Sunday 9 June 2013

Dwarf army finished !

First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone who has been viewing my blog as I have exceeded 5,000 views since I started in April (5,207 as of lunchtime today). It's nice that people have taken an interest. I still have loads more to photograph and to paint.

Secondly, whilst it was lovely and sunny outside yesterday,  I was sitting indoors finishing painting the Dwarf Army. That is now the third of the 3,000 point armies done, the others being Orcs/Goblins, and the Slann. Next on the agenda are either the Dark Elves or Undead. I am planning to do a mail order to Foundry miniatures at some point for some of the old C26 Men at Arms miniatures to finish off the Bretonnians, but they will not be ready for painting for a while.

I enjoyed getting the Dwarves painted and having another army up and running, although they are'nt as endearing to me as painting Goblins. Very pleased with the look of the Dragon Company and the green and red theme to the army. Some of the flesh tones of a couple of the Dwarves came out a little darker than I have planned, and so will re-highlight those this afternoon.

Here is the army:

 The whole 3,000 point army
 The Dwarf King and Wizard.
 Need to think of names for these two.
 16 Hammerer's, +4 Shock elite.
3 Hammerer's
The one on the left is the 'Stout Dwarven Warrior' from the BC1 Adventurer Starter set.
 3 more Hammerer's. The one of the left is named Brewer, and I have been told that he was meant as an additional extra for the Bugman's Regiment of Renown.
 Another 3 Hammerer's.
 3 Imperial Dwarf Crossbowmen.
 These are the all the one piece casts.
 3 Crossbowmen with the plug in plastic crossbows
 20 Warriors with double handed weapons, light armour, and shield.
 3 Warriors. 
All of the Warriors are a mix of the C06 Warrior, D4 Adventurers, D5 Imperial Dwarf, D6 Villagers, Norse Dwarf ranges, with a the occasional one from the C06, C07, C08 solid based ranges. 
 2 D5 Imperial Dwarves and a D6 villager.
A  Norse Dwarf; Dwarf Adventurer called Dimzad Stoutheart; and a solid based C06 Dwarf Adventurer, also included in the Dungeon Adventurer Starter Pack.
 On the left is Drambuin, from the Dungeon Adventurer's starter set. 

 20 Warriors with hand weapon, light armour and shield.
 The Level 10 Hero, flanked by warriors.
 2 more Imperial Dwarves and an Adventurer 
 I am pleased how the red and green quartering looks on the cloth and shields.
 A mix of Dwarves, the one of the right is called Thombear.
 One the left is a D5 Dwarf called Rom Rom; in the centre is a Marauder Range Dwarf; and on the right is a Dwarf named Zircon.
 2 Regiments of 20 of Prince Uther's Imperial Dwarf Dragon Company, being used as +1 Shock Elite Clansmen.
 Comand Group.
 I did'nt include the Prince Uther model in the army as both units have the same Level 10 hero, so I thuoght to keep it simple with the Champion models leading the Regiments.
 The Dwarf on the left is actually a Dwarf Adventurer, but I understand that he was produced in a similar style to the Dragon Company troopers to be added for variation, which is what I have done.
 The other two are Troopers from the box set.
 2 other Troopers variants.
 The Gob-lobber, standing in for the 3-man Catapult. 
The thing that always made me wonder was that the Dwarves were meant to be more civilised than Goblins. However, here they have decapitated two Goblins and cut the hand off of one of them and nailed it to the front of thier War Machine!  And that is ignoring the fact they load them alive onto a catapult and fire them back at the Goblins.
 Upside down!
Looking at the bowl on the catapult arm, I never noticed until re-painting that it forms a face.
 Three of the Crew.
 Two Cannons and Crew. The crew member on the right has the flesh tone that needs lightrning.
 The bound Dragon 1, all based up, being bound by the Wizard. It gives a better idea on how comparatively big the Dragon is. It is on a 50mm square base.
Two freshly based Jabberwocks, not doubt off to find Michael Palin  ;)
I really enjoyed painting these up and getting them done.


