Wednesday 19 June 2013

Goblin Wolf Riders.

Just a quick update today..

 I thought it has been a little while since I have updated with photographs of Goblins (I am Goblinlee afterall!!)  .

 I faced a dilemma in that I could'nt remember which Goblins I had already photographed!  I know I had only done a few Wolf Riders but all of them, so here are 40 painted Goblins. I still have another 20 to paint up.  It was good to get back to sorting through the Goblins again  :)

The Dark Elf painting is going well, but slow as I have'nt spent as much time on them, but I plan to catch up at the end of the week.

Also, a quick thank you to people taking an interest in my blog, as of midday today I have had 6,030 views since I started in April. I am also enjoying looking at the excellent work of other peoples blogs. 
In addition, I have also joined Warseer (as Goblinlee!) and so have taken a totally technologically confused step into the world of forums.
At a later date I will look at how to have galleries for each of the armies and races making it easier for people to view tihngs.

Anyway, here are the Goblins......

 40 Goblin Wolf Riders in four regiments of ten.
The Goblins themselves (with a few exceptions) are a mix of the C21 Goblin Wolf riders, and various C12 Goblin Warriors that also fit on wolves (I think that may have been Citadels plan). All but two are mounted on the C21 Wolves.
 First regiment, being led by a spare Grom miniature.
 Second regiment, led by the Lord of the Rings ME-41 Goblin Warg rider.
 Third regiment, led by a converted 40k Gretchen.
 Fourth regiment, led by a goblin warrior, a similar sculpt to the Grom miniature.
Citadel Wierd Fantasy range: 
 WF-13 Petrified Gnome being taken for a rider. 
He's not part of any of the goblin regiments above, just thought I would add a photo of him !
 Mace and spear wielding goblins.
 Club wielding goblin, and archer. 
When fielding them I usually fully equip them with light armour, shield, spear, and short bows, creating a 14 point goblin!
 On the left is a converted standard bearer, using a broken standard from the Goblin Kings Chariot.
The leader is a Grom miniature from the later 1980's Regiment of Renown set. As he is a bulky Goblin I gave him a slightly larger wolf, and is riding the vicious Giant Wolf from the BC2 Monster starter set.
 The Regiment leader on the left is a 40k Gretchen with a shotgun which I thought looked good, and looks more like a caputured arquebus. Counts as a short bow. 
The goblin on the right is the C21 rider, Agblog Grinspear.
 Another C21 rider on the left, this time Grubtog Clubspike. 
The standard bearer is a converted Chaos Familiar (only converted in that the legs needed bending).
 C12 Goblin archer, and a closer view of the ME-41 Warg Rider.
 C12 Goblin archer named Grak, and the C21 Goblin Tudgot Spearspiker.
 Two more Goblin archers, and strangely the same goblin from earlier that I seem to have photographed twice!
 That's Goblins for you, mischievous little photobombers ;)
 ...and a random Goblin archer.
Tomb Kings:
  I am considering doing a blog update showing my current edition Tomb Kings army. I know it's not 3rd edition, but wondered if  people might like to see them ? 
(Don't worry, I am not running out of old stuff to photograph!)

....and now with added archers. 


  1. Lovely, Goblin Lee! Nice to see more Goblins! And your mixing in of other figures (the Gretchin, Gnome, Grom, etc.) make this wonderful collection of riders even more spectacular!

    1. Thank you, it's nice to be photographing Goblins again.

      I tried to include a mix of miniatures without breaking up the cohesion or feel of the units. It's something I try to achieve with all the Goblin regiments.

      I need to look back over my old posts and see which Goblins I have photographed so I know which ones to do next.

  2. Astonishing as always - very good idea with the chaos familiar - I think I'll do the same when I get to my wolf riders, so cheers for the inspiration!

  3. Good, glad you like them and the idea.

    I also used a Snotling blowing a horn for three of the musicians. The muscian in the second unit is the musician from the solid based version of Grom's Goblin Guard that I bought second hand and someone had taken cut off his base.

  4. Yay - you only have three times as many Wolf riders than I do! ;)

    Lovely stuff and Grom works well on the Giant wolf. I too have the Snotling horn blower lined up as a musician for my 20 strong unit which is patiently awaiting paint...

    I think you should include the terrified gnome in one of your units - I think it'd be a most humorous touch with the poor fella completely bewildered as to how he ended up in such a predicament!

    1. The Snotling works well on the wolves and does'nt look out of place.

      Might take your advice and add the Gnome to one of the regiments. It was done in the Warhammer Armies book, on page 99 (he's on the far right side of the photo) and looks quite good, and I like your idea of a belwildered Gnome!

      Almost feel guilty to tell you this, but I still have 20 unfinished C12 Goblin Wolfriders, as well as about 10 random Wolfriders from other makes, 10 Great Goblins/Gnolls on boars, 10 Maruader ones, and 10 Black Tree Goblins on little dinosaur things.

      I look forward to seeing your Goblins up and painted, always great to see more Goblins on the web, especally old 1980's ones.

    2. Don't feel guilty - its more lead for us to admire!

      Not sure when I'll be able to get round to my Goblins although I am keen to start them and the Hobgoblins and Half Orcs I've got to round off my Goblinoid horde.