Monday, 16 September 2013

Orcs and Giants. A few Goblins too!

I have not really done a lot of painting this week. I carried on with painting a few of the 1980's Citiadel Lord of the Rings Orcs more for enjoyment rather than part of any plan. As an aside there are fun to do, but I feel I really need to continue and focus on another 3rd Edition Warhammer Army (or even Goblins, still a lot to do and growing!) .
Also, I don't really want to start a new project, both painting and collecting, with so many other things to finish off. Any spare money (LOL, that made me laugh as I typed it!) is going on occsional e-bay Goblins or towards saving for Ral Partha Trolls or Goblins from a couple of smaller companies. Oh, and clothes, need to go shopping now Autumn is arriving!

In this update I have added a few photographs of the Orcs and Uruk-Hai, as well as one of a couple of Grenadier Giant Orc test models I painted. If I do not do the next Warhammer Army I am considering painting up the Grenadier miniatures as another Lord of the Rings army, but need to organise them. The army is composed of Nick Lund sculpted Grenadier models, and is about 150 strong.

Also, following on from the Troll update, I have added a few phtotographs of the giants I have. 
Like the Trolls, I never set out to specifically to collect Giants, but ended up buying odds and ends of Giants as I went along. I have several giants from differing companies, but I must say I think I prefer the Tom Meier sculpted Giants from Ral Partha the most. They seem to have a lot of character and a 1980's fantasy feel that particually fits in with my Goblins.
There have been, and still are, some lovely Giant models out there, but I think I am about done buying  Giants. I don't tend to use them in games very often or include them in smaller army lists as in the Warhammer Armies book you have to hire them, and then they tend to wonder off or fall over drunk.
I do also have a few other Giants, a couple of Grenadier Giants with broken weapons, which I did'nt photograph, and the Giant/Ogre riding an elephant which I have uploaded a couple of times to the blog (in April I think).

Anyway, hope you enjoy this slightly more random mixed blog update  :)

 Painted and based; A warband of Orcs and Uruk-hai (the shield devices still need doing).
 Hobbit's eye view, run!!
 Later range alternative Range ME-44 Uruk-Hai, and Saruman.
 ME-44 Uruk-Hai.
 ME-51 Orcs of the Red Eye.
 ME-51 Orcs of the Red Eye alternatives
 ME-42 Orcs of the White Hand
ME-52 Orcs of the White Hand  alternatives
 Alternatives of both factions.
 BME-1 Fellowship of the Rings. 
I painted Gandalf ages ago, and he will need re-doing when I get around to painting the rest of them up.
 Bilbo, off on an adventure. 
I tried to photograph the books he is carrying but could not get the details. The one under his arm says 'Hobbit 1937', the one on his back reads 'there and back again'.
 And close behind, Gollum.
 Grenadier Giant Orcs. 
I have painted them up as Uruk-Hai with a mix Vallejo Green-Grey, and black.
They are quite big, to give an idea of size, they are on 25mm square bases.
 Goblins from e-bay. 
One Chronicle Goblin on the left, and two Great Goblin/Gnolls.
I bought the one in the middle for 99p as he only has one ear and thought he needed a good home. :)
 Iron Claw Goblins, I did'nt have the goblins on the left and right.
 Asgard Troll.
I can't promise to paint the shield as good as John Blanche did!
 The Giants.
Ral Partha Giant sculpted by Tom Meier.
 Close up of the face.
 Later range, 1987, C28 Citadel Giant with 'Wither Wattle' body with 'Rokabully' head.
 C28 Citadel Giant,  'Bottle Snortle' body with 'Knobber' head. (WIP)
  C28 Citadel Giant 'Nine Fingers' body with 'Grimtooth' head.
 Early C28 Range Giant.
 Another Tom Meier sculped Ral Partha Giant, this one wielding a scythe.

