Monday, 1 July 2013

Chaos Monday!

Chaos Monday!

After undercoating the Chaos army last night, and changing my mind on the skin tone for the Beastmen to grey-green, I had a free day to paint today and so this is how I got on...

 Eight Beastmen, three Minotaurs, a Gorgon, and a Wyvern.

They all still need to be varnished, and of course based, and I will check them over for any painting errors.

 I was going to go for darker skin tone and red fur, but the grey skin tone and sea green looked more chaotic.
 Side view. He's a tall Minotuar, and suits being a Level 15 hero.
 One of the naked minotaurs. Very easy to paint, just base coat and highlight, and then watered done dark brown and black for the fur, with a little highlight. Then the eyes, teeth and horns.
 I plan to keep the paint scheme simple for the minotaur, apart from the fact it's quick, I think if I do too much colour it will look too 'busy' .
 The re-painted Ral Partha Gorgon. 
Lovely miniature. I want to avoid going got the archetypal grey or flesh colour tones. It's a mix of red, rose pink, and white. 
Might call her Rose  :)
 Back view, with the rattle tail.
 The Wyvern.
This is a very old Ral Partha Wyvern.
You might be wondring why I painted up a Wyvern when there is'nt one in the list? I will probably use it for the Dark Elves or the Chaos Warrior army, and I just wanted to paint it up and try out a painting idea....
...what I did was I base coated the Wyvern Turquoise. I then highlighted with a mix of turquoise and lime green, and then the same mix but with a Vallejio metal medium added. Then I lightly dry brushed the metal meduim over the top. 
On the belly I used a metal medium/white mix. 
The idea was to get a slighly magical looking silver iridescent look to it.
 Beastmen, one Iron Claw, the other from C27 range.
I decided against going for a tan/brown look as it looked drab on the test model. So, in line with the theme of Soulflayer's Army, I went for the greyish look, using Vallijo Grey-green. 
I like the look, and it brightens up the feel of the army, and acts as a good base for adding other colours on details.
 Two Slaves to Darkness era Beastmen, the one on the left being Slaaneshi.
On the left, 'Slime', from the Night Horrors range, and another C27 Beastman with a pig face.
Finally two more Slaves to Darkness era Beastmen, the one of the left Iron Claw again. 

I am halfway through re-painting the Dragon Ogre, and have made a start of the Soulflayer himself, but I need to paint many more beastmen as well!


  1. Oh yeah! Love that Pigman! And a Gorgon in a Chaos band just rocks!

    1. The Pigman was fun to paint. :)

      And Gorgons are great for Chaos Armies. I have the old Night Horror one with a sword, but the Ral Partha one suits this army better.

  2. The gorgon looks ace!
    The wyvern is looking really good too, it has a sort of aquatic creature look which suits very fine...

    Doom Bellow has the red hand of Khorne ! Blood for the blood god !!!

    1. Thank you.

      You're right, the Wyvern is aquatic looking, he will go well with the Dark Elf raiders.

      hehe, yes, Doombellow is painted slightly Slaaneshi, but I painted his gauntlet red without thinking of Khornes Bloody hand !

      He's probably hedging his bets :)

  3. A day well spent - looking very good. The grey-green works a treat!

    1. Thank you, I pleased with the day :)

      I think the grey-green gives them that Runequest Broo/pre-Slaves to Darkness 1980's feel, pallid looking like on the First Citadel Compendium cover.

      Done three more beastmen and the Dragon Ogre this evening :)