Wednesday 1 May 2013

Regiments of Renown, Rogue Trader Space Slann, and the Magnificent Sven.

Another nice sunny day on the South Coast !! Great paint drying weather :)

As promised I have a few photographs of the now finished and based Regiment of Renown 'Flying Gargolyes of Barda' that I painted the end of last week. I followed the orginal painting guide which can be found here: .   I always assumed they had been named in joking honour Douglas Barda, the famous World War Two Pilot.

All that looking at the old Regiments of Renown got me nostalgic, so I have sorted out the Regiments I do have, with a vague plan of painting them each in turn according to the guides. With that in mind, I spent the last few evenings painting up the Disciples of the Red Redemption, which I finished basing only a couple of hours ago.  Again, I used the paint scheme from the background, although I rebased them on 25mm bases so they can double up as Chaos Thugs for my Chaos army.

As mentioned before I am posting a few photographs of the Characters from the Magnificent Sven Scenerio as I finally finished painting them after spending many years trying to get hold of them all. I used the cardboard cut out for the scenario that came with 2nd Edtion Warhammer as a painting guide. Also, in response to a conversion with

 12 Flying Gargoyles of Barda. 
 Also good for Level 2: Summon Lesser Demons, or Level 3: Summon Demonic horde ! :)
 Standard Bearer and Leader.
 Musician, and Trooper.
 24 Disciples of the Red Redemption
 From above
 The leader, Darkhoth, and champion Mordrid the Manic.
 Standard Bearer and Musician.
 Front and back view of Troopr, and the back view of Darkhoth. Did'nt realise the book should be black too, but might just keep the flayed flesh look anyway
 The Magnificent Sven.
 Sven Haselfriesian, and Juggo Joriksonn.
 Karl Ustracutter, and Aygas Mistletaine.  Not happy with the sheild, might repaint it.
 Karra Lokota, and Riolta Snow.
 Raiddocks Timmowit, and two Norse Beserkers (one got chipped because I dropped it ! ) .
 TSF18 Space Slann: 
The ones painted and based so far. I based them on 25mm square bases rather than round ones as I liked it better and was going to use them as alternative scout models for the fantasy slann army.
Olassa, CMMR. XIX, and another Olassa. 
 Holx, Llamas, and Olassa again !
 Two Scoitz miniatures
 Sschoi, and another Scoitz.
 The rest of the Slann, including a couple of old broken ones that are carrying heavy weapons. I have all the Space Slann miniautres except Quinletz (which keeps getting away on e-bay!) and the unreleased one with a rifle. They are fun to paint, and a real shame that they were never expanded as a range.


  1. What a ridiculously awesome post. You are going to have to learn to pace yourself. Unless you have enough minis to keep this hectic pace up indefinitely! Well done, and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you.
      I think you're right about pacing myself, but the temptation is to photgraph everything, and sometimes I think I should take one painted regiment at a time and spend time just photographing it entirely, rather than just at a glance.

      Mind you, saying that, I do have an awful lot of miniatures either painted or awaiting repainting (and I still buy stuff).
      If I just put one regiment on per post, so two a week, I would have enough for a few years. I suppose that would give me time to paint more stuff up !
      For example, looking through the Regiments of Renown alone I worked out today that I have 23 different regiments or versions of regiments (such as the first and second versions of Golgfag's for example counting as two ) from the 1980's, ranging from 9 to 30 miniatures in size.

      One of the main ideas of the blog is to get motivation and focus on painting, and it's working. Also I never really realised that a lot of people would be that interested in just seeing the old miniatures. I am a little concerned that it seems like I am just showcasing and showing off stuff, but people seem to like to see them. It's also good to see other peoples blogs to see what they are painting.

    2. I get the impression that photos of painted minis are the most popular part of reading blogs so don't be concerned, you are hitting the nail on the head. Battle reports are another favourite if you want to diversify, especially if they are enhanced by lots of snaps!

      I would also like to second this quote from Mouse- "It's also a real treat to see the Gargoyles of Barda up close.."

  2. Just amazing. And yes, you are right, I really do appreciate being able to get a really good look at all these classic figures...seeing them altogether just makes it better...Love the space Slann! And the black/red color scheme on the Disciples looks great! It's also a real treat to see the Gargoyles of Barda up close...that's a very rare kit...I see one or two of them loose on ebay sometimes, but I've never seen the whole regiment together! Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you.

      The Disciples were painted as per the the general colour scheme of the background, and the red and black gives a stark Khornate look to them.

      You're right, I can't recall see the Gargoyles on e-bay or anywhere else very often. I bought the gargolyes at the time, and painted them a horrid red colour, and meant to re-paint them for a while.
      They too are done according to the background.
      Both sets were fun to paint.

      Luckly my parents owned a shop and so I had a saturday job from the age of 13 (1987), and a disposable income of £7.50 per week, plus odds and ends from doing extra hours after school/holidays. This meant that after work I could pop down the model shop and buy three packs of minatures a week (the days of the £1.50, £1.95 or £2.50 for 5 blister packs) just as the golden age of miniautres was citadel miniatures was in full swing.

  3. Mind-blowing, Goblin Lee!! Mindblowing. I think I am going to use your Space Slann group shot as my computer's wallpaper if that is ok, Goblin Lee? The Space Slann are just such an incredible rush to see altoghter like that. And the Red Redemption guys too! Wow! And Mr. Goblin Lee, please don't pace yourself. Blow the Wad! Post everything you have in one magnicient burst of Absolute Joy and Glory!!! And then post twice a week for years just in close-ups. That is my dream, if I may be so bold...Thanks for posting!

    1. Glad you liked them.

      I would be honoured if you used the Slann as wallpaper. Makes me feel I should paint them up and do a proper photograph of them.

