Wednesday 8 May 2013

Getting distracted by monsters! 

Just a quick post today...

After sorting out and undercoating several Regiments of Renown ready for painting I spent a lazy bank holiday sunday afternoon looking through boxes of stuff. This lead me to dig out several old miniatures in  need of re/painting, mainly monsters.
So I painted some, but never got around to the Regiments!
I will focus as the week goes on on getting one of the Regiments done, probably the Skarlocs Wood Elf Archers now as I would like to have a workable Wook Elf army up and running.

Anyway, here's some random stuff, hope you enjoy!

 Night Horror:
  Medusa with Sword (Gorgon.).
 Night Horror: Pit Demon. I love the face.  
 Ral Partha Ogre riding elephant.
 From the side. He is mounted on a 40mm base as he can still fit into the front rank of an Ogre unit.
   Grenadier Masterpiece Editions Undead War Rhino.
 Front view. 
I re-based it yesterday, need to give the paintwork a check over.
 Left side with the archer crewman and captives inside.
 Right side, more captives and a Skeleton spearman that comes with the set.
 I assembled and painted up the Dragon that was photographed in bits a few posts ago. 
 I went for a gold colour for a change. The casting of the Dragon itself is poor quality, which makes me think it might be a very early 1980's non Citadel model. 

 Zoat Wizard!
This is my total Zoat Ally Contingent  :( 

 Tom Miers Red Dragon, with touched up paintwork. Needs basing up !
 Beady eye and tusks
 Marauder MB14/A Treeman. Part of the monsters that will help out the Wood Elf army.
 MarauderMB14/B. The other Marauder Treeman. Both of these are mounted on the 50mm square bases as 40mm looked too small. 
I like the crazy looking teeth.
 C31 Large monster. Solid based Treeman. An odd looking treeman, looks more at home in an old folk art style woodcut. Mounted on the 40mm base.
 Grenadier Treeman on 40mm base. 
Again another one that looks better in a woodcut ! 
I wonder if Justin recognises this one ?  ;)
 Work in Progress and in need of a base. 
I cannot remember who made this Treeman, but I bought it at Salute ages ago. It is huge ! That is a C13 Great Goblin/Gnoll next to it for scale.
Close up of the face. If I was to game without using the Warhammer Armies book, this could easily be a Level 25 Treeman Hero/Wizard  !  He reminds me of the actor Frank Thornton for some reason (might be the nose) .

BME -2 Nazgul on Winged Beast. 
No idea why I painted this now, I just liked it and it was very easy to do.  Need to find a decent flying base for it!
I like the shaodw it casts on the table too. Very apt :)

Nazgul  !!!  



  1. Your gold dragon is a Minifigs model, late '70s, from the Areola Roccoco range.

    1. Wow, thank you. I wondered what he was.

      I'll have to keep a look out for a rider.

      I always liked the Areola Roccoco elves, although they were before I started collecting. They reminded me of Rodney Matthews artwork.

  2. Did you know that the C31 preslotta Treeman (odd looking chap!) also featured as Klinty the Treeman from the McDeath scenario.

    Love the Grenadier Skeletal Rhino - and their other giant undead monsters for that matter!

    1. No I did'nt realise.
      I never bought or played the McDeath Scenario, althuogh looking at the release sheet on the Stuff of Legends it looks like I have some of the miniatures.
      You probably know this already, but you can look at the scenario at the .

      The Skeletal Rhino is a lovely model.
      The Miniature Heroes site, , stocks the Mirliton range, including the War Rhino (although I bought my one years ago ! ) , as well as most, if not all, of the later Grenadier models.
      I've dealt with him a couple of time (unsuprisingly bought some old goblins from him), and he good to deal with.

  3. Yes I remember selling that tree man to you through eBay!!! You've painted it better than I did!

    1. hehe, that was funny.
      I remember looking at it on e-bay and thinking Justin had one of those and I always liked it. I have never seen another on e-bay (not that I need a second one).

      Thank you on the painting, to be fair you painted yours when you were 14 !

  4. Jeez ... everytime I think we must be getting to the end of the painted stuff .... you wheel out another barrow load. Amazing collection ... and a huge inspiration to see so much of it painted.

    1. hehe, thank you.
      I still have lots more painted stuff, although I would have more if I stuck to one project and was'nt re-painting everything. I've actually paint stripped 3 armies !

      I am organising a 3,000 point army from each of the races I have so I can sit down and do one thing at a time rather than spend ages just chipping away at odds and ends. Then I can add the extra stuff on top once the basic force is done. Keeps a variety for painting too.

      I'll put some more painted stuff up for wednesday. :)