Wednesday 5 June 2013

Dark Elves: 3,000 point army list.

Just a quick update for today, I'll probably do a another better update with more pictures of something else on friday, and then one on the Dwarf army for sunday.

As part of my ongoing sorting out of armies, I have paint-stripped, re-organised and undercoated my old 1980's Dark Elf army, and then wrote up a 3,000 point army list for them. I have also written up a provsional 3,000 point Bretonnian list, and been getting stuff together for the Undead army, but more of that at a later date.
Sadly, I have'nt been able to get much of the Dwarf Army painted, although there is not a lot to do, so they will be done soon.

My Dark Elf army has always been overshadowed by other stuff in terms of collecting and gaming (Slann anyone!!). I always liked the background and the feel of the army, but as I spent a lot of time fighting Wood Elves and Dwarves,  felt that as an army, they lacked something.

Firstly, I found the list itself constricting as they seemed to have the highest points value worth of compulsory troops of any of the armies. The 40 Warriors, 10 Witch Elves, and 20 Crossbows, makes 800 points before you start. Only the Orcs and Goblin have a higher number , 80 troops at 450 points.

Secondly, especally fighting Wood Elves, I found that the 24 inches ranged crossbow was no match for a Elf long bow. The bow has a range of 36 inches, a good 12 inches more range the crossbow, meaning that I had to spend 2 to 3 turn moving to get in range, then wait until next turn to fire. With the standard tactic of hanging back on the table edge by armies such as Elves and Dwarves it meant sometimes spending 3 to 4 turns with out returning fire and getting shot at.

So I have designed this army to combat this more. I took a lot more Crossbowmen, and they have shields for advancing. Two units will advance skirmishing to benefit from the -1 to hit, and to maximise thier return fire.
 The Witch Elves are crossbow armed, and there are more Warriors than I used to take to mitigate losses and to split enemy fire. In addition,the General on the Dragon, the bound Hippogriff, and the Harpies, provide a faster flying menace that can allow the foot soldiers to advance and see off any Giant Eagles. I took the heroine on a Temple Dog to provide hard hitting magical based close combat support, and because I love the model, and why not field a Temple Dog if you have one!?

I did'nt go for Cold One riders, or any Cavalry as they are expensive in points, and with a smaller sized the Dark Elf army to pay for them, they would not be sheltered from missile fire.  I might go for Dark Riders with Crosbows at a later date. Also, the Repeater bolt throwers did'nt work with a fast moving advancing army, and with only 2 crew, are suprisingly fragile.
 I might try to find 30 points from somewhere to give the Witch Elves poisoned attacks, as strength 5 crossbow shots are unexpected!

Here is the list and the undercoated army:

Level 20 General mounted on a Dragon 1 , with heavy armour, shield, hellhoned blade =507 points

Level 20 Heroine mounted on Temple Dog, lance, light armour, shield =258 points

Level 20 Wizard  =303 points

40 Crossbowmen with hand weapon,light armour and shields (to be split into 4 units of 10) = 560 points

10 Witch Elves, with hand weapon. light armour, crossbows =130 points

19 Warriors, hand weapon, light armour, shield, standard bearer, musician, and level 10 hero = 322 points

19 Warriors, hand weapon, light armour, shield, standard bearer, musician, and level 10 hero = 322 points

 19 Warriors, hand weapon, light armour, shield, double handed weapon,  standard bearer, musician, and level 10 hero = 366 points

Chaos host:

1 bound Hippogriff  =200 points

2 bound Harpies = 30 points

=2,998 points.

