Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A 10,000 point Slann army (probably).

After reaching 10,000 views on my blog yesterday, it was suggested by Thantsants that I post a picture of a 10,000 point army.

 So I thought I would go for the Slann as I have'nt seen them all on one board as an army, and as it turned out, I still have'nt.   I did'nt have enough room for the Pygmies, Lizardmen, Troglodytes, Bound monsters, and Dragons, but have managed to photograph all the Slann and the Human Slaves in one place.

 I do also have about 40 or so Slann for a Spawn Band unit and some of the Cold Ones riders, but they are not in the picture as they need to be assembled and allocated to regiments first. I did add the Cold Ones themselves to the photo to give the impression of them being there.

Also, I must confess I have'nt had time to make an army list this evening as I barely had enough time to unbox the Slann and photograph them . However, to work out an army list for this army would require doubling the army list max/min from Warhammer Armies as is suggested for larger armies. I will work out an army list for them just for fun. At a guess I reckon I have about 10,000 points there though.

For closer views of the army please look at the previous blog entry:

Apart from the Slann, I have been continuing the painting of the Bretonnians, and have managed 14 Knight and a Wizard, and have made a start painting the peasant Rascals.

For the next update I plan to write up an inventory with photos of all the 3rd Edition Army list entries, Ally Contingents, and Mercenary Contingents that I have .
I'll get back to photographing Goblins next week :)

Anyway, enjoy the Slann... :)

 Army Shot.
In this phototgraph are: 8 Slann Wizards on Palanquins; 3 low level Wizards, Kremlo and Gurggl; 10 Warrior Priests; War Altar with 4 Guards; 50 Eagle Warrior; 50 Jaguar Warriors; 50 Aligator Warriors; 140 Spawn Band (well, 139, as I forgot to add one from the box!); 120 Bull Slann; 40 Venom Tribes; 110 Jungle Braves; 25 Scouts; 60 Human Slaves (including 4 Slann Slave Masters); 14 Cold One Warhounds and 6 handlers);  and 65 Cold One Riders (35 of the Riders I left in the box as they are awaiting assembly and painting).
 Side view.
 View along the battle line.
 Left flank.
 Centre left.
 Centre Right
 Right Flank.

 The Emperor.
 Another Side view.
 Bretonnian Knights.
 The King and five of the Chevaliers D'Honneur. 
I have'nt actually painted the Knights up to fit in an particular regiment, but have been painting them up as individuals.
 The King of Bretonnia.
 10 Chevaliers De Norte Dame De Bataille.
 2 of the Knights close up.
Level 20 Wizard WIP. 
Need to finish off the robes and scarf. 
As in Dave Andrews Bretonnian army, I thought I would paint him up blue, as another Adept of the 'Sacre Bleu' cult ;)  . 


  1. This is unreal in a very good way. A 10.000 points Slann army - I guess hell just frozed over :)
    Thx for sharing and congrats on the 10.000 viewes. /Hans

    1. It's helped that I have been collecting Slann since 1987. It was good to see them on the table.
      I still have all quite a lot of painting to do to get them finished though.

      Thank you for viewing and helping me get to 10,000 views. I suppose I'll have to find more Slann if I reach 20,000 views! ;)

  2. That's... a lot of Slann. Very well done indeed. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That's ok, thank you for looking.

      Might sound crazy, but I bought a Slann off of e-bay the other day as I wanted another variant for one of the Spawn Band units!

  3. Ha - puts my 100 followers/l00 miniatures post to shame!

    What a sight - the mighty Slann Empire in all its pre-invasion glory!

    1. Thank you for the great idea :)

      Once I have finished the 3,000 points armies, I intend to finally finish the Slann Army. I have loved looking at your blog and got several ideas for the Slann from it. I'm pleased that there's still people out there that like the old style Slann and the early background to Lustria.

      Now, where to invade? I hear there's an Amazon shrine somewhere ;)

  4. wow. just wow.

    I got into warhammer around early 1989 and Slann was one of the armies I considered collecting, but they were about impossible to find in the US so there went that idea. I didn't know this many Slann existed ;)

    1. I still get that wow feeling when I paint them or get them all out onto the table :)

      I've been told that the Slann were not easy to get in the USA. They were increasing difficult to get in the UK as GW did'nt keep them stocked up in shops, and you could'nt mail order them easily as they were not in catalogues.
      E-bay has helped to plug gaps in recent years.

  5. Wow. You probably have a fair proportion of all the slann left. Impressive.

    1. I think it must be the largest number of Slann all in one collection.

      It's a shame more people did'nt collect them at the time, and that GW did'nt support them better. The themes and ideas of the army are still continuing with the current Lizardmen, but I prefer these old style of Slann and their background. :)

    2. Absolutely. If I was ever to do a lizardman army, it'd be with the old slann.

  6. Wow Lee, when you think a single Slann sells for the min of £5 there's an awful lot of money sitting on that table :O A few months ago I had the choice of either starting a Slann or Fimir force and in the end plumped for Fimir as they would be the cheaper option.

