Tuesday 11 June 2013

Hobgoblins, Slaanesh Demons, Rogue Trader Emperor's Children, and things in the future (literally in the case of 40K!).

A bit of a change from the 3rd Edition Warhammer with some Rogue Trader stuff.

As I have suggested recently, I have lots and lots of painting to do on a variety of things and still loads of stuff unpainted. The idea of this blog is to get focus for projects and showcase them as I go. However, as I have been chatting to people viewing the blog (5,412 so far, thank you :) ) they have shown an interest to see some of the unpainted or imcomplete sets of miniatures, or already painted stuff.

So whilst I continue to post the current projects as they are painted, here is the first batch of general pictures of 'stuff to do'.
 I will be doing better photographs of stuff at a later date, these are just an overview. Thought I would update today as I probably will not get a chance to tomorrow.
If people want to see anything closer up or something else, please let me know.

Sorry if it's a bit of a tease, but here's a few pictures of some of the stuff to come:

 The 3rd Eition Warhammer Armies Hobgoblin Mercenary Contingent containing:
 1 Commander, 1 Shaman, 1 Contingent Standard, 30 Hobyars, 80 Mourngul Renegades, and 4 handlers with 6 hounds (only need a few more). 
This Contingent does'nt include the Hobgoblin Despoilers Regiment of Renown, and is made up from the Citadel C36 Hobgoblins, and Chronicle Minatures N12 Hobgoblins (and 2 Ral Partha Warhound creatures).
 Repaint us, they shout!
 30  Slaaneshi Demonettes ready for painting.
 A converted Deamon Prince, I made from a Bloodthirster and a spare Dragon Head from a Dwarf Slayer set; and of course a Keeper of Secrets. 
 24 Mounts of Slaanesh. I am not sure what to do with these. I have enough 40k Chaos riders, but intend putting some of those on jetbikes. Also, I never saw the point of cavalry in Rogue Trader (the current edition is different, Imperial Guard Rough Riders are useful). I might send 12 to the future, and keep the other 12 with chaos knights on them.
 Bloodbowl mutant star player now to be used as a chaos Spawn. On the right my only Slaaneshi Fiend :(
 Two independent deamons: 
C34 'Deamon' on the left, and 'Pit Fiend' on the right.
 Lieutenant Commander of the Emperor's Children, flanked by two Chaos Dreadnoughts.
 Some of the Tratior Legion Detachment. 
The three columns right to left are made up of Tactical Squads. The rest are awaiting allocation (although there is a Devastator Squard there too!) . I need to paint up more of the heavy weapons.
 Side view. 
Death to the False Emperor :)

 Devastator Squad 
(as per Slaves to Darkness, that's why there's six of them).
 Legionaries, one with flamer, two with bolters.
 Sergeant with powefist, and two legionaries with bolter. The one in the middle is a Nurgle Marine, but I like him painted like this.
 Two more bolter armed legionaries, and sergeant with claw (counts as a powerfist).
 Three legionaries with bolters.
I am not sure whether I am happy with the shade of purple, might give the whole army a darker purple wash.

 More to do. 
I was considering spliting the collection into two and doing a World Eater Detachment. I am in two minds, as I do like the idea of several hundred Emperor's Children fighting  Horus Heresy battles.  
Funny, as I stared with the Chaos Marines in 1988, I feel a little one of those 'Veterans of the Long War' they mention in the current Choas Codex LOL. 
 Three original Land Raiders. Need finishing as only have the basecoat done. 
 Ten Rhinos.
 Squadron of three of the older style 1980's Predators.
 Chaos Marine bits box. 
In there somewhere are 40 Chaos Terminators, dozen or so old jetpacks, and some jetbikes.
 Needs sorting out!
 As do the Squats, but I'll leave them for a later date.
 But the rogue Trader Space Orks will probably be photgraphed for the end of the week....
 .....coming soon, fresh from the Rynn's World Tour:
Luggub's Drop Legion 
(as featured in the 1988 'The Book of the Astronomican').

 But the Praetorians will have to wait, probably for their own Blog. 

Right, I'm off to paint Dark Elves :)


  1. OK ok ok,

    So just after showing us an outrageous number of slann palanquins you tel us you have 24 fiend rideres AND jetbikes? Were you some kind of retailer in the 80's? ^^

    on a more serious side, do you only play with 3rd ed? Why not consider keeping more like 10 riders for fantasy (or 15) to have even ranks?

    1. hehe, no, I was'nt a retailer.

      Good idea on the unit size of the Mounts of Slaanesh, however I tend to organise the 1980's miniatures to the old editions lists, and use my more modern armies for contemporary gaming.
      For the Slaanesh, being a bit of a traditionalist, I would like to keep them in multiples of 6, so a regiment of 12 ( 4x3 ranked) would be the way to go, which works out at the old 3rd edition 2 units of 6 combined.

      Not that I get around to gaming much as the moment, I hav'nt played 40K in about 6 months, and Warhammer for ages.
      For the current Warhammer I have fully painted up Tomb Kings Army (probably 6,000 points, not sure ) and an incomplete Ogre army (I was converting them up to be Ogres of Ind with turbans and Indian style moustaches ! ).

      BTW, I only have 6 Jetbikes, got them for an Emperor's Children squad ages ago.

    2. oh, if it's for fluff reasons, you have my blessing (not that you've asked for it but still).
      Shame on me for not thinking about it before.

      I think the purple you have here is absolutely right and a darker shade could make the miis less redable and in need of more highlights to give contrast (hence more time).

  2. That pile of renegades is like a fantasy I have some night...dddrrrrooollll. If you are shifting spares then drop me a note!

    Amazing collection and your painting speed defies logic!

    1. Glad you like them . Years of devotion to the dark gods of Chaos brings it's rewards :)

      I need to sit down and sort out the Chaos Marines into some sort of order. Do you think it would be a good idea to have one big army, or two detachments one of Slaanesh and the other of Khorne?

      I would get more done painting if I had made a start on the Dark Elves this evening instead of sorting out a Norse Army list ! LOL.
      Still got and hour or two tonight to make a start :)

  3. "24 Mounts of Slaanesh. I am not sure what to do with these"

    It turns out that I run a home for Steeds of Slaanesh. Mainly for abused animals, but if owners are unable (or unwilling) to care for their animals, I want to help. The Steeds have as much right to a loving home as any other animal. Let me know if you're running out of space and you're finding them hard to look after.

    You don't have to endure this alone :)

    Nice collection - lovely colour scheme on your renegades, I think. I'd leave the purple just as it is.

    1. Thank you for your very kind offer, but I must shoulder my responsiblites and take care of them.
      They are'nt just for Christmas you know! :)

      Glad you liked the colour, I was'nt sure as in Rogue Trader they just mentioned the armour as 'purple', or brightly coloured. Later, in the 1990's/2000's with the ongoing background and the 'The Horus Heresy:Collected Visons' they had a brighter purple such as the one I had painted.

      Now they have gone all dark purple on the scheme, which I have kept for the current edition Emperor's Children models.
      Might keep them as they are then, and highlight up the tanks to the same colour. A similar approach to my current and 3rd edtion Warhammer stuff, keeping them separate in style and coherency.
      I will paint the steeds up in different pastel colours for each unit.

  4. Very very impressive - I don't think I ever seen that many renegades together before. Big fan of your blog and your collection. Currently browsing trough all your post...great stuff!!! Thanks for sharing /Hans

    1. That's ok, thank you for looking :)

      Still lots more Renegades to paint, but I am concentrating on getting 3rd Edition Warhammer Fantasy Armies painted first.