Sunday 23 June 2013

Many many Goblins.

After the interest from people over the recent posts of Goblins and Goblin Wolf Riders, I thought I would photograph all of my painted Goblins to give an idea of what they look like as whole.

This presented a challange as I been photographing miniatures on the two small boards on a shelf. However, by adding a cloth over a big wooden chest in the living room, I managed to get a big enough space for distance shots (Dwarf Gyrocopter recon shots if you like!).

Now it would be crazy for me to photgraph all of the Goblins individually in one go and then post them all at once. I have also forgotten which goblins I have photograhed, and so did'nt want to end up posting the same Goblins all the time.
So the plan is to start again, taking groups of 40 Goblins per blog update, and photographing them in two's and three's . I chose 40 as that is the standard size of my Gobbo Warrior Regiments, or of two Archer regiments. I will still add whatever WIP's I am doing to posts as well.
I still have many more Goblin warriors, archers, wolf riders, warmachines, chariots, and other odds and ends to paint.

Concerning other things, I am plodding along with the Dark Elves, and have included a few finished (but unbased) and WIP photographs. I am kind of bored with them as I have lost the feel for the army as I have been photographing Goblins, and picking up odds and ends of Skaven. Might switch to something else and come back to them, or maybe just focus and keep going.

Anyway, here are the Goblins:

 All the painted Goblins and associated regiments (please excuse the state of the living room bay window!)

In this photo are 415 Goblin Warriors, 104 Archers, 43 Wolf riders, 80 Great Goblins/Gnolls, 20 Trolls, 25 Ogres, 4 Giants, 3 Chariots, 4 Warmachines (and 13 crew), and 6 Wizards. 
All but one of these miniatures are metal (and that one is resin).
In total 661 Goblins.
 Side view.
Most of my Goblins are 1980's Citadel Goblin's, but there are a few others from Grenadier, Alternative Armies, Essex, Harlequin/Black Tree, Marauder and smaller companies, but no Citadel Goblins later than 1990.
 Slightly better, if further away view 
(I stood on a chair to take this photo!)
 Nine regiments of 40 Goblin Warriors
 View of the Goblins on thier left flank.
 Right flank of the warrior block.
 Warriors, Archers and a few Wolf Riders. Each of the archer units are 20 strong, although a couple of regiments need the addition of standard bearer.
 Closer up to the archers.
Two regiments of 30 Great Goblins/Gnolls in front, and one regiment of 20 just behind them.
Giants, trolls, Ogres, Great Goblins, Warmachines, chariots, wolfriders, and wizards.
I will start to photograph the Trolls again too, but not the Ogres as I have already done those completely.
 Goblin wizards, from left to right; Pogo Wildchant from the Goblin Raiding party set, Ratnose Snotgurgle from the Goblin battle Chariots, Great Goblin/Gnoll Shaman, Orc Shaman from BC4 Mighty Ugezods Death Commandos (he's missing the tip of his staff).
 A Ral Partha miniature I use as a nightmare style Goblin wizard, and a witch with haunted club and face mask.
 Essex Miniatures Goblin on wolf, and a tiny Goblin on Dog from Battleforge.
 20 Goblin archers.
I picked two random regiments of Goblin archers to start the re-photgraphing of the Goblins.
For those of you unaware, I paint my Goblins a mix of flesh colours, browns, greys, and other similar shades as I am painting them in the style of Brian Frouds artwork for the Labyrinth and the Goblins that appeared in the film, as well as giving them a slightly more fairytale feel to them from the artwork of Arthur Rackman and Alan Lee.
 The second of this blogs update of 20 goblin archers.
 From the first regiment; the standard bearer (technically the Shaman model, but it serves better as a standard) and musician from the Goblin command packs, and Goblin archer (or Sticka).
 Centre is a Solid based C13 Night goblin, and is flanked by two Iron Claw Goblins.
 3 more Goblin, the ones of the left and right are dismounted Wolf riders that were also sold as archers.
 On left an archer with Hasslefree shield, centre is a bearded goblin, and on the right a random goblin archer.
 Another two later 1980's citadel Goblins, either side of an Iron Claw goblin.
...and the inverse, two Iron Claw Goblins with a central citadel Goblin.
 Iron Claw goblin, and C12 goblin called Zit. Instead of a shield on his back I gave him got a large pavise. He reminds me of Terry Gilliam.
 The command from the other Goblin regiment.
A Ral Partha Orc horn blower. I added him to the goblins for want of anywhere else to put him, and he fits in well. 
The other Goblin is a Black Tree Design/Harlequin Shaman, again better use as a Standard bearer
 Goblin with whiskers, Iron Claw Goblin, and Goblin Archer, Bow 22 from the old 1991 Red Catalogue.
 Three more Iron Claw!
 I love the deatil of Iron Claw Goblins, I might do a seperate update on just them and their details .
 Solid based C13 Night Goblin in jesters hat, a Harlequin goblin, and gobbo stcikka (Bow 10). For many of the Goblins I have not painted the legs bare, but gone for painting in leggings. I think it adds colour and gives a more realistic feel to them.
 Yet again, 3 more Iron Claw! 
 On the left is an Alternative Armies Goblin, and two more Goblin Stickas.
 Two more of Kev Adam's finest late 1980's Goblins (again one with a beard), and a Snagga Goblin from the 1980's Citadel Lord of the Rings Range.
 These 3 goblins are part of the half dozen spare Goblin whose regiment is'nt finished yet. 
 All are later 1980's goblins, the one on the left being a C12 Goblin with a crossbow (which sadly counts as a short bow as goblins are'nt allow to wield them in Warhammer) named Blart.
 and these are the other 3 goblins, another C13 Night Goblin in jester hat, and two more late 1980's goblins.
 After getting a little bored with the Dark Elves, I thought I might try paitning a few Skaven. 
Here is a Poisoned Wind Globadier.
 Skaven Warpfire-thrower team. 
I am slowly starting a Skaven army for 3rd Edtion as it's the only army I never really collected (beyond about a dozen and a half).
 The two scantily clad Harpies from the Dark Elf Army. 
I went for this colour to give them a less human feel than if I went for flesh colour. It also ties in with the Dark Elf flesh tone I am using, which surprisingly is a Vallejo German World War 2 Field Grey base and higlhlighted with white.
 Grenadier Rock Dragon/ Wyvern. 
I have ditched the HippoGriff in the Dark Elf army and subsituted it for a Wyvern as I prefer it and it suits the army better.
 Rear view. I like the way the tail has been sculpted around the rocky outcrop.
 WIP: Solid based first version of Mengil Manhides Dark Elves.
and to end, a group shot of 415 Goblin Warriors.


  1. So when are you off to refight the Goblin Wars?!

    Great to see the horde all in one place!

    1. That would be great, re-fighting the Battle of Mad Dog Pass, or overwhelming a Dwarf Army.
      Due to space constraints, thats the first time I have got the painted army out in one place.
      I'm pleased with how it's looking so far.

    2. Just thought - I guess this means you've definitely earned your moniker now!

  2. You call that many many Goblins?

    I call it Super-extra-incredibly-huge-number-of Goblins!
    Armies never look as good as when you field everything you have in large blocks like you have, it must have been a pain in the ass to put them all on the table but you must have had some satisfaction during the littles time everything was out.

    Good Job Lee

    1. Still got a few hundred left to paint!
      I took over an hour to set them all up, but it was worth it to see the blocks of goblins.

      Shame I don't have a really big table to set them up in a battle line.

      What was the bigger pain was taking them all of the table and putting them neatly back into the storage trays!

  3. Hmmm. I don't think I've totalled 661 painted figures in my entire wargaming career, let alone for just one army...*sigh*

  4. Hah - I just took one last, longing look at the first picture, when the thought crossed my mind...

    Just one panic test...

    1. Mwahaha,

      I was thinking about a similar thing in the form of a Blood Slaughterer finishing his fly move in the middle of the army with all the terror tests and the slaughter after a charge...

      Look there's just enough room for him in the top left corner...

    2. Hmm, yes, they don't respond well to panic tests:(
      Or animosity tests either!

      Best to go for heroes, musicians and an army standard, as well as get into combat quick. Still if two or three regiments run, they might rally, and with goblins there will always be more around.

      I was suprised how many I have painted. I spend a lot of the time painting Goblins and then storing them, so never really got to see them in units or get an idea of the numbers.

      I just love Goblins and the quirkness of the old miniatures :)

  5. YESSSS!!!!! Goblin Lee, thank you!! WOWWW!!! What a beautiful sight seeing so many tastefully painted classic Goblins all in one shot! YEAH! I know that it is a huge effort to take out, set-up and arggh, pack away again, but Good Glory Man, it is worth it! Thank you again - you have made my day! And forget about those panic tests, all forces facing off against this amazing horde would be running away or standing stupefied in admiration and awe! But having said that, I dream of facing this army! Maybe 500 of my Dwarves, or 400 of my Chaos guys can meet you half way some where between us - perhaps Iceland!?! Or New York City? Anyway, one day I hope to share a table with you, Goblin Lee. Thanks for the joy of sharing these photos of your stunning collection!

