Sunday 30 June 2013

The Return of the Soulflayer; a 3,000 point Chaos army list, change of plan, and of course Goblins.

  I have put the Dark Elf army on hold for the time being. I was'nt 100% happy with the list. I have decided to add an Ally Contingent, in the form of Snakemen (pretending to be Fimir), and I would also rather have the army General riding a Dragon Master Dragon than on the Gold one.

I have painted the core options of the army and a few other things: 40 Warriors, 10 Crossbowmen, 10 Witch Elves, a Wizard and his bound Wyvern, and the two scantily clad Harpies. Still need to base them all.

So, with an eye to what to do next, I wrote up Chaos army list.

 I always wanted to do, and long before Games Workshop decided to do it, have a seperate Beastman army and one for Chaos Warriors. With that in mind I decided to theme the army on Bryan Ansells army in Wahammer Armies (page 74-74) and have it led by the Chaos Sorcerer Soulflayer Peelbone as I have the model (incidentally, Soulflayer is his title as he is a Level 20 Wizard).

I also decided not to do a Chaos Army from one of the Powers as I wanted an unaligned army.
The bulk of the army is made up of blocks of Beastmen, with a few Minotaurs, and several bound monsters to give it a Chaos bestial feel. I did'nt have enough points for the Chaos Centaurs though :(

Chaos Army:

Soulflayer Peelbone, Level 20 Chaos Sorcerer, mounted on a Warhorse with barding
=247 points

Doomweaver Mad Jakkel, Level 15 Chaos Sorcerer
=155 points.

Bound Chaos Host:
 Level 10 Dragon Ogre =185 points
Gorgon                         =110 points
Two Harpies                 =30 points
One Chaos Hound        = 23 points

Doombellow the Deathsteer, Level 15 Minotaur Hero, Spell tempered light armour, Hellhoned blade
=243 points

4 Minotaurs, hand weapon, Level 5 hero
=250 points

4 Minotaurs, double handed weapons, level 5 hero
=290 points.

19 Beastmen, Hand Weapon, light armour, shield, Standard Bearer, Level 5 hero
 = 336 points.

19 Beastmen, Hand Weapon, light armour, shield, Standard Bearer, Level 5 hero with Hellhoned blade 
 =366 points

19 Beastmen, Hand Weapon, light armour, shield, halberds, Standard Bearer, Level 5 hero
= 380 points

19 Beastmen, Hand Weapon, light armour, shield, double handed weapons, Standard Bearer, Level 5 hero =380 points

= 2,997 points.

In addition to this, I was sorting out the loft, and found some Regiment of Renown boxes, and my (squashed) townscape scenery.

And there's photographs of more Goblins too....

Soulflayer Peelbone. 
I had long ago painted him up black with an Iron-Crowned Helm to use as the Witch King for my Nick Lund Grenadier Orc Army that I wanted to use as a Lord of the Rings army (this was back in the 1990's). I still have the army, and plan to re-vist it at some point, although I have the old 1980's Citadel Range Witch King I can use now.
 Not a very good army picture, but it gives an idea of it's battlefield footprint.

The original Dragon Ogre miniature on a chariot base.
 Battle line. 
I will do proper photographs as I paint them.
 Re-based, and bascoated Snakmen, with the Dark Elves behind them (personally, not sure I would want any of that army to get behind me!)
 Front of the box of the second Range of Regiments of Renown from the mid 1980s'.
 Rear view box art. I love the box art from the time.

 £4.50 from the long out of business Beatties of London Toy and Model shop. The one in Brighton is a Costa, and Pizza Hut or something  now :(
Whilst looking through stuff in the loft I discovered my Townscape scenery box has been squashed! Might have to disassemble them all, press them flat, and re-glue them onto bases. 
The Building on the left is part of the cut out of the Monestery of Maison Taal, from the 1986 Citadel Journal. Quite apt as I am slowly building my 1980's Skaven army up.

Anyway,  here are some more Goblins! :) 

 40 Goblin Warriors.

 Command group. 
The Stanard Bearer is a lovely sculpt, with the banner top in the form of a Gargoyle, and the banner shaft sculpted in swirly pattern. 
He is a C12 Goblin, helpfully named Standard Bearer! 
The other two are later 1980's Goblins from the Command sets.
 The poor injured Goblin on the left comes from the late 1980's warrior range, where as his happier friend in the centre is Nikord the Crazy, from the Goblin Battle Chariot release flyer. However, on the back of the flyer is the same picture of the Goblin under the name Oggbod Dogbreath!?  [See Below]

The third Goblin is a solid based C13 Night Goblin. They were apparently first released as FTO Gnomes, but became Goblins. He is very similar to the Petrified Gnome on a Wolf Model.