 The army on the board (with the Dwarf and Wood Elf Armies on the 'to do' shelf above ! 
 20 Warriors made up from the solid based RR4 Menghil Manhides Regiments of Renown set.
The paint scheme for the entire army will be largely black, with a few dark pieces of metal, and a limited palatte of a few dark colours for equipment. I might go for some gold details if I keep the Dragon gold.
 20 more Warriors, with a mix of Menghil troops and C09 Dark Elves.
 20 Warriors with double handed weapons and shields. A mix of Citadel and Marauder figures.
  3 units of Crossbowmen from the PBS3 Warhammer Regiments. I forgot to photograph the other unit, but there are a few lurking in the background of the photograph below.
Heroine on Temple Dog  (with lurking crossbowmen).
Army general, a spare Dragon-horse rider with a Marauder shield.
2 Harpies. 
They are two demonettes from Spyglass miniatures, and I think they fit in well. I had no other use for them.  I do have 2 of the Bob Olley Harpies, but no idea where they are.
Wizard and Hippogriff.
Elf General on Dragon. I painted this Dragon up recently with an idea of putting it in the Bretonnian army, but I plan to make a green stuff saddle and use him here. Not sure if I will keep the gold colour, not too keen on it. Might go a dark midnight blue.
The poor, forlorn, and not included Jabberwock. 
I was going to use it instead of the Hippogriff, but I wanted something not subject to supidity that might wonder off. He'll end up in one of the Chaos armies probably.


  1. I love that Jabberwock, he is full of character! Those harpies are a bit raunchy though!

    1. The Jabberwock is great, it was a hard choice to not include him. Might paint him up soon anyway.

      Yes, they are quite ranchy really, but the Bob Olley ones were topless, although a lot less pretty.
      I was going to use a couple of Reaper Gargoyles instead, but the demonettes seemed to fit in better. Perhaps I'll keep them in reserve and only deploy them after the 9pm watershed ;)

    2. They'd certainly have your eye out with those pointy... er... horns! ;)

      I could do with one of them there Temple Dogs for my Hobgoblin horde.

    3. Yes, they are quite pointy.
      No idea what colour to paint them. I think if I paint them flesh coloured people may have to go have a lie down in a darkened room somewhere.

      The Temple Dog is great. They pop up on e-bay, but are very expensive. Luckly I bought mine at the time.

      As an alternative you could try:
      REAPER MINIATURES Celestial Guardian GIANT FOO DOG Dark Heaven Legends 02487 .
      Not sure on the size, but it looks ok, might pick one for my hobgoblins now you mention it !

      Here's an e-bay listing. I can't 100% recommend the miniature or the seller as I have never seen the Foo Dog in real life, nor bought from this seller.

    4. I'm spent up at the mo so I think the Citadel Temple Dog will just have to stay as one of my long term goals - how else am I going to waste time combing through ebay looking for it?!

      The Reaper one isn't bad at all - its just not the Citadel one ;)

    5. True.
      It's sometimes best to hang on for the orginal that you want, rather than get something to 'make do'.
      I'm saving money to do a mail order to Foundry to finish off my Bretonnians.

    6. Just make sure you put NSFW! on shots of those Harpies! Please do bring that Jabberwock to life with a PJ some time, the internet will thank you.

    7. Think you may be right ! .

      I'll see if I can paint the Jabberwock up by sunday. I have done a Google image search and got an idea of the colour scheme. As I have two of them, I could do the second a brighter chaotic colour!

  2. Dude you are a army painting demon!

    Like you I have a load of stuff from "back in the day" but my painting is on par with continental drift for speed, so most of my stuff is still in boxes slaan, fimir, marauder goblins,nippon all pristine and unpainted...sadly.

    I do have a lot of dwarves and skaven painted all lovley metals and the dwarves are a nice mix of the early marauder and lots of classic citadel.

    Still reading your posts and looking at your armys reminds me of whats in the box so it brings that nice warm feeling to me that I got as a kid, drooling over those minis that were in the warhammer armies book and the 3rd ed rulebook.



    1. I'll be quicker at painting now I have got a new brush today!

      Perhaps you could post some of the unpainted stuff? From starting my blog I have realised that some people are happy to get a look at the old miniautres, and then happy to watch as they are painted up.

      I love the Nippon models you have. I only have a few, and am tempted to pick up a few from re-released ones from Wargames Foundry, but they are a low priority.
      Funnly enough, I was considering including a Nippon Mercenary force with the Dark Elves as they are the only ones able to take them.

      Yes, like you, doing this blog brings the whole 2nd/3rd edition experence back from when I was a kid, it's good to get back to the old miniatures and paint them up properly.
      Thank you, glad you like seeing them.