Monday, 6 July 2015

Citadel Lesser Goblins, Great Goblins, Bugbear, Trollhound, and a Red Orc Tusker.

Continuing with my painting of early 1980's solid based miniatures, this week I have been painting Lesser Goblins, as well as Great Goblins/Gnolls, and a few unusual odds and ends from the smae time period.

I have had some Lesser Goblins sitting in a box for years and years but had never got around to painting them. However with my current project focusing on older solid based Goblins, I thought this would be a great opportunity to finally paint them.

The Citadel Lesser Goblins were part of the C14 Lesser Goblins range in the early 1980's, but I am unsure of their exact release date. I have read it could be from 1979 to 1983. There were two types, the Night Goblins, who wore hoods and had wickerwork looking shields (and I understand were originally part of the Fantasy Tribes range as Gnomes), and the 'ordinary' Lesser Goblins, largley  armed with clubs and wearing fur loin cloths. Whilst I have several, but all,  of both types, I chose to paint the 'Ordinary' Lesser Goblins first.

These Goblins are tiny!
I was'nt sure whether to put them on the 30mm lipped bases as they were so tiny, but in the end decided to as I have a lot of the bases, and to save spending out on suprisingly expensive 25mm lipped bases. Painting wise I have gone for a simlilar, if slightly lighter, flesh tone to the Greater Goblins/Gnolls. This is because in the 1st Edition Warhammer background (in the Forces of Fantasy supplement) they are often associated with Great Goblins/Gnolls, being part of their armies and included in an army list.  They also look like tiny Great Gobilins, having beards and the same looking facial features.
They were fun to paint, and very quick to paint, but a pain to photograph!

Apart from the Lesser Goblins, I went further back in time the the late 1970's, to 1979, to paint a Red Orc Tusker. This is something I have wanted to paint up for some time. I have another to paint, and one from e-bay now in the post.
In addition I also painted a Ral Partha Troll Hound, and Grenadier Bugbear, from the same era (about 1978 to 1980). I painted them for no other reason than for the fun of it, and that they fit in with my current painting project.
Oh, and there are some Goblins too, because I am Goblinlee, and that's what I do! :)
Enjoy. :)
 Small groups of Lesser Goblins (not sure of the collective noun for Goblins, but I assume it's a mischief of Goblins, as it seems to be quite apt).
Most of the Goblins are from the Citadel C14 Lesser Goblin range, but as noted before, although a couple of them aren't.
They all have a great feel for Russ Nicholson's artwork.
Considering the size and age of them, I think that these Goblins are excellently sculpted, full of detail and character, with remarkably expressive faces.
Lesser Goblin Command. 
These two fellows originally came attached to each other on a joined solid base. I however seperated them and based them individually.
They are very characterful, the one on the left seemingly to be a  older, wiser adviser (or wizard) with a long beard. The one on the right is more of a leader type, with a look of consideration on his face.
 Lesser Goblins, with club, and mace.
 Two different models of the same Lesser Goblin miniature from both sides.
 Another mace and clud duo. 
The one on the left seemed to have a look of consideration mixed with suprise on his face for some reason.
 On the left is a broken mace miniature, and on the right a club wielding Lesser Goblin, poking his tongue out!
Two more club armed Lesser Goblins.
 A mace armed Lesser Goblin. 
As with all of the Lesser Goblins I have been using a mix of the basing materials I had, and those from 'Forged in Blood'. 
Ral Partha  RP2 Small Humanoids, also listed as Kobolds, although I understand that they have been listed as Goblin Imp's as well.
Red Orc Tusker. 
The Red Orcs were a slightly unusual looking looking range, with their domed heads and long-ish looking bodies. I quite like them, and love the 'Tusker' model. 
The original Tusker model, with a Red Orc in armour rider, was part of the first Citadel releases back in 1979 as part of the 'Molten Magic' range. I am unsure when the less armoured version above was sculpted, probably about the same time. He is listed in the Citadel Fiend Factory range as 'FF27-1 Red Orc with Spear mounted on Giant Tusker, in 1982. 
I have both versions of the rider (the Tusker is the same), and will paint him up soon as well.
Note, the spear is not the orginal spear, but a replacement version from my bits box.
 Left hand view.
I am very happy with how he turned out. 
The Tusker is based on a 50mm round base as I thought it would give it more on a War Beast feel to the model, rather than just cavalry. 
The Tusker reminds me of something ridden by Stormtroopers in 'Star Wars' on Tattooine.
 Close up of the rider.
 Grenadier miniatures Bugbear: D&D range 102 Bugbears pack (there were orginally two diffeent miniatures in the pack, but alas I only have this one). 
I have had this miniature for years and never painted him or thought much of him. It was only when I painted him that I really started to like him.
Rear view.
 Ral Partha RP5 Monsters: Troll Hound. 
I love this miniature, full of character, looking like a cross between a worried Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Troll.
 I especially like the sculpting of the musculature and ribs, and of course those big mournful eyes.
 Great Goblins/Gnolls.
Great Goblin/Gnoll with bow.
As note previously I am painting the Great Goblin/Gnoll archers bows in snake patterns. This pattern is a from a type of American Ground Snake, although it does look a little like a Tiger striping.
FTG5 Great Goblin/GnollStandard Bearer/Musican. 
In the 1st Edition you could have a combined Standard Bearer/Muscian in an army. 
I painted his cheeks pinker to simulate the blowing of the horn.
FTG3 Great Goblin/Gnoll standing with hand weapon.
FTG2  Great Goblin/Gnoll attacking with hand weapon.
 Two more Great Goblins/Gnolls, standing with hand Weapons. 
Close up of the shields.
The symbols on the left sheild are from the 1st Edition supplement 'Book of Battalions' section on Great Goblins. 
I am not very good at painting shields or standards yet, but I am working on this range of miniatures and the old source material to create shields and banners that fit in well with them. 

