Thursday 6 June 2013

Beware the Jabberwock(s) !

Due to public demand, and to test run my new paint brush, this evening I have painted the Jabberwock photographed in the last blog update. I also painted the other Jabberwock I have.

The green-ish one is based on the colourised illustration used in Alice Through the Looking Glass. The second Jabberwock is loosely based on the Jabberwock in the film Jabberwocky, although I have given it red eyes consistant with the poems discription of  'eyes of flame' (although that might be a simile).

As noted, I won't be using any of the Jabberwocks in my 3,000 point Dark Elf army. They will probably get put in one of the Chaos armies or a larger points Dark Elf army.  Fun to paint though, and quick. I will be varnishing and basing them tomorrow.

Also, in between waiting for the paint to dry on the Jabberwocks, I finished off the Grenadier Rock Lizard Monster that I intend using as a wingless Dragon for the Dwarf army. 

I'm quite pleased by the way all three turned out.

 Two of the C29 Jabberwocks !
 Side views
 Close up of the face
 The body. In the poem the Jabberwock wears a vest, but the model does'nt (probably best, it would look right for Warhammer).
 Back view.
 The darker Jabberwock. Easy to paint, just drybrusing green-grey over black, with some details. He looks a lot less freindlier than the other one.

 Side view. No vest either!
 Back view. His tail is slightly longer, the other one might have the end missing.
 The Blue Tongued, Wingless, Rock Dragon

Back scales.


  1. Outstanding sir, out ruddy standing. I love that Jabberwock miniature so much. Looks like the green one has had the fluke trimmed away maybe? I love the slightly more haggard pose of the black one. Thanks very much. Great dragon too of course!

    1. Thank you, I've been meaning to paint them for ages, and the positive response from people to paint them motivated me to do it. Painting Dwarves this evening !

      Yes, it looks like the Green one has had the tip of the tail lost at sometime. I never noticed until painting them. I repositioned the black ones wings and set him slightly side on on the base to give a slightly more sinister and grubby feel. Glad you think it worked.

      The Dragon was fun, I am really glad how it came out. I am sure I read somewhere that some Lizards have blue tongues, so thought it would make a change.

  2. Well played Sir!

    And bloody quick I might add as well, I'm sure I have a jabberwock in the lead pile somwhere but I dont remember mine being on a solid base, rather I think it has a metal "lug" to go in a 40mm monster base...but I could be wrong :p

    Thanks for dropping over to my blog, Im glad you like its megre offering so far. I do plan on posting lots of unpainted minis as thats the state that most of my stuff is in. My initial idea was to just catalogue what I actually own, for insurance purposes really as I have been collecting for many years but other than what I know I have in my head I have no proof of what I own.
    Should the unthinkable happen and there is a house fire 27+ years of collecting will just be a puddle of lead and plastic.

    Of course I have plenty of painted stuff as well so plan to post a mix of both each time I write a post.


    1. Thank you,
      The two Jabberwock have solid bases, helpfully with the word 'Jabberwork' on the bottom ! Not sure if they did a later casting with a lug, I have seen them do that with slotta tabs with Hobgbolins and Lizardmen.
      There is an second Jabberwock, one rearing up, which Citadel produced, which may have a lug.

      I try to have a look at a lot of other peoples blogs to see what people are doing, and have got a couple of ideas from them. Good to see people taking care and time on the old miniatures. I like what you have done with the Nipponese, and good to see a Balgorg, something I never got around to getting.

      I can paint fast given focus. The two Jabberwocks took and hour in total, and the Dragon half an hour over two evenings. All three were really simple paint job.
      That is the plan with the Dark Elves, simple but effective painting and they can all be done in a week or so. Takes longer to base and blog them up sometimes!
      This gives greater time for the more time consuming things such as Slann, Goblins, and goodly Elves.

    2. You guys are highly motivative !

      All this energy has made me go deep in the lead treasure box to get everything naked and up for a new PJ.
      I can also tell you the Jaberwocky has climbed a few steps up in the "to paint" queue...

      Now I just have to do a warband fo each god a confrontation gang, finish my chaos and undead amry, start my "red era" Eldar army, and take the time for other stuff and putting all of it on my blog...


      Oh and Sorry Lee but I guess I'll want to steal your green paintscheme for my Jabby, the "pink flesh" effect on the belly is just too good. ^^

    3. Lol like you can ever "finish" an army :p


    4. Got to keep motivated!
      I am painting the Dwarf army at the moment. I have let the painting slip the past week, and so need to catch up.
      It's great that the Jabberwocks have motivated people to find thiers or dig out old miniatures to paint up for no reason other than they like them.
      See, beware the Jabberwock!

      The Red Era Eldar sound interesting, as do the undead and chaos. I moved away from 40k and Warhammer in the mid 1990's, and only really returned to it about 1999/2000. My Rogue Trader Eldar are all paint stripped in a box somwhere. I collected the army list in the 1988 The Book of the Astronomican for fun.
      I am planning to post the Ork Drop legion at some point.

      The Green Jabberwock was Base coated Citadel Warpstone glow, then highlighted with Straken Green.
      The pink flesh on the belly was Vallejo Light Brown (it's like Dwarf flesh), and then highlighted Vallejio Medium Fleshtone/light brown mix, then just the fleshtone. The flesh tone is similar to the old Elf flesh, but a little deeper without being pinker.
      The mouth pink was Vallejio rose Pink.
      The dark Jabberwock was just Vallejio grey-green drybrushed over black.

      Have fun painting :)