Sunday 23 March 2014

Welcome to the Jungle.

I have had my computer repaired and back to Blogging :)

In order to give the Slann (and other things) a slightly better backdrop I went shopping at the 99p shop and the local pet store and bought some scenery. I wanted a jungle backdrop for the Slann photographs and picked up five packs of plastic aquatic plants for 99p a pack, and an awesome looking plastic Venus Fly Trap for £5.49.

Other than that, I have been mainly adding extra details to the Slann/Pygmy scouts bases. The idea is to made the scouts look like they are moving through the undergrowth, and it also helps to differentiate the scouts from the other skirmishers. I have also been converting up a few of of the Slann, some unit leaders, some more Cold One Riders, and repairing a few Spawn Band Slann.
Some of them needed repairing for three reasons. Firstly, I had a converted Slann Blood Bowl team which required the snipping off of weapons, which I have been replacing. Second reason was I had converted some Slann and Human Slaves to act as a baggage train. A nice idea for the time, but with the current army would require far too many Slann! Thirdly, I did convert up some for the 40k army, which I have now reduced to just the actual 40k Slann. I decided that all three groups of Slann would serve better in a Warhammer army.

Painting wise I have re-painted up a few of the banners for units to give them a little more colour. The orginal idea was to have all round 'Maya style banners', with each different unit designated with a different colour. For example the Spawn Bands were blue, Venom Tribes red, etc, but it seemed to look a little dull. So I am painting up each banner in individual colours, and replacing some with new banners. I will also be mail ordering a few Aztec shields to add more variety to the Totem warriors.
I have also started painting a regiment of Jungle Braves and some more Slann Scouts this weekend. Still WIP, but I am really enjoying painting the Slann.

Enjoy :)

 Slann in the jungle!
  99p plastic plants.
 They come with a white base, left, but I will eventually paint them up all brown like the test model on the right.
 Giant plastic VenusFly Trap! 
It came with the flock scenic base, apprently they are for Lizards/snakes rather than fish tanks. Great for Lustria, or for Death Worlds.
 Slann Scouts with the new style bases, using the solid based C32 Slann Brave Axemen.
 More Scouts, this time lurking through the jungle. The Reed are made from railway models grass set. The flowers are from an old kit I had which has a big square of green fibre mesh and flower coloured flock.
 Pygmy Scouts.
 Slann scouts, scouting!
 ...or hunting Catachans!
 New paint jobs for the banners to give more colour.
 Converted leaders for the Eagle Warriors. 
I will be tinkering with the paintwork.
Close up of the sword. I adapted an idea from theottovonbismark 's blog and used a Rogue Trader era Eldar Power Sword. The idea is to suggest an Old Slann High Age Weapon, and represent a magical sword rules wise. In 2nd Edition there were 'Power Swords' which were part of the background, on page 28 of the Battle Magic book in the 2nd Edition Rules.

I will be continuing painting the batch of Slann Scouts and Jungle Braves, and will do a small mail order (to Outpost Games) for more shields and banners. 


  1. Great looking, I love this exotic flora.
    Thanks for putting some Guns n' roses in my head for the rest of the day too ;)

    1. Cool,
      I was humming that while I was updating the blog! :)
      'Run to the Hills' is good for the Slann too.

    2. Ah C'mon Lee, now I'll have the Guns AND Iron Maiden in the head for days...

  2. Awesome force I especially like the facial expressions on your eagle warrior champions.
    The terrain is looking good as well.

    1. Thank you, all part of a project that is going to keep me busy all spring and summer!

  3. Woah - love the Venus Slann traps!

    Must get round to basing up some of my aquarium plants - or see if Pets at Home are flogging anything else of cheap!

    1. I am pleased with it too, just had to get it when I saw it. I love the idea of it being a Venus Slann trap too!

      I did'nt find a lot at my local 'Pets at Home', and they were'nt cheap, but the 99p shop had a few things, as did smaller pet shops.