Next update will probably be more Goblins, although I have been working on a 'History' of the Goblin Wars as described in the 1st/2nd Edition Warhammer era. So I might update on that, with an inclusion of the description of the different forces involved.


  1. Most impressive Lee !
    This is one of my favourite posts of yours and given how I loved some of them, it says a lot !
    I think your decision to base them properly with decoration is absolutely brilliant, these models all have so much character I hear the INcredible String band playing in my head every second I look at them !
    This is the definition of oldschool fantasy and in all honesty nothing can make me dream more than this.
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful job you've done here.

    1. Cool thank you JB, I am glad that you a enjoying the updates.

      I have been meaning to return to the old solid based ranges for a while now. I really wanted to make sure I brought out the character of a lot of the old miniatures, and get across the charm of these older miniatures in the posts. Also I wanted to introduce people who are unfamilar with these miniatures to a series of lovely ranges. I am glad it seems I have been able to do that. :)

      The basing has worked well, and am pleased with it, and it's great fun. I wanted to make it so that the miniatures could almost have a mini diorama setting on their bases, which would bring out the character of the models.
      On the smaller bases and as part of units they don't often get that, so the 30mm skirmish bases allow that bit more of room, without being too big. I urge you to give it a try as I am sure you'll make a great job of it.

      I still have lots and lots of Goblins and Dwarves to paint, as well as a lot of other races and monsters from this era to sort out. I am really having fun painting them all, so I will be updating on these for a while to come. :)

    2. My only advice : keep at it. You're doing them more than justice here.

  2. Not just a comment on this post, but the whole blog - this is absolutely wonderful, I love the care taken over the figures, the basing, the aesthetic, everything!

  3. Not just a comment on this post, but the whole blog - this is absolutely wonderful, I love the care taken over the figures, the basing, the aesthetic, everything!

    1. Thank you Jelly Rovers good that you are enjoying the updates and the miniatures. :)

      My plan with the aesthetic for these older miniatures in particular is to try to capture that 1st/2nd Edition feel of the 'Goblin Wars' background, and use the basing to help bring out the individual character of the miniatures. They are lovely miniatures, and I am really enjoying taking my time on them.

  4. Great models and painting, although personally I couldn't bring myself to put a goblin on anything other than a 20mm square

    1. Thank you.
      Yes, I can understand that, it was a bit of an experiment to put the Goblins on 30mm bases. The idea was to give them a bit more individual space and base detailing.

  5. Hi Goblin Lee,

    Terrific as always! Love the Red Orc Tusker!

    Hey, I finally put up some pics of a bunch of my Fantasy Tribe Dwarves (and the later pre-slotta guys too). Sorry it took so long. Hope you enjoy,

    Private W.

    1. Thank you, I really like the Tusker and had been meaning to paint it for some time. I have another two still to paint.

      I really like your Fantasy Tribe and your C-Series Pre Slotta Dwarves. Great to see so many old style Dwarves. Thank you for posting them.