Wednesday 17 July 2013

A quick post of Goblins...

This is just a quick post of a further Goblin regiment.

 I have been rather busy of late, and have also not been painting due to my arm, as it has ached all the way up to the shoulder, so I have been  resting it and it's now starting to feel better. Soon be painting again and getting the Chaos army will be finished.

I have also been sorting out my 1980's Empire and Bretonnians. Although in 3rd edtion you are of course free to make up your own army lists, I was wondering if anybody who does Bretonnian prefers to use the list in Warhammer Armies, or the updated replacement list in White Dwarf #137 ?

Personally I prefer the one in Warhammer Armies. I think it is more characterful and I feel the later list is only applicable if you are going to use an army composed of the later Bretonnian miniatures, whereas the Warhammer Armies one is best if you are going to use the old C series/Men at Arms range. 

I am considering getting a few Foundry War of the Roses range, the old Citadel C26 Men at arms archers/billmen, and turning the Empire Army into a pseudo-English one by some billmen and max-ing out on the longbowmen (the Forstjaeger and Bergjaeger) and adding mercenary Forstjaeger.

Of course, this is getting ahead of myself. I still have the Chaos Army to finish, and the Dark Elves (I really want to paint up the Snakemen)  as well as making a start on the Wood Elves, but I would be interested to hear any feedback on the the Empire and Bretonnian ideas.

And now Goblins......

 40 more Goblin warriors

 Regimental Leader, an old Heartbreaker miniature by Tim Prow I think.
 Two Goblins from the Command range.
 Goblin with a double haded weapon, a C12 Goblin Goblin, and a Goblin Chariot crew member named Hengist Gutblatt.
 Three Iron Claw Goblins, the one on the right has a Harlequin/Blacktree Saracen range shield.
Two Alternative Armies Goblins, and a Solid based C13 Night Goblin.
 Three more solid based C13 Night Goblins, on the right is the Night Goblin Champion.
 Two more Iron Claw Goblins. 
The sword hilt on the swordman on the right is in the form of a lovely detailed Goblin face, although it's not clear from the photo. The teeth on the other Goblins are great.
 Three Harlequin/Black Tree Design Goblins, sculpted by Kev Adams in the 1990's.   They fit in really well with the 1980's Goblins.

  A fouth Harlequin Goblin on the left, and next to him two of the same Kev Adams Goblins from Citadel in the 1980's. I love the expression on the two of them, always reminds me a little of Animal from the Muppets.
 Three Goblin Javelinmen. The two on the right being variants of each other. The third being a variant of the central one in the photograph below.
 Two later 1980's Goblins, and on the right a spearman from the C12 range named 'Spear thruster' .
 Centre is another one of those roaming Chaos Familars that lurk amongst the Goblins. He is named Daemonet.
The other two are Goblin Spearmen from the later 1980's.
 Two solid based Night Goblins from the C13 Range, and what I think is a Heritage Miniatures Goblin.
 Centre is a Harlequin Lesser Goblin, and either side Citadel Goblins. 
The one on the right has had his broken off mace replaced with an axe head from the plastic Skeleton Horde sprue.
 Finally, a Goblin slinger from the Citadel ADD range, and a Goblin with a net and club from the mid 1980's.

 And to end, I managed to get four more Snakemen from e-bay, and not by paying some of the crazy prices that some of the sellers are asking. I managed to get all four (from two different auctions) for about £25, so about £6.50 each I think is fair. 
That means that my Dark Elf Army will have a ('Fimir') Ally Contingent 16 strong, which I think is enough. :)


  1. Loving your post as always.Hope the arm is better soon and the painting machine can roll on.Gives us others with lesser lead piles hope

    1. Thank you, I should be fine soon.

      Very annoying not painting though. :(

      Good luck with your painting.

      Glad you liked the Goblins, I am enjoying photographing them :)