Sunday 22 September 2013

ORC 5 - Orc Villagers. And a new old Goblin.

I have not had time to paint up all the Snakemen, painted five, nearly six!

So, given the interest I received after photographing the Nick Lund Wolf Riders, I thought I would do  another update focusing on just one range/release of miniatures. So I have chosen the ORC 5 Orc Villagers (later known as the 0508 range).

Released in 1988, and sculpted by Trish Morrison, they have a slightly different look to the Kevin Adams Orcs of the time. They also have a slighly different style to the Marauder range that she and Aly Morrison were to release later in the same year.
Many of the tabs state 1985, and 1987, and so they might have been done earlier and then released in 1988. I am aware that Citadel might have used the tabs from earlier years on minatures sculpted a year of two later, or just that they delayed the release due to time and money, and that they had a lot of cool miniatures to make moulds for!

This is the release sheet for the range from the 1988 Blue Catalogue:

I have most of the range, I only require # 03, 05, 19, and 29, so will keep a look out for them, although I'm not too fusssed. I have painted a few of them over the years, and paint-stripped a few of the others I did a long time ago. I have no plans to paint them up at the moment, but they will join the 'to do' list. Might paint them up and keep them as a seperate collection when I do. They, plus a few carts/waggons, will make a great baggage train.

Orc with a bag of swag of some description over his shoulder, and an archer.
Double casting of two drunken Orcs, happily singing and drinking.
Staying on the drunken theme, two more drunken Orcs, although the one on the right seems to have a stomach ache :(
Orc with sword and bag of loot, although it might be an unstopped wineskin?
After the drink, here's the food. 
The Orc on the left has stuffed some poor goblin or Hobbit into the bag for later.
The Orc on the right has a couple of fowl and is eating a bacon joint. It you look carefully you can make out the word 'Danish' on the bacon!  Another of the homourous little 1980's touches.
Rear view of the Orc on the left above showing the poor unfortunate Goblin(?) in the bag.
Brawling Orcs! 
These two Orcs are meant to be put together as a set of two Orcs fighting each other. 
When I get around to painting them I will base them up together on one base.
The Orc from above throwing his punch!
Another brawling Orc putting up his guard.
Armed Orc Villagers
Female Orc with an axe.
A variant sculpt from the Orc (or is it Orcess?) above, with a repositioned head and holding a very reluctant Hobbit under her arm!
The black on her is black ink which I lightly added to try to bring out the detail a little more.
The said Hobbit in question, about to become someone else's second breakfast!
Two more female Orcs, holding thier offspring, showing all the parental care that Orcs are renowned for. 
Rear view of the Orc above on the right. The screaming baby face and nappies are nice sculpting touches.

 An Orc father and Orc baby, and female Orc with rolling pin.
Orc with broom, looking confused. He is a variant on the male Orc with baby above. 
The other Orc looks like another brawler, and might be desgined to pair up with the Orc brawler in picture #10. 
 Dopey looking Orc with a club, gesticulating with his other arm.
Orc running fast, either to something or away from something, or maybe both.
Orc casualty. I painted him up as dead/wounded, but he could easily just be dead drunk or asleep.

An Orc reading from a book.
They have sculpting him with a goatee beard and made him look like an older, wiser Orc, that has gained enough wisdom to start reading.

...and the book he is reading, an ABC book!
I tried to get a clear photograph of it, it says 'A is for Axe', with a helpful picture of an axe. 

My new old Goblin I managed to buy. 
Gutbag from the Death on the Reik scenario.

Rear view of Gutbag.
He's a great little Goblin miniature.
One of the few I have managed to finish painting. I am quite happy with how they are turning out.

Next blog update may be sometime in the week, or else next Sunday, and I will hopefull have more if not all of the Snakemen finished. Might even get time to varnish and base them! 
Other than that, if people are still happy to see random ranges of miniatures I have then I'll find another range to photograph. Still have the Great Goblins/Gnolls to do. Please let me know if you have any preferences or just happy to see random things?  :)


  1. I love seeing your collection, no matter how you categorise it!

  2. Same here, surprise adds an extra pleasure especially when you come up with such characterfull models.

    Very good snakeman, love the blue shield with gld armour.

    1. Thank you, I have lots of different things left to photograph.

      I have painted one unit of Snakemen with blue shields and equipment, and the other one with red. The warlord/general has a magenta (GW screamer Pink) shield.
      I am pleased with how they are looking so far, and thought the gold armour, with the shading, would offset the green scales and look unusual as befitting Snakemen. :)