Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Painting

Just a quick post to update todays painting
The total today has been:

10 Chaos Dwarf Crossbowmen
4 swivel guns and crew

(both lots were already base coated though)

 Karra Lakota from the Maginifcent Sven set
The wizard Aygar from the Maginifcent Sven set
2 shield designs for two of  the Maginifcent Sven characters
The 12 Gargoyles of the Regiment of Renown, The Flying Gargoyles of Barda.

Of course none of them have been varnished or based yet.

I'm expecting another busy week, but I hope to get on with painting more Slann , although looking thruogh my stuff I'm finding lots of stuff I never got around to re/ painting, so I might see how the mood takes me.
Oh, and basing the stuff below. 

I'll pop proper pictures of them all on wednesday.

 Sunday on the painting desk !


  1. Nice work on the Sven characters and I'm green with envy for your horde of Gargoyles!

    1. Thank you.
      I bought the gargoyles in the 1980's, and painted them so-so, and have been meaning to re-paint them for about 10 to 15 years ! Now with the blog I thuoght why not do it now and post them.
      They were quick and easy to paint, not a lot of detail to do, and simple limited palette. I used the Regiment of Renown guide for the paint scheme.

      I would like to do a seperate Regiments of Renown section at some point and to paint up the ones I have and look at maybe collecting the ones I don't.

      For wednesday I'll do photographs of the Sven miniatures, the gargoyles on thier flying bases, and maybe some Ogres, Trolls, or Goblins as I have'nt posted some of those for a while. Is there any range or type of miniature you have an interest in seeing?