Wednesday 26 June 2013

Quick post of more Goblins.

Quick update today as I am pushed for time. I might do another update later on in the week, maybe of the unpainted Goblins I need to do.

As promised, as part of my grand plan of photographing all of the painted Goblins, here is another batch of 40 painted Goblins, this time warriors.
I have also added  a couple of shots of Chaos odds and ends to be added to my Beastman themed 3rd Edition Army. I need to write up a list for them soon.

Apart from that, I am still painting the Dark Elves, and I am picking up things from e-bay bit by bit my 3rd Ed Skaven army, the only army I never really collected at the time.

 Happy smiling Goblins, inviting you to dinner :)
 40 Warriors. 
One of those blocks from the last blog update!
 Solid based C13 Night Goblin Standard bearer, unit leader Rikrite Tallgit from the Goblin Battle Chariots extras flyer, and Bag Blower, C12 Goblin with Bagpipes.
 Another happy Goblin, this a Citadel spearman from the later 1980's. Centre is a Harlequin/Black Tree one, and third, another Goblin with spear.
I am sure when I was looking through my old White Dwarf's a little while ago that there are several adverts for Goblins from 1985/6/7 with many of thier names on which  are'nt uploaded to sites such as the Stuff of Legends, etc. I'll have a look for them later.
 Three Goblin spearmen, the centre one is C12 Knee Spiker.
 I think the one on the right might have been part of the Goblins with javelins range.
 Three Iron Claw Goblins.
 Goblin wearing shades, C27 Chaos Goblin 'Three-eyes' ,  and Iron Claw Goblin with battle axe.
 Manic looking Goblin with club, Goblin with spear (I think he looks like Marty Feldman!), and another spear armed Goblin from the Goblin Javelinmen range.
 Goblin with two handed weapon (and stripey leggings), and two solid based C13 Night Goblins. The one on the right is one of the few Goblins I painted greenish...... is this hooded toothy Goblin.
 His two compainions are another solid based Goblin and an Iron Claw one.
 Two handed weaponed C12 Goblin called Horub, and two more spearmen, both with sheilds added from Hasslefree miniatures.
 Two mace armed Goblins, and one with an axe.
 Three Goblins with clubs. 
The one of the left is a Redbox Games 'Boneback', the centre Goblin is Harlequin/Black Tree, and the final one is a C12 Goblin named appropriately 'Clubber' (although he might also be a fan of nightlife!) .

 Left is Hasslefree Goblin named Bela, and two more Iron Claw Goblins.
 The Goblin warror on the left has an old Citadel metal shield. The spearmen centre is a variant of the happy Goblin in the fourth photo and the 'Marty Feldman Goblin'. 
The third Goblin is a Runequest Trollkin with spear, also released as a C13 Night Goblin. He's missing the top of his spear, but I have several others with the spear intact.
 Marauder Goblin in a Jesters hat with stone club. 
I have seperated most of my Marauder Goblin into thier own regiments. I feel they are a largley different style to the Citadel Goblins and similar to Citadel-style Goblins. To add them to the main Goblin regiments would dilute the feel of the old style Citadel Goblins in my view.
This Goblin is one of the waifs and strays that fits fine with the main bulk of Goblins.
 Chaos Centaurs, and Ally Contingent for the Chaos Beastmen army. 
I seem to be missing a torso for one, but that should turn up as I am reboxing and sorting stuff out. If not, I have some old Chaos Warrior torsos I can add.

12 of the old C27 Chaos Snakemen.
 Unsure what to do with these but I wanted to include them in the Chaos Army. I was thinking of putting them on cavalry bases (I reasted a couple on them for the photo) and using them as more Centuars. 
I read on someones blog they put them on 40mm bases and used them as Ogres, a great idea, but I like to avoid using mercenaires. As they have shields they can't be 'stand in' Minotaurs.


  1. Take good care of these snakemen , I actually took a lot of pleasure painting mine (perhaps they are those you saw based on 40mm bases). I was tempted to base them as cavalry to play them as centaurs too but that didn't fit in my idea of cold blood Vs Drunken thieves. Only one has a truly "moving forward" pose. It's why I chose to play them as ogres; why not play them with your slann army as lizardmen?

    Many possibilities anyway

    1. It might have been yours I saw. I love the miniatures.

      I have enough Lizards in the Slann army, and your point on them not looking like they moving forward is a good one. Might go for an Ogre or Fimir stand in's. They look better on 40mm bases.

      Might just base them on 40mm and paint them, and see where they end up. :)

  2. A treat as always, Goblin Lee! I agree completely about the seperating the Marauder Goblins from the Citadel ones - they are still great but they do affect the overall "ooomph" and impact of an all classic Citadel force. And yeah, those Snakemen just scream "CHAOS" to me too.

    1. Thank you,
      I have done the same thing with most of the Nick Lund Cave Goblins, Kobolds, Great Goblins and all of the Red Goblins too as I have with the Marauder Goblins.
      I think it gives I think it stops the main army looking a incoherent mix up of all different Goblins, and means I can have Regiments of Goblins that seem to have been called to fight from other areas far and wide.

      Yes, the Snakemen do belong in a Chaos army. Might add them to the Dark Elves as a stand in Fimir Ally Contingent.

    2. Vile and sneaky? huuuum, yeap that's sounds great to field them along dark elves and to count them as rape lizards...

    3. Yes, that was a bit of the background for Fimir that people seemed to gloss over!

      I think they will fit in with the feel fo the Dark Elf army. Wanted to re-write the army list anyway.

  3. Lovely looking selection of gobbo's you have there, your take on the classic "metal based" ones has realy turnd my thoughts on them, your PJ's have made me look on them in a new light.

    As for the marauder goblins I must admit that I like them a lot and have quite a few in my possion including about 24+ wolf riders and what must be 40 - 50 infantry of various sorts, (sadly most of which are boxed up in the lead mountain.

    looking forward to your next post.


    1. Thank you,
      glad you are getting as much enjoyment from them as I do and it is getting you thinking about your own Goblins.
      I plan to keep photographing 40 different painted Goblins for each blog update, as well as anything else I am working on.

      Now I have a bulk of them done, I focus on other projects. I like to pop back to them every now and again and paint some more, or just re-vist them, as I am doing with the photographing.
      I regard them less as an army to paint but more of a hobby within a hobby. I am always buying odds and ends of stray Goblins, and they are the only old style army (and the Slann to a lesser extent) which I don't mind adding newer miniatures and non-citadel to, as long as they fit in with the older models.

      24+ Marauder wolf riders is pretty good, they are'nt too easy to come by. You beat me there, I only have 10 Marauder wolf riders, but we are about equal on infantry.

      I like them too, they have thier own quirkyness which personally I think they lose if mixed too much with the other Goblins.
      It also gives good rationale for the animosity tests too if the other Goblins seem different. :)