      I used alternate between the Slann and Orks at the start of Rogue Trader, they were fun to game with and it is a real shame that they cancelled the range. Always loved the back story and the minatures, and in the days of Rogue Trader you could have a primative army army backed up with a few technological tropps, and always fancied the idea of a few Space Slann helping lost Slann fight Ork raiders of Imperial Army/Guard.

      If you would like, in the next post I could do a one shot of each of the Regiments of Renown? Most of them are old paint style or unpainted, only got few painted. Then do close up pictures as and when I finish them. Still got loads of Warhammer Fantasy Slann to do as well.

    2. Hi Goblin Lee, Yes! I would love a one shot of each of the Regiments of Renown if it is not too much trouble. I'm sure the community would love it too! And thanks too about the Space Slann! It is a joy to see them everytime my computer turns on.

  4. What they said!

    The Gargoyles look great as a unit - something I've never seen before - makes me want them even more!

    Nice scheme on the Redemptionists - been pondering what to do with mine - not that they're near the top of the paint queue!

    Loving the Sven characters too - reminds me I need to paint Juggo's hair blue at some point!

    Space Slann - 'nuff said!

    ... and how many Dreadnoughts?!

    1. Thank you too,

      although I think you painted your Sven Characters better than mine. I like the back of the cloak on your Agyar minature. I forgot Juggo had blue hair until until I came to paint him and checked the cardboard cut out artwork.

      I have done a small mail order to The Assualt Group for Aztec spears and banners so I can equip the Cold One riders, as well as tinker with a few back/banners. Your site has inpsired me to 'up my game' in painting and modelling the Slann, and well as get on with painting!

      My Disciples of the Red Redemption were not really at the of my list eithe, but distracted with the Regiments of Renown after painting the Gargoyles.

      The Space Slann are cool, always had a soft spot for them.

      The Ork Dreadnoughts are from the updated army list entry for the Luggub's Drop Legion Army list (from 1988 version of The Book of the Astronomican) that was published in White Dwarf #100 when they re-did the Dreadnoughts. As I wanted to collect the whole list, I needed to get hold of the 3 Super-attack Onslaughter Dreadnoughts, and the 5 smaller Ork Killer Dreadoughts.
      Incidentally I completed the army list. The old style Space Orks (pre- new army list in 1990 with clans, etc) were my favourite second only to Slann.

  5. You really have got a boat load of old minis haven't you.
    What gets me is you actually have so much of it painted.
    so don't be shy about showing it off ... it is great to see such a wonderful collection and I am (and am sure others must be) drawing huge inspiration to crack on and get more of my stuff painted.

    1. Yes, I still have lots to post, as well as to paint. It's great getting the feedback from people that they like looking at the miniatures, so I'll keep posting the photographs of miniatures.

      I am just at the start of a re-painting phase, lots of things need painting to a better standard.
      The next post will be the Regiments of Renown, most of which are in the 'to paint' pile, but I have several completed.

      Glad you like the blog, and glad you have got inspiration from it. It's inpsiring me to paint more and to paint things I would not have got around to doing for ages.
      Good luck with your painting :)

    2. My project logs have done the same thing for me. I had spent years not paining very much until I started posting it on the internet. Sharing my painting on the interwebz has completely transformed the hobby for me. Not sure why it should make a difference ... a bunch of complete strangers taking an interest ... but it does. I guess it's just nice to discover there are like minded fellas who share your enthusism. Glad its working out for you.

  6. Congratulations for your blog!
    I like very much.
    it is really good.

    I am a old citadel miniatures !

    Sorry for my bad English...

    1. Thank you,
      glad you like the blog.

      Your English is fine.

      I like your Ambiance & Tactique blog. :)

  7. Also I forgot to say I have Sven envy.
    I still need Kara lakota and the flippin Halfling who I have missed twice on ebay ... and I need a kremlo!!!

    Just so you know ... you may have a huge collection of really hard to find minis but no one likes you! :D

    1. Sorry to hear that ;)

      If it's any consolation Karra and the Halfling were the most difficult to get hold of. I've had Kremlo for years though.

      Mind you I know how it feels, I have one more Space Slann to get, and he keeps getting away !
      I like your Kremlo Norse, and of course the citadel giant. You got me on those :)

      And the Harry the Hammer was a great conversion.

  8. Want... Red... Redemptionists... Give... them... to... me...!!!

    1. Sure, you can get them....
      at the end of an 8 inch charge range ;) (mind you, asssuming they dont get shot full of arrows first!)

      I was looking at your lovely elves earlier today, and it has got me sorting out my elves now. I will pop pictures of the Skarlocs (which need proper painting) on sunday with the other regiments of renown. I'll sort out the elves for another post later on.

      You getting any painting done this bank holiday weekend?

  9. Awesome! I am in the process of collecting the Space Slann myself. I am missing only 3 so far and plan to start painting them, when I have all 12. But I don't know if I can wait that long, they are great models.

    Unfortunately I don't have any doubles of Quinletz, otherwise we maybe could have traded. :)

    1. Thank you, they are great old miniatures. I nearly bought Quinletz at the time, but bought something else! :(

      I like your blog and the Rogue Trader flavour to it. The plants from straws idea is great, and I like the way your Ambulls turned out.

      I might be able to identify your unknown miniature as it looks similar to a minor Sci-Fi range in the mid 1990's. I'll have to find where mine are and look of the bases!

    2. Great, let me know if you find out about anything on that mini, I have had no luck on the various fora I go to :)

      And thanks for the comments to my blog. It is not as active as yours, but I try to keep adding old school stuff as I get it painted.

      Eventually I will probably get around to taking some photos of stuff I painted before I started the blog. I hope :)