Sunday 16 March 2014

No blog this week! :(

Due to computer problems (it needs a new motherboard fitting) I will not be able to do any proper blog update this week. I'm typing this from an internet cafe! :(

 I might be able to update later in the week or otherwise it will be next weekend.

I have been painting up a few of the Slann, and also adding some extra details to the bases of the Slann Scout models. The idea is to give the Scouts the feel of scouting through the undergrowth. I will add pictures of them when I update the blog.

I will also see if I can get my printer fixed too so I can scan things again. As an additional feature to my blog I would like to be able to scan and add artwork/rules/photographs from my old White Dwarf magazines and other books that may be of interest and relevance to people. I am not too sure on the IP legal status of this so if anyone can let me know I would be grateful, as I only intend doing it for informational purposes rather  than any challange to copyright.

At least no computer means I have less distractions and more time for painting!  :)

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