Sunday 9 March 2014

Tom Meier's Lizard Warriors box set.

For this weeks blog update I thought I would focus on Tom Meier's Box set of Lizardmen.

The sorting out of my Slann army is still carrying on, but due to having the flu for most of the last few days I have'nt been in the mood nor had the energy to do anymore converting or painting. So last night I was idley sorting out the C series Lizardmen and Troglodytes into units for the army, and wondering what to do for the blog update. It occurred to my to do an update on the box set of Lizardmen I am not using for the army, from the 'Citadel Presents' range, CP4 Tom Meier's Lizard Warriors box set.

This set was released by Citadel in 1984, and also licensed to Ral Partha,  and sculpted by Tom Meier who also did a range of Troglodytes and Elves amongst other things. He is still sculpting for his own company Thunderbolt Mountain:

I always liked the style of his Lizardmen, they have a more of a Lizard looking face, with a Lizard grin. It's very different look to the crocodile looking C19 series, which I like, but are better suited for a Slann army. Tom Meier's Lizardmen have the look and feel of the 1st Edition Warhammer and have similar markings to the artwork in the Forces of Fantasy supplement. They are also a lot smaller than the the C series ones, a truer 25mm like his C37 Elves range of the same era, and so would'nt quite look right together.

I shall be using some of Tom Meier's Troglodytes in the Slann army as they fit in better, plus a couple of them will be great to use as independent Lizardman heroes for the army. Both sets of models do have that nice baroque/fantasy feel with thier armour, weapons and shield designs that really links them to the early 1980's era. Considering they are 30 years old, the sculpting, detail, and the lack of mould lines or mistakes is excellent.
Enjoy :)
 Front of the box, with the lovely artwork used in the 1st Edition of Warhammer.
 Rear of the box.
 They used the same box for several of the box sets and the selotaped the relevent infomation on the back.
 Lizardmen in situ. 
The plasitc insert for the box has been specifically made to hold these particular miniatures.
1. Warrior charging with Axe.
As I have noted before, like many Citadel miniautres of the time there are often several miniatures that are variations on the basic sculpt of others in thier range.
Based on the scultping of the legs, I think numbers 1, 2, and 5 are related: 3, 6, and 9 are related: numbers 4, 7, and 8 are releated.
 Rear view showing the cloak which would make a great canvas for painting.
 2. Warrior with Thrusting Spear.
Nice over the head sculpt, and I like the style of the speartip.
 Rear view (a little blurred :(  )
 3. Warrior with Mace and Shield.
Great mace that looks like it could do damge without having to be oversized.
I like the creeping feel that many of the Lizardmen of this range have.
 Rear view.
He has a mace on the end of his tail too.
 4. Warrior Advancing with Halberd.
 Rear view showing the head/neck armour.
5. Warrior Advancing with Sword and Shield. 
A very dynamic pose.
Close up of the shield details and shoulder armour. 
 6. Warrior advancing with Serrated Katana.
I love the look of this weapon, to me it is very evocative of early 1980's unsual fanatsy design.
 Rear view, another cloak that would benefit from a great paint job.

 7. Warrior with Hooked Sword. 
Another wicked and evil looking weapon. :)
Close up of the shield, which looks to me like the pagan Triple Moon/Goddess symbol.
I like the way the Lizardman is peeking his head over the shield and grinning.
 8. warrior with Throwning Spear. 
Excellent sculpting on the helmet.
Close up of the shield. 
 9. Warrior with Gutting Pole.
I have'nt ever come across this as a description for a weapon type, but looking at it it looks like it is aptly named.
 Rear view.
 Another mace tail.
 Scale shot. 
On the left a UK Penny (about the same as a USA 'Cent'), and a 10 Euro piece.
 Second Scale shot.
Warrior 2. resting on a 25mm square base next to the C19 Lizardman 'Sss Yrl'.
As I was finishing off the blog it occured to me that I had'nt mentioned the raffle ticket. 
The box sets of this era had a raffle ticket in the bottom of the box. I think it was to designate the number of the box produced. 
If anyone knows any better please let me know! :)
I will, flu allowing, carry on with the Slann army. I am eager to get painting and also to add some more details to those already done and their bases.


  1. Interesting. I never knew that these were available except through Ral Partha, branded as 'Lesser Troglodytes" Didn't know Citadel had marketed them as Warhammer lizard men. The 'gutting pole', (what a great name 4 a weapon!) is a variant on the mini I have, who carries a simpler spear. I've never seen this variant before.

    You are absolutely right, Meier's Trogs are I think, one of the high points of 80s fantasy miniature design. One of my favorite lines ever, and, as you suggest, they are mighty Oldhammery. More Oldhammery, indeed, than we might think. I knew there was some kind of a link between Warhammer and Tom's Trogs...

    Check this out...

    I don't know if you noticed this, but if you look at #3, 'mace and shield', carefully, you'll see he is the model for the illustration for the troglodyte entry in WARHAMMERARMIES. As far as I can see, they're exactly the same in pose, expression, and in every detail of their gear. Also, if you look at the Trog entry in the Warhammer 2nd edition BATTLE BESTIARY, (pg 28) the illustration is of one of Tom's 'Greater Troglodytes with Sword-Stars." I've recruited several of the greater trogs to serve as Beastmen in my Chaos Horde. They just look perfect in amoungst the Citadel beasties.
    Anyway, I'd always been curious about that. Thanks for sharing and for shedding some light on something I've wondered about for a long time!

  2. PS: RE: #3 "mace and shield" Ok...maybe not every detail (ex: the greaves), but I think you'll agree it's basically the same mini...

    1. That's excellent, I am glad you found the post useful and interesting. They are a lovely few ranges of miniatures that often get overlooked.

      I did'nt notice that with the #3 Warrior! That's brilliant, I always love it when you can link miniatures to the artwork, thank you.

      I have that Troglodyte you mentioned, recognised him when I looked in the Bestiary! He looks happy grinning with his sword, and will end up with the Troglodytes in the Slann army.
      I was going to add the Trogslodytes to the post, but thought I would just focus on the Lizardmen, and I only have 5 of them anyway. I can see how they would add to a Beastman unit very nicely.

  3. I think the beetle is set on his base a little high, any particular reason why you chose this base size? Cheers

    1. I chose that size as it was the same size as the giant spiders and scorpion, 80mm x 40mm, so it would fit in.
      Whilst it is a little high, a lot of beetles do walk or rear up taller than others. It does'nt look as over tall in reality, about eye level with a Slann. I loosely based it on a Stag Beetle, but painted it up brighter for the fun of it. :)

    2. Looking at pictures of bugs on Google, I have re-postioned the legs to give a more realistic pose. I'll post a photograph on my next update :)