Sunday, 8 September 2013


After the several posts of  many Goblins, I decided that it was time to photograph some of the Trolls that would accompany the Goblins on their meandering mayhems.

Unlike the Goblins, I have never set out to specifically collect Trolls other than to add them to the armies, although I had always wanted to get hold of the complete set of the solid bases C20 Trolls and later C20 Trolls. I like these two sets of Trolls because they fitted in with the Goblins so well, and managed to buy most of them at the time.

Many of the other Trolls I have aquired over the years were random odds and ends which I have picked up due to liking the miniatures. A lot of the Trolls are in need or re/painting and basing. I generally paint them as I go along when painting Goblins to give a break and change from the Goblins. I do feel I have neglected the Trolls for a while, and might put some time aside to paint up a few more, and to pick up a few more Trolls from other manufacturers.

Other than that, I have been very busy of late and not done any painting since last weekend when I finished off the Bretonnian banners! :(  Not sure whether to start painting a new Warhammer 3rd Edition Army or take a pause and paint a few other things (Trolls for instance!).

Also, as some of you may have noticed, I have not always been able to do a Wednesday blog update. So  the plan is to definitely always do a weekend update, usually on a Sunday, and then smaller odd updates during the week for odds and ends. This way I can focus on a proper update once a week, and then a smaller update/s focusing on painting and any odd miniatures I buy or find when I am sorting through stuff.  :)

Without anymore ado, Trolls!!!

 The set of C20 solid based Trolls, sculpted by the Perry twins about 1984.
 Grog Stuntycrusher. 
I really like the big nose and tongue, it give him that very 1980's Warhammer fantasy feel. 
There was a great looking diarama in the Spring Journal 1987 where the rock is painted up like a Dragons egg, which he is stealing!
 Shakined Bone Bender. 
He is featured in the 2nd Edition Rule set, in the Battle Bestiary book, p27.
If I had a working printer, I would scan up the picture!
 Hobol Firebreath. 
He looks unhappy. :(
 Skuttlescree Soresmeer.
 Davogrod Gutsucker. 
He is need of repainting as he was painting sometime ago, and has got chipped. 
Another great nosed Troll!
 Rattlebone Bowlegs.
 C20 Trolls from the later 1980's, designed by Aly Morrison.
 Swamp Troll. 
The fin-like ears are a nice sculpting touch.
 Cave Troll.
I think he looks a lot like the Ogre from the film 'Time Bandits', as does the C23 Ogre Warrior Priest.
 Hill Troll.
 Warrior Troll. 
You can see in the style of the face the future look of the Maruader Miniatures Trolls.
 Trolls that are'nt Trolls! Two C23 Ogres. 
These two Ogres often ended up being used as Trolls rather than Ogres, for example on p99 of the Warhammer Armies Book.
 Shaman Ogre.
 Mutant Ogre. 
This is one of one my favourite miniatures and I tried to paint him up more like a Goblin to give him that an even  more unusual look.
MM40  Marauder Trolls.
 With these Trolls I went for a pallid set of colours and browns and muted greens forthe skin tones. I intend fielding them as one unit to keep with a Marauder Miniauures look to them.  I do have a few of the Bloodbowl ones too which I will add once I have sorted out my Orc team.
 Troll with club!
 Ginger Troll with an axe.
 Three still left to do. 
I find feel Marauder Trolls seem to have more character to them than the Goblins.
 Stone axe/club. 
I have another one of these with a leg missing, so might either model/add a new leg (a tentacle leg maybe!) or a wooden leg.
 Yelling Troll.
 Fist shaking Troll!
 Fighting Fantasy Trolls.
 FTT7 Troll Wife
 FTT1 Troll with Tree trunk.
 Troll with rock.
Another one for repainting.
 Ral Partha RP5 Monster range Troll.
 Talisman range Troll .
 ADD59 Troll.
 Reaper Miniatures Troll King.
 Heresy Miniatures Troll.
For those of you who don't own him he is pretty big, and he paints up nicely, but he needs extra drilling and pinning for the arms. He makes a great 'stand alone' Troll or leader, rather than just a unit member.
 ME-52 Olog-Hai Troll from the Citadel Lord of the Rings range.
Heritage Miniatures Troll.
 Smaller than many others, but I like his spooky look.
 Grenadier Miniatures Trolls, sculpted by Julie Guthrie. 
They are mean looking and have more of a fairytale look to them I think.
 Asgard Miniatures Half-Troll Chieftan. 
 C27 Chaos Troll. 
The blade of his sword snapped off a little while ago, but it can be repaired. 
 Not sure on this Troll, I think he is an old Tin Soldier miniature.
 Another Troll I am unsure on, I think it is a Ral Partha Giant Troll. 
I added the weapon myself. He is very tall.
 Prince August Troll.
Grenadier Giant Orc, which doubles up nicely as an Olog-Hai style Troll.
 Lots of the smaller C23 Ogres, that have always looked like Trolls to me. One of them has lost his club, and will make a nice standard bearer.
 Grenadier, or maybe Chronicle, Troll with club.
 On the left, the Ral Patha Three-headed Troll, with the heads of the Three Stooges. 
On the right is an old Grenadier Troll.

