Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bretonnian 3,000 point army list.

I am updating this evening as I am out all day Sunday!

After receiving my Wargames Foundry order, I got distracted from Elves to Bretonnians, and then proceeded to organise, assemble and undercoat them into a 3rd Edition army.

And then started painting them this afternoon.

First of all, here is the army list:

Level 20 Wizard = 240 points

Bound Dragon =300 points

19 Villians, standard bearer, musician, Level 10 with Heavy armour and double handed weapon
 =248 points

19 Villians, standard bearer, musician, Level 10 with Heavy armour and double handed weapon
 =248 points

19 Brigands, standard bearer, musician, Level 10 with Heavy armour and double handed weapon
 =248 points

10 Arblastiers =100 points

3 L'Ordonnace = 180 points

The King, Level 20 Hero, warhorse, barding, heavy armour, hellhoned blade =153 points
and accompaned by,
 9 Chevaliers D'Honneur, horse barding, standard bearer =390 points

9 Chevaliers De Norte Dame de Bataille, horse barding, standard bearer, level 15 hero, with Degeneration strike sword = 491 points

4 Noblesse D'Epee,  Shield, standard bearer, Level 10 Hero with shield =232 points

20 Rascals = 80 points

15 Rapsacllions = 60 points 

15 Rapsacllions = 60 points

= 3,000 points.

The tactical idea is a hammer and anvil idea.
 The Chevaliers D'Honneur and Chevaliers De Norte Dame de Bataille are to advance, with the Dragon flying above, and the Knights shielded by the skirmishing Rapscallions.
The three regiments of halberdiers will advance slowly together, with the Arblasters and Rascals, and under covering fire from the L'Ordanance. The Noblesse D'Epee and wizard will plug gaps where needed .

The paint scheme for the army is to be loosely based on later medieval French.
For the infantry (except Rascals), they will be wearing Red livery with white cross. The knights will be painted with individual colours and shield designs, taken from France and from the Bretonnian paint schemes in White Dwarfs 136-137. I am not going to get too worried about the colours, general medieval knight colours, with Fleur de lis for the king, will do. For the Banners I might use Provences of France.

The models are mostly Citadel, Wargames Foundry re-released Citadel C26 Men at Arms Range, with very few Essex and Alternative Armies (and one Grenadier) models that I had going to waste.

 The army on the painting table.
The King and the Chevaliers D'Honneur
 The King, he is an old Essex miniatures model.
Chevaliers De Norte Dame de Bataille.
The Knight waving the sword has now been converted into a standard bearer. 
Noblesse D'Epee, 5 knights on unbarded horses. 
 An old Citadel C02 Wizard, and the gold painted Minifigs Aureola Rococo Dragon that I think looks better with the Bretonnians than the Dark Elves.
 Arblastiers, random medieval citadel crossbowmen.
15 Rapsacllions
At 4 points each they are cheap and will act as a useful skirmishing screen that shoots back (even if it's with BS 2).
 15 more Rapsacllions. 
 20 Villians.
 20 Villians
 20 Brigands. 
The leader is the Tiriel minautre from Hasslefree Minautres, and I included her as she has that Joan of Arc look to her. The model next to her left is an old Citadel cleric which is use as a musician, singing praises instead of playing an instrument.
I have painted this regiment this afternoon, and it's further down the photographs.
 20 Rascals, made up of old Citadel peasants, thieves, militia, and a couple of Alternative Armies miniatures.
 Painted up 20 Villians.
 I swapped the standard bearer by accident!
 Tiriel and the priest. I painted her ages ago, hence why she's already based.
 3 Halberdiers with the white cross on red field livery.
 Three more Villians. Mix of a C26 Men at Arms, centre a Fighter model, and right a F4 Feudal.
 Three more of the Halberdiers, Feudal, Foundry/C26, and Men at Arms.

Knights on the painting table. 
These are proving very quick and easy to paint so far.


  1. Looking good - the Bretonnian army in the Armies Book is always one I enjoy looking at wistfully!

    I think Foundry will be getting a few orders from me when I finally get round to giving the Bretonninans some attention. Front Rank do some nice stuff too.

    1. Thank you,
      the Bretonnian army from Warhammer Armies is awesome.
      That's one of the reasons I wanted to use the re-released C26 range from Wargames Foundry, to get that old Citadel feel to the army.
      Not so keen on Front Rank (I think thier archers have the arrow on the wrong side of the bow like the Wood Elves!) . Perry miniatures are the great, and tempted to do an English Agincourt/War of the Roses army from them.

  2. To french, Bretonnia is Bretonnie

    1. Thank you,
      I did'nt realise as I do not speak French, although I am considering learning.

  3. You are welcome.
    L'Ordonnance and not Ordonnace
    Chevaliers De Notre Dame
    Noblesse d'Épée