Wednesday 5 March 2014

30,000 views! and Slann Cold One Riders WIP's

I checked my view counter this evening and as of 23:15pm I have had 30,156 views!

Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in my blog. :)
 I am really pleased that people have been interested in the my miniatures collection and my painting. The aim of starting the blog has been to focus my painting and collecting, rather than the random attempts and whims that charatcerised my former approaches!

This week I have been getting my Slann army in a state to be able to paint it all up. I have sorting out the Cold One riders and Spawn Band miniatures into better units and converting/repairing any that needed it. I have also been working out in which units I want to replace the banners and shields.

I have added a few WIP photographs of the some of the Cold One riders I have been converting up this week. I still have 15 on the painting table awaiting glueing and another 30 in a box that require attention too. I will do proper close up photographs later or when they are painted.  :)

 Spawn Bands on the painting table!
20 Cold One Riders.
I have really decided to go to town with the Cold One riders. Each one has a back banner fixed to the back of the saddle. I have also tried to make each one of them individualistic by giving them a variety of shields, weapons, banners and using several different miniatures.
The painting plan is to give them a wide palette of bright colours. I might keep the Cold Ones themselves blue, or go for a mix of a few different colours each, or all one colour per unit.
 On the left I mounted the fan bearer from the Slann Wizard on a Litter set to use as a standard bearer. 
A lot of the back banners are from either 'The Assualt Group' or 'Outpost Miniatures'. A lot of the shields and weapons are random stuff from my 'bits boxes'.
 Another fan bearer on the left. 
I cut up several of the banners to use as headresses to give variety.
 After reading other peoples ideas on thier blogs or on the Oldhammer message board, I have decided to add a few technological items to simulate left over Slann High Age tech items. The unit leader has what was orginally a Rogue Trader era Eldar power sword, which can double up as a magic weapon in gaming. 
The unit leader in the unit above has an Eldar power fist conversion, but it's not too clear from the photograph, an idea I borrowed from Theottovonbismark blog:

The Tea's Getting Cold Blog has some great Slann Cold One riders too:
Last 5 Cold One riders. 
The individual Slann may not stay in the units they are pictured in, I'll see how they look once they are all finished. I still have a few more to assemble.


  1. They look great - really like what you are doing with making them individualistic. The new banners are just spot on for Slann /Hans

    1. Thank you,
      I have three regiments of Cold One Riders that are the same, and so use them as Imperial Slann troops. I wanted to make the rest of them seem like indiviualistic raiders. The Slann equivalent of Knights with thier own heraldry and equipment, so I gave them lots of different stuff from my bits box.

  2. Cool. The weapons and banners are a really good fit. Love the banners and head dresses, makes them much taller and more intimidating looking.

    1. Yes, the banners, headresses and spears will really give them more of a battlefield presence, especailly once I get them painted. I always liked the look of the Slann Cold One Rider on page 115 Warhammer Armies.

  3. Very impressive and I do like the Eldar weapons. I'm going to have get going with my Slann at some point too...

    1. Thank you,
      I got the idea from Ottovonbismark's blog to use Eldar weapons. I always liked the idea of the Slann still having a few High Age weapons about, which is why I have based my Space Slann on 25mm Square bases to mix in if needed.
      It would be great to see your Slann too! :)