 A Ral Partha RP6 Giant Monster Forest Giant.
  I think this is another Tom Meier sculpt.
 Ral Partha RP01-109 Cloud Giant.
Ral Partha Giant from the RP5 Monsters range.
 Yet another Ral Partha Giant. 
I love the look of the Ral Partha Giants. By the look of the face I think this is another Tom Meier sculpt.
 Alternative Armies Giant, actually designed for their 15mm Hordes of Things range.
On the left FF64 George the Giant, and on the right Grenadier Fire Giant, carrying a nice sword.
 MB 7 Marauder Giant, in need of proper assembly and basing.
 Rather small C24 Monsters range Hill Giant. 
He looks like he is about to hit the poor Goblin :(
 Grenadier Goblin war Giant.
He is meant to be carrying a platform full of Goblins, which I am yet to assmeble. I was never sure why anyone would secure the services of such a massive giant, and then make him carry a platform when he could probably pick up a large tree and splat entire regiments of troops? 
Incidentally, he is solid lead and really heavy, so much so I could kill Colonel Mustard with it in the libary!

A foot and a Goblin!
The Owner of the Foot, the Grenadier Battle Giant. 
This a huge giant, quite heavy, and about 6 inches tall. He towers over the poor Goblin who managed to escape having his head bashed in by the more dinky Giant earlier.

 Close up of the face. 
The whole model is really well detailed.
 Back view of the Dragon scale cloak.
Body detailing.

Next blog update will probably either be one focusing on the Great Goblins/Gnolls which I suggested a week ago, or on whichever army project I have settled on to do.  :)


  1. Very Good Lee !

    I have to see the Grenadier Goblin war Giant has always been a source of wonder for me. I don't even want to look for one on ebay because I feel it would make me fat too sad to see the pirce and to realise I'll never paint one. Take your time on this one lad !

    Concerning the asgard Troll, it's true you're bound to be compared to JB but you migt get away with it by choosing a completely different paintjob (though I would personnaly want to add a tiger somewhere just for fun as a tribute).

    1. Thank you,
      the Goblin War Giant has a lot of detail to it, and looks great. It will probably take as long as small army to paint.
      You can still buy it at :

      Not sure if that is cheaper than e-bay. I do plan in ordering some of Orcs/Half Orcs from the old Grenadier range at somepoint.

      I might try a Tiger paint job for the Asgard Troll sheild, depends if he ends up in with the Goblins or with the Grenadier Lord of the Rings army as an Olog-hai.

    2. Cough Cough, that's not cheap but hey ! it's 2kgs of pure good lead ! For that price , think about what you would get in a GW store?
      Might put this lil' fella on my Christmas list and maybe, maybe he could pop-up some time...

    3. Yes, it is a bit pricey, maybe Christmas is the way to go :)

  2. Overwhelming number of classic minis yet again GL. How do you keep doing it?! That's the best Bilbo I've ever seen I reckon.

    1. Thank you,
      I like the Bilbo miniature too, he looks like he is off on a determined walk through the Shire.

      I still have all sorts of things left to photograph and paint!

  3. That is a wonderful collection of giants. Love those older once a lot. I think you can buy a lot of the old grenadier stuff directly from Mirliton as well. This post was very inspiring so thinking buying me a giant skeleton - maybe the old cyclops

    1. Thank you,
      I like some of the old Giants, they really do have a lot of character.

      Mirliton do most of the later old Grenadier Fantasy ranges. Miniature Heroes does a monthly or so order to Italy for them, so you can order what you want and he will then in turn order frm them. Avoids the vagaries of the Italian postal system in which I and several other people seem to lose things.

      Always good to inspire people to collect and paint :)

      I have the old Skeletal Cyclops too, the one holding a rock, he's a great miniature. Got a couple of the huge Mummies somewhere too, but I never did get around to buying the huge Skeletal Titan. I might have to look at getting one of those sometime.
      I could do a little blog update tomorrow and add close up photos of the Cyclops and Mummies for you to look at before you commit to spend money?

    2. Sounds like better to order Miniature heros. Really like them so nice to support them as well. Yes please - great if you could show some pics of them skeleton giants - thanks! /Hans

    3. No worries,
      I am probably going to do an update tomorrow on Nick Lunds Chronicle/Grenadier Wolf Riders, so will look for the undead giants this evening and tag them on the end of the update.

  4. Lovely giants Lee. The Cloud Giant is one of my favs.