 Two of Bob Olleys Trolls he sculpted for Ral Partha. 
I keep meaning to buy some more of them to form a unit around these two.
 Grenadier Trolls. 
These two are very big, hence the Great Goblin there for scale. 
They are still available from Mirliton Miniatures, as are many of the old Grenadier miniatures. The company Miniatures Heroes imports them, although I got these Trolls back in 1990's! .
 Close up. 
Never got around to painting her!
 Linebreaker Troll. He is a great lump of heavy old lead, and looks awasome on the table. Needs rebasing and the paint updating. I always loved the backbanner pole with the severed heads on.
 Another large Grenadier model,  Giant Cyclops.
 Three of the the Nick Lund Grenadier Trolls.
 I will use these with the Nick Lund Grenadier Orc army that I keep meaning to paint up.
 Another Grenadier Giant Orc.
 Two Grenadier Trolls from the Lord of the Rings range.
Always considered the one on the right to be very thoughtful looking for a Troll. 
 No idea, might be a Heritage Miniatures Troll. 

Citadel  C31 Giant Troll.
I have always liked this miniature, but never had one at the time. Managed to pick one up cheaply that had lost the blade on the weapon. So, now he's paint stripped I will replace it with something else. 
 ...... as I was sorting out the Trolls on Friday for todays blog I thought I would really like a proper Giant Hill Troll. So I thought I would treat myself and found one on e-bay for  £24, which I considered not too excessive.
So he's in the post somewhere...

 On the left another C23 Ogre.
On the right is a Ral Partha RP5 Troll.
 FTT6 Troll Discipline Master with Whip. 
Like a lot of the Fantasy Tribe Trolls they were relisted as C20 Trolls.

Finally, a Citadel ADD 77 Umber Hulk. 
Not really a Troll I know, but have nowhere else for him to go (poor thing) and so think he might make a useful Troll, or Chaos Troll (or Rogue Trader alien). 

Not sure on the plan for the blog update for next weekend, but I do still have the Giants to photograph, as well as whatever I start on painting. 
I also intend to do an update soley on the Great Goblins/Gnolls at somepoint.


  1. A scary amount of trolls! The Prince August Troll was the first model I ever 'painted' by pouring tons of Humbrol paint on it.
    As always, thanks for sharing!

    1. Lots of Trolls to paint, but not in Humbrol any more! Like you, I have fond memories of abusing miniatures with Humbrol as a child.

      Glad you liked the Trolls, the Prince August Troll is a nice little miniature, and the Giant Hill Troll arrived safely in the post today :)

  2. What an eclectic bunch - I'm rather enamoured of the Bob Olley trolls - there must be a use for them in our upcoming Trolltooth Wars project that me and Warlord Paul are embarking upon.

    1. Yes, it really is a random bunch of Trolls!
      The Bob Olley ones are really good, been meaning to pick some more up for a while, so might make that my next thing to save up for.
      Trolltooth Wars sounds an interesting project.

  3. Really like those troll. I especially like the earlier once, both Citadel and other makes. There were such a great variety to them. A favorite is the C27 Chaos Troll (I'm going to add him to my chaos army soon). Thx/Hans

    1. Thank you,
      the C27 Chaos Troll is a nice miniature. I might paint my up a bright chaos colour, pastel mid pink/purple maybe.
      Re-painted the 1980's Lord the Rings Troll last night, will post a photo of him later. :)

  4. I love trolls :-) Did you know that 2 of your Marauder ones are from the rarer unlisted set of trolls? And your olog-hai is the rare of the 2 versions that were produced?

    1. Thank you.
      I did'nt know that at all! Out of curiosity which ones? I also have a couple of the old Bob Olley Bloodbowl Trolls and Ogres somewhere.

      Good to know about the Olog-Hai as well.

    2. The middle and left ones here:

    3. Thank you for very much for getting back to me and letting me know, I did'nt realise they were rare at all.
      I'll still keep them as I have always liked to collect things I like regardless of the rarity, but it is always good to find out more about them :) .

  5. I think you have all the trolls I've painted in my life. Except for a nice serie from heartbreaker....

    1. Cool, thank you,
      I never really collected many Heartbreaker miniatures, I have some of the Goblins though.