.
Giant Mummy, wielding the leg of something big, maybe a Giant Eagle?
The other Grenadier Giant Mummy, this time with a staff. 
I am considering using all three of them as ordinary Mummies in my 3rd Edition Undead army, just so I get to use them and not leave them in a box somewhere. 
Harlequin/Black Tree Designs Mummy, very Egyptian in style.
Thought I would photograph him too as he was in the box.
WIP, Chaos Snakemen. 
These are the reason I put any idea of Grenadier Lord of the Rings on hold and went back to painting Dark Elves. 
I am planning on using them as stand-in models for Fimir in a Fimir Ally Contingent for my Dark Elf Army. I have 16 of them, divided into two regiments, 8 'Fianna Fimm' including the Warlord (painted with red equipment), and 8 'Fimm Warriors' (painted with Blue equpment). 
I scrapped the idea of painting the Snakmen up as Rattlesnakes because it did'nt look right. I opted for a olive green, which acts as a better contrast to the gold armour, and the red and blue unit colours. 

No idea what the next blog update will be on, although it should contain the finished Snakemen. :)


  1. Another great post. Thx for the pics of the Giant skelton /mummies. That storm giant is also really great. Going to order one of them in the weekend and these pics gave me a good view of them. Thx/Hans

    1. Cool, glad to be of help, and look forward to seeing them painted.

    2. I'll let you know once they are on my blog /Hans

  2. I'm a big fan of Nick Lund's Orcs - they've really grown on me over the years.

    1. Cool, they do have a distinctive look to them. :)
      When I think of the Lord of the Rings Orcs, I think of these.

  3. Awesome pics as usual.. The Nick Lund orcs without weapons are the earlier versions of the ones with weapons and the ccm wiki website has all the variants on there with a link to all the wolf variants too.


    1. Thank you.
      I wondered if they were earlier as the size was smaller, and the sculpting was more like the Chronicle Black Orcs.

  4. Yeah they are the chronicle range done before he joined gw and resculpted them with built in weapons


  5. Nice work. But it seems like the skeletal cyclops has two eyes on either side of its single, cyclopean eye. Am I seeing double?

    1. Thank you,
      no, the Cyclops has only one eye. As the model is in need of re-painting, it might be that you are looking at the chipped paint on his cheeks. The 'eye' is the dark empty socket above that.