    1. Fimir might be the cheaper way to go!
      You only need a few, 6 to start, but you would need at least 80 to 100 Slann for a decent 3,000 point army, as well as a wizard or two. I picked up a dozen plastic Fimir for about £13. For the Dark Elf army I am using the Snakemen as stand-ins for Fimir.

      I've never really thought of the value of them. If you take £5 for each foot soldier and cold one rider, and say £20 for the Palanquins (they seem to be expensive on e-bay now) it works out a pretty penny! Especially when you add the Pygmies, Lizardmen, and Cold One Warhounds.

      I bought most of them (about 75%) at the time for 4 for £2.50 for the Warriors and Slaves, 2 for £2.50 Cold One riders, and about £2.50 for the Palanquins! Most of the rest I bought in odds and ends, but did buy 40 or so for £3 each a few years back from an e-bay seller, and some in a special offer in 1988.

      Glad you like them :)

  7. Insane, I don't know if there's any stronger word than this but its is insane. You deserve your 10000 views and success and I'm glad your the owner of such a jewel for I know only very few crazy oldlead heads like you could do them justice.
    You're a sort of model for us in the way you keep building and painting such armies it leaves us no choice but do the same.
    I don't know if on vacation with illimited credit I could do that... insane

    Cheers Lee

    1. Thank you.
      Once I got the Slann army out on the table the enormity (or maybe insanity!) of the Slann army project started to dawn. Still a lot to paint though, and I want to go back to a few units and do more detailing. It's a hobby within the hobby really.

      It's great to see the positive responses from people about the miniatures, and the interest in the 3,000 points army painting project. It's good as it gives me impetus and focus to get the armies done. Up to 10,328 views already!

      Tempted to paint Slann at the moment, but I will focus on the Bretonnians, then Elves, and so on. Back to Slann once I have each of the armies done. :)

  8. Wow that's an amazing force..

    There was me thinking gleefully that I have a chance to get 30 or 40 slann in a few months from a friend ditching his wargaming stuff and this lot just blows it out the water.

    Is it just fantasy you have or did you get any of the space slann? I have been thinking about them recently and how some of them could represent ancient surviving tech weapons in a regular fantasy slann army.

    1. Thank you :)

      If you can get some Slann then go for it, 30 to 40 will be a good start.You can get 2 or three units from that. You can pick up odds and ends of Slann on e-bay too, not always as pricey as you might think. You can also bulk out the force with old C series Lizardmen and Troglodytes.

      If you want to add more modern miniatures that are sympathic to the style of the 1980's army, then Reaper miniautues do humaniod frogmen and also Lizardmen/Troglodytes.

      Otherworld minautres also do Bullywugs and Lizardmen/Troglodytes, as well as Giant Frogs and Leechs for bound creature hosts. Check out the hosts section for creatures to bind.

      Your only problem will be getting hold of a resonable prices Palaquin for higher level Wizards. You could use an historical one,Outpost miniatures do an Inca litter. Don't forget you can mount Wizards on Cold One.

      If you want to buy cheap Cold Ones, check out e-bay auctions for the 1980's Dark Elves as they are always cheaper than Slann auctions.

      I have seen people use Inca/Aztec/Maya miniatures as a substitute for human lobotmised slaves. Bulking out a Slann unit with a human slave musician and/or standard helps too.

      And don't forget the Pygmy allies, several compaines do Pygmy miniatures. Black Cat bases do Pygmies, as well as Deep Ones that might pass as Slann with some conversion work ( they would be very much in the style in the Magnificent Sven scenerio style of Slann).

      I did collect Space Slann, I put some on the blog a little while ago here (scroll to the end) :

      I was thinking they could be used as scouts or a hero models (with blowpipe rules). The background always stated that the Slann turned thier back on thier old technology (unlike the Amazons), but I always thought it would'nt be beyond the realms of possiblity of some Slann taking up the old technology in limited numbers.

      Best of luck, it is always good to see another old style Slann army. :)

  9. I like the way the list starts ,8 Slann wizards on palanquins!!!!!.Great stuff Lee you make us all feel saner.
    I notice you have the same plant stand as i,or is it for cake? Never been able to work it out plants don't fit and cake gets eaten if on it.My son uses it as a lego tower so it is in use constantly.
    Got to get those citadel/wargames foundry brettonians ,love me some Perrys

    1. Yes, it's a great way to start a list is'nt it, and does suggest a slight tiptoe into insanity. It would only be more insane if one tried to buy them on e-bay now, I feel lucky to have collected them at the time.

      It's a cake stand from the 1930's, but tends to be used more for cake rather than Lego!

      Wargames Foundry are doing several of the old Citadel ranges, so they are worth a look.

  10. Wow, so that's where all the slanns went! You hardly see them about anymore these days, but I guess they're all lurking out at your place!

    Really nice army there, eagerly looking forward to some close ups on the painted units as you progress. Cheers, and nice collection again.

    1. Thank you,
      not many people were buying them at the time and by 1992 they were discounting them to get rid of them, so I ended up giving many more of them a good home :)

      I am painting my way through my other armies at the moment so won't return to complete painting the Slann for a while.