 It occurred to me that I was typing about away about the Goblin Battle Chariot flyer, and I have'nt seen it on the internet, so was'nt sure if people were aware of it. It came free when I bought the Goblin Battle Chariot boxed set.
The rear of the flyer.
I used the flyer to do part of my first mail order about 1988, and is how I got all the Goblin crew, as well as some of the more unusal chariot parts.  I need to re-base and re-paint the chariots, but might add photographs later of the bits if people wanted to see them.
 Three Iron Claw Goblins. 
The shield on spearman is a Hasslefree one, on the right and old Harlequin one.
 Three more Goblins.
The one on the left is another one of the Chariot crew that came in the box, not sure of his name. The other two are warriors.
 More Goblins warriors.
 Two of the Goblin spearmen with the long type of spears.
 Another of the longer spear wielding Goblins, and a solid based C13 Night Goblin with a dinkier spear, poking his tongue out.
On the right is a Goblin Javelinman. 
Looking at the photo now, it seems both goblins are smirking at the one in the middle.   :)
 The Goblin in the centre is actually a 15mm scale Troll from Alternative armies HOTT range from early to mid 1990's. I thought he worked better as a Goblin.
 The other two are goblins, solid based ones from C12 and C13 ranges.
 Two more C13 Night Goblins, looking very unhappy in thier orange hoods. The other one is a lovely detailed Iron Claw Goblin.
 Another couple of solid based C12 Goblin, and a C27 Chaos Goblin Mutant named Beast. 

 On the left, a Fiend Factory Citadel Red Orc/Goblin. The centre is another Goblin with Spear, and on the right is a Hasslefree Goblins named Mikal.
The C12 Goblin 'Legbiter' armed with a slingshot, a warrior in Norman helmet, and a Champion from the command set.
 Runequest Trollkin/Goblin, centre a Harlequin Goblin, and right a Javelinmen in a pointy helmet.

 ...and finally a Goblin Hero with a bored looking (Bloodbowl) Snotling picking his nose.


  1. More Goblin Joy, Goblin Lee! I love that middle Goblin in picture 17! And the Beast - I have been hunting (so far unsuccessfully) for him for quite a long time. Nice. And I am excited to see your Chaos army when it is all painted up. Some real treats in there...

    1. hehe, yes, that goblin in picture 17 is great.
      He's part of the C12 series of goblin just after they switched to slotta bases. Next blog update I can do front, side and back photos of him if you want? I think he might be a Perry twin one, rather than Kev Adams, not sure.

      The Chaos goblins are becoming harder to find now, luckly I completed mine, but you have my sympathy as I am still after one or two Slann and Goblins. I used to have all the Chaos Goblins Mutants in the same unit, but they have got mixed up. Might do a shot of all of them all together next time too.

      Started the Chaos army this evening. I am going to give all the Beastmen the same coloured flesh as a base ( Vallejio English Uniform is the colour, it's a deeper tan-ish brown) , and then add different coloured furs, etc, to give them variation.

      For the fun of it and the theme, I plan to paint up Soulflayer in the same colour as Bryan Ansells version.

  2. These posts keep getting better and better. Lovely to share in your treasures via the blog.

    1. Thank you,
      glad you like the posts.
      I plan to keep posting Goblins, and do WIP posts on the chaos army, as well as posting random odds and ends as I go. :)

  3. Soulflayer Peelbone - now there's quite a score!

    Is he from the Fantasy Adventurers range - can't seem to see him in there though?

    More Goblinny goodness too!

    1. I've always liked the miniature and so thought why not use him as the base theme for an army, as he's too good to sit in a box.

      There's a close up picture of him on the Eldritch Epistles Blog:

      Lovely Beastmen on there too.

      He's is the Undead King from C21 Fantasy Cavalry range, and a one piece casting.

      Would'nt be a post with a Goblin or two ;)

    2. What are Jaek and Elwud doing here? ^^

      Very nice start for your chaos army. I'm watching you closely on this one since I'm a chaotic lad. Soulflayer is a very good idea for a start, I like to build armies around the general to give the overall vibe.
      Maybe you could build yourself some goblin based demons or spawns or mount to have some goblins in your Chaos army? ^^

    3. No, never got Jaek or Elwud, but Kaleb Daark will be in the Chaos Warrior themed army. Always liked Soulflayer.

      Goblin demons sounds an interesting idea, Foundry Miniatures, Freebooter and Fenryll miniatures do some mutant Goblins that could be converted up with wings (maybe from Hasslefree).
      Maybe use them as stand in Harpies as well.

      I did'nt add Goblins to the list as I wanted to keep the list very Beastman and monster based. Might keep that idea in reserve, need to focus on painting this army first ! :)

    4. Anyway,fielding both Kaleb AND the chaos brothers is difficult (if they are not stand-in), hey would fight all the time.

      I was talking about the link wehere both brother are standing amongst unedead like they were old friends.

      The goblin thing was more a joke than a serious thing though you could probably hide a converted Goblin somewhere amongst the thugs or warriors just for fun (doing it in every army would even be greater.

    5. hehe, very true, they would fight all the time, and the brothers did seems happy to be with the undead.

      The link is great, good chance to see a lot of them close up.

      Good idea, hiding Goblins in armies :)