    1. Glad you liked them, it was good to have got a full shot of all the painted ones together. As I mentioned to Asslessman it's a shame I was'nt able to get them all arrayed in a full battleline, but I might just save that for when I get the rest of the Goblins painted :)

      Yes, took ages to set up and put away, I swear the little critters were making it more difficult jabbing each other with spears as I tried to rank them up ;)

      500 Dwarves sounds a good fight. Goblin vs Dwarves is the classic 1st/2nd/3rd edition battle.
      I still have a few hundred Goblins from the same era to paint, so add to that the Trolls, giants, half orcs, hobgoblins and Ogres, that would do serious damage to Iceland or New York (do you live in North America then?) .

      I keep meaning to write up a Goblin/Troll/ Giant army list (no Orcs, just Goblins) for the fun of it. Keep it just core of goblins, although I do have a lot of Orcs too.

      I like your chaos force on your blog, especally the chaos centaurs. You dont see them too often, I never got around to painting mine, but might add them to the 3,000 point beastman list for one of my 3rd Edition lists I am painting up.

      I also like your Glune's Trek with the giants, nice to see people using the old backgrounds :)

  6. Hi Goblin Lee, thanks! I love that whole Forces of Fantasy book and one day I hope to fight out every list presented in it. As for Glune and his band, hopefully during the summer they will make a reappearance. The summer also will hopefully see some new Centaurs taking the field. But they are currently back seat to a jostle of other lead friends who are clamouring for some colour and attention.

    And yes, I am in North America - the far left coast of Canada, actually. As for taking Iceland or New York, I can just imagine trying to get through Customs with a single overnight pack and four cases packed with lead! They probably wouldn't even allow us on the plane! Oh well, I look forward to seeing more of your terrific treasures, Goblin Lee.

    1. It might actually not be that hard, a friend of mine used to carry his miis in an aircraft ammunition case full of foam and minis... Though the box was a strong steel one with "CAUTION" "DANGER" "AMMUNITION" written everywhere, he managed to travel quite some time between canada and France...
      it only took him more time than the average guy and had to open it everytime... but come one, just for the pleasure of carrying your minis in an indestructible case with "DANGER" written on it. I guess you can make it with more normalluggage, the only problem being the protection.

    2. I look forward to seeing the Centaurs, I am going to assemble and paint mine for a 3rd Edition Beastman/Minotaur Chaos army, and use them as an ally.

      Customs might be a problem, if for no other reason trying to explain what in the cases!

      @Asslessman. France to Canada?
      Perhaps if the boxes read 'Munitions de précaution' they might have got more worried. :)
      Perhaps smaller boxes with foam or polystyrene inside the ammo boxes might work?

      Right, I'm off to photgraph 40 goblins for a quick blog update today. I might have time later on in the week to do a better update showing the yet to be painted goblins.

    3. So that settles it then - we will all meet in France at Asslessman's place! And I now know how I'll be transporting my minis! Oh, and I will also be dressed as Rambo...Customs here I come!

  7. Wow, you really give me hope big projects can be done in one lifetime without sacrificing the beauty of the figures. I have about 200 of goblins like these myself and am wondering now if I could do it too. Will be many many years before I catch up with you, that's for sure!

    So much fantastic variety here and I really like your style. Really like the variety of skintones. I've been in a kind of yellow-green or the highway mode (mostly, I did do a fewer browner variants so far) but now I'm wondering if I could open my pallette up even more.

    Thanks for the tour!

    1. Thank you,
      I based a lot of the skin tones on Brian Frouds artwork from the Labyrinth, I think it gives them a more fairytale and realistic look.

      I really do like your Orcs and Goblins and the skin tones, as well as the details on them . After viewing your blog I am paying more attention to adding more details.

      If you wanted to open up your pallette you could go for greys, olive greens or browns, or a mix of brown and green. I did experiment with inks onto a white undercoat which made a very vibrant tone.
      Vallejio do some interesting colours, brown violet, light brwon, green-grey, and English uniform, as well as citadel colours.

      With big projects like the Goblins, I make a good start with a couple of regiments, and then come back to the project over time, making sure to keep the variety by doing archer, then wolf riders, then more warriors, etc.

      Good luck, look forward to seeing more of your Orcs and Goblins.

  8. This is the best goblin army I have seen :)
    You come to the Oldhammer Day?
    Bye Nico

    1. Thank you.

      Sorry, I can't make Oldhammer day, but will try for next year .