  1. Congrats GL on your 5000 views in such a short time! You deserve it because your collection is so amazing. Keep putting those Jabberwocks in posts too!

    1. Thank you,
      I am suprised on how many views I've had, it's certainly motivating when it comes to me painting and updating the blog!

      I am glad I painted up the Jabberwocks too :)

  2. Argh... so many dwarves... your stock of old lead is amazing!

    1. Thank you.
      I have about the same again, but I am working out how to make a Norse army with a lot of them and with the Norse/Barbarian humans I have .

  3. OK let me sum up

    - not only do you own some very rare mliniatures but you have an outrageous number of each specific mini (who has that many slann palanquins or Jabberwocks?)
    - not only do you own enough to make 3000pts amry lists of nearly everything
    - On top of everything you're able to nail an army in a week when most of us can't do it in a year...

    Seriously man, I want to hate you in the most respectful and friendly way but I can't, so I'll just continue following your excellent blog and applause...

    You raise the level for us poor bloggers

    1. Thank you,
      I'm glad you are not hating me :)


      I do have enough to do at least 3,000 point of every army (except for a core of Bretonnians and Skaven, but I am thinking of making it a mission to complete the Skaven) and I need a few odds and ends for the Norse). I realised today I think I have enough Slaaneshi Demons for a Demon Legion of itself.

      I also have lots of models for all the Ally Contigents (except Fimir and Zoats, only have one of each! ), and random collections of things.
      And of course there's all the Rogue Trader stuff, and the modern stuff, but might have to do the seperate blog for those, especally the Praetorian Imperial Guard.

      I think over the next few weeks I will carry on painting (and maybe buying Skaven), but just post stuff, painted or unpainted, to give an idea, and to compile of a sort of inventry. I do paint fast, but a lot of the recent stuff has been easy to do, re-painting, or just finshing off armies, and I do get distracted easily, hence the blog as a way of focusing.

      By the way, I must really commend you on your Chaos Sorcerer's, you have really done an excellent job on them, especally Hess Poison breath.
      And your updated Kaleb Daark is a fine work in progress.

    2. and such a fine lad on top of everything !

      Let's all cheer each other amongst bloggers! I admit it really helps and I've never been more productive and taking pleasure with my lead as now.

      I was afraid you would stop premeturely because of lack of minis but that doesn't seem to be an issue. ^^

    3. It's good to see what each other of us is up to, and to give encouragement. I must admit that I am appreciating the miniatures more from the feedback I've had, and enjoying doing the blog. I try to comment on other peoples as often as I can.

      I am certainly getting more done, and to a plan. Glad to hear you're being more productive too.

      I still have lots of stuff to photograph, as well as paint! This evening I have been sorting out a Slaaneshi Demon army, which I will take a photo of for the next updat. Also, as of this evening I have, via e-bay, bought 12 old Heroquest Fimir to make an Ally Contingent for my nearly finished Norse army.

      All the best, and have fun painting.

  4. It is funny how that works. I started enjoying my minis and my painting a whole lot more once I started sharing them with a bunch of random strangers.

    You should seriously consider a painting thread on a forum.
    Here you have a small handful of folks following your exploits and posting comments ... on a forum you have hundreds of folks.
    It changed my life starting my thread on Warseer.

    Given your collecting habits seems to me you would fit right in over at the oldhammer forum.

    1. I might have to look into doing that.

      I joined the Oldhammer forum, but I have never got around to posting. I'm not really very familiar with forums, I'll have a look at joining Warseer. :)

    2. I've just joined Warseer as goblinlee ! , so I'll see how I get on.
      Thank you for the idea.
      I think I posted my introduction twice as it did'nt show up on the forum.

  5. Would love to see the army list for the Dwarves, seeing other peoples list gets me thinking about how I would go, looks great though really excellent army would love to come up against them with my undead.

    1. Glad you like them.
      I put together an army list for the Dwarves in May 2013, and can be found here: