Sunday, 19 May 2013

More Orcs, but not quite finished  :(

Just a quick update!

I've had a busy last few days and weekend, and so have'nt got around to finishing off the Orc and Goblin army.  :(

I have however finished off tyding up the paintwork for 50 more of the Orc Boyz, 20 Arrer Boyz, and a few of the catapult crew.

So here they are, sorry about the rushed photographs. I should get them all done for a big army photo by wednesday.

and then onto my  next army.....

 120 Orcs, looking for trouble !
 Front line
 3 of the late 1980's 0505 Orc Archers
C15 Orc Warlob; centre a ME 51 Lord of the Rings Orc of the Red Eye; and another later 1980's archer.
 A Solid based C15 armoured orc, and slotta Orc named Grigal, and another later 1980's archer.
 Two more Orcs  and another Lord of the rings Orc, this time a ME42 Orc of the White Hand on the right.
 ORC4, Orc Champion Saggrob Spikesticker; ORC1 Orc Warrior Mannik; and an orc warrior I am sure used to be part of the old Lord of the Rings or ADD range, but can't find it listed. Thre are several variants of him.
 2 more Orc Warriors, and a Solid based FTO-02/C16 Orc
 Another C16 Solid based Orc, an Orc champion, and an orc with polearm.
 A Red eye Orc, and dual armed Orc
 White Hand Orc, and warrior.
 Orc with a Pole arm and wearing snazzy shoes; Orc from the Goblin Battle Chariot named Gutrip Left hand; and hook handed Orc.
  FTO-03 Orc advancing with sword, spear, and shield; C16 Orc/FTO-15 Orc bodyguard with thunder mace an shield; and FTO-09 Orc advancing with axe and spear.
 ORC1 Orc Warrior name Darkt with another of my green stuff mutant shields; and the Orc from the D&D BDD2 Monster Starter Set 2.
 Yet another Orc of the Red eye, and two more spear armed Orcs.
 A solid based C15 Orc throwing a dart; an Orc from the C16/FTO-12 Orc boyguard with axe ranges; and a solid based  FTO-06 swinging axe.
 Solid based  C16 Orc; and two C15 slotta Armoured Orcs from 1985.
 Orc warrior similar to the Orc Champion Mannik, and Solid based C16 Armoured Orc licking his bloodstained sword (on his back are sculpted several severed heads !)
 The Man-Mangler catapult with 4 of the six crew (and one in need of basing). I have the other two Orcs base coated and on thier way !
 Sorting out stuff so I can write up an army list. 
This is the nucleus of my pre 1990 Empire army before they released the new stuff at Games Day 1990 (one of the few I ever went to!) .


  1. Really wonderful, Goblin Lee! It is a joy seeing these Orcs all together. Thank you.

    1. Thank you,

      I just have the two Wyverns and three Orc catapult crew to finish off painting .

      It's been fun tyding up the paintwork on the Orcs as I had forgotten how characterful and fun they are really are to paint.