Sunday 26 May 2013

Dwarf 3,000 point army (work in progress). 

I  have finalised a 3,000 point army list for the dwarves, and made a start on re/painting them this morning. I decided to amend the paint scheme, getting rid of the old blue and red quartered design (as seen here ) replacing the blue with green version. I think that the green gives them a brighter colour, and I also want to keep the look of a blue/red army when I paint my Empire army.
 I will be leaving Prince Uther's Dragon Company the Regiment of Renown colour scheme of red and gold.

Here is the list:

Level 20 General, heavy armour, shield, Hell-honed magic weapon, Dragonhelm =212 points

Level 20 Wizard = 303 points 

Level 1 Bound Dragon = 250 points.

2  Cannons  =138 points

1  Stonethrower = 54 points

15 Hammerers with standard bearer =256 points (these are to be lead by the army general).

30 Crosbowmen = 390 points (to be split into 3 units of 10)

19 Warriors, hand weapon, light armour, shield, standard bearer, plus Level 10 hero = 312points

19 Warriors, hand weapon, double handed weapon, light armour, shield, standard bearer, plus level 10 hero = 354 points

19 Clansmen, hand weapon, heavy armour, shield, standard bearer, musican, level 10 hero = 365 points

19 Clansmen, hand weapon, heavy armour, shield, standard bearer, musican, level 10 hero = 365 points

=2,999 points.

For the Clansmen I intend to use some of Prince Uther's Dragon Company, and for the stone thrower I will use the gob-lobber, but only three of the crew.

 The tactical plan for this army is a defensive one. I saved 50 points on not giving the Dragon wings to buy another cannon. The Hammerers are to act as a bodyguard for the general. I had to save points and so dropped the musicans in the warrior regiments, they have Ld 9, with a +1 from the Level 10 hero, so they might be ok.

The Following photographs are a mix of finished and WIP models, but when I finish the army full photographs will be posted.
The next post will probably be of some of the Dwarves painted, and probably of a  Slann Army as I have been writing up a 3,000 point list for them too.
Oh, and I posted the Trolls for the fun of it.

 The Army as a whole (try to ignore the stuff on the upper shelf !)
 Battle line
 Imperial Dwarf Warrior, Dwarf Commander, and Crossbowmen called Dimbo.
 Two more Dwarf Warriors, and another crossbowman.
 Three more Dwarf Warriors. 
 WIP, Dwarf Wizard, and army General. I am painting up the Wizard as per the David Gallagher artwork in the Dwarf armylist on p102 of Warhammer Armies.
 Another three warriors.
 Prince Uther's Regiment. I need to tidy up the paintwork/chips and they will be ready.
 Three WIP Warriors with 2-handed weapons from the painting table.
C20 Trolls !!!! 
 Hobol Firebreath

 Shakined Bone Bender

 Skuttlescree Soresmeer
Rear view showing captured pig !


  1. Looks great, Goblin Lee! I think that is a nice touch including a dragon in a Dwarf list. And I've never seen the variant of the dwarf with the crown that you are using as your general.

    I also love those trolls. I want the big eared one, very badly!

    1. Thank you.
      I have been writing up a few army lists for various armies and been including hosts in all of them. For some armies I have included a Dragon, the Chaos army has a Gorgon, the Dark Elf list a Jabberwock, and the Undead army will have an Ethereal host with a Wraith, a Wight, and a mounted Spectre.

      I think the idea was a little neglected and I think adding a bound Dragon or monster to several of them counters any of the other monsters that I might encounter in other armies, for example Treemen or Trolls. And of course, I get an excuse to paint up and field lots of different monsters and creatures, even in small 3,000 point armies.

      As for the Dwarves I think including a Dragon, summonded from some dark cavern near a Dwarven Hold, fits the character of the army. I have two regiments of Dragon Company troops, and an army general with a Dragonhelm, so a Dragon fits in nicely.

      The Trolls are great fun.
      I have got all the C series ones somewhere, and they all have a personality of their own, the big eared one, Shakined Bone Bender, is illustrated in one of the old 2nd Edition books too. I always liked it when you had the miniature that related to a piece of artwork in one of the books.
      In truth I added photographs of them as I thought the blog post might be a little light!

    2. Oh, and the Dwarven General is just one of the command figures from the Dwarf command packs.
      He is a variation of the one with a crown, and the other one with a duck on his head! I'll paint him up and do a couple of better pictures of him and the other two for you to look at.

    3. Hi Goblin Lee, I think the idea of having the bound Monster in each of those lists is wonderful and turns an army into a true Fantasy army. And I look forward to seeing each of those armies you mentioned.

      Goblin Lee, I was just wondering if you were interested in trying out any of those armies in an online battle with me? Mouse, from the glorious Tales From The Big Board, and I have had two online bashes so far, and I hope we continue to have many more. They are a bit of work but they are a lot of fun and are a wonderful way of getting some extra gaming in. I can pretty much match each of your armies (with a few proxies) except of course for your Slann army. What this would entail would be each of us having a matching table set-up (maybe just a small 4x4, so it can be tucked away, the game might take a month or so to play out) and each of us having the two respective armies - basically it is us just enjoying a game while being seperated by 5000 miles. What has tilted me over the edge to ask you this is my curiousity of seeing how your Orc list would fare against your Dwarf list. Anyway, please give this some thought and let me know. Private W.

    4. You are right, having a bound monster does give the army a more fantasy feel and adds to the something different to an army.

      As I mentioned it also helps out when other armies have monster in thier list as standard, such as trolls, or that can have them as riding beasts like the Orc Wyverns or Dragons. I find it can balance out a game a little more, otherwise you can have all of your army trying to wound some battlefield dominating monster.
      I always used to find too many big monsters took the tactical fun out of a game. 'They have a Dragon rider?'- just unleash the bound Dragon or monster, and then carry on.

      Also, using giant eagles, or any flying creature can slow your opponents advance down, or provide flank attacks to supports other troops.
      It also means you can paint up add the lovely monsters too!

      Whilst I would like to try out gaming via blogging but I don't have the room for even a 4'x 4' table :( Thats why my photographs are taken on a shelf with a couple of painted boards. Also I am finding that I only just getting a lot of time to do the blog, and I have'nt even done any painting this weekend ! Thank you for the offer, but I will have to look at doing it at a later time, although I'll check out yours and Mouses blogs to see how it all works.

    5. Hi Goblin Lee, hey no problem. Maybe one day. Would you mind if I use your Orc and Dwarf lists sometime? I'm obsessing over seeing them in battle.

    6. Sure, have fun and let me know how you get on with them. :)

  2. Great stuff, Goblin Lee! A wealth of wonderful classic figures! Totally agree with Private Weird about the Dragon. I've got one picked out for my own Dwarf army, he's just not painted yet... I take it that the crown on the Dwarf King is a conversion?

    1. That's good to hear.
      I have visions of Dwarf mages all over the Warhammer World tentativley creeping into far off caverns looking for Dragons saying 'Er, hello, sorry about all the treasure raiding and Dragon slaying, and would you like to join our army?' before hurriedly casting a binding spell!

      Don't forget the Etheral hosts. I ran out of points for one with the Dwarves, but they are useful.
      Unsurprisingly I have one for the undead army, and might add them to other forces if I have points. The main problem is that you need mid to higher level wizards to use up thier magic points for binding. This can mean you're spending extra point to get a wizard with enough magic points to bind a creature.
      No problems with cheap races such as goblins or humans. It can be especally a problem with Dwarves as they are expensive in points, and get half the power level of other races. For huge battles years ago I used the Talismanic standard, and so would have magic points galore!

      TheDwarf King/General is'nt a conversion, but an Imperial Dwarf Command figure:

      although now you mention it, I have'nt seen him about a lot in collections or e-bay, so perhaps he is a rare miniature?