Sunday 14 July 2013

Ouch! Oh, and Wood Elves and Goblins.

Unfortunately, my painting has come to a total halt as I have sprained my arm and wrist moving boxes on thursday which means that frustratingly the Chaos army is in limbo for a few days. I only have 20 Beastmen and the Minotaur to do!

So instead I have been out and about enjoying Sussex in the sunshine, and tinkering with army lists. I have worked out 3,000 point army lists for my Wood Elves, Norse, Bretonnian, Empire (needs re-doing really) and have started on the High Elves.

I have decided that the next army to do will be the Wood Elves, and so here is the draft army list for them:

Wood Elves. 

Army General:  Level 20 Hero, with longbow, magical Cold Steel heavy armour,  Hell-honed blade, and 1 Hail of Doom Arrow,  mounted on Warhorse  = 243 points

Level 20 Wizard mounted on warhorse with barding  = 313 points

Bound Giant Eagle 75 points

Treeman = 280 points
Treeman = 280 points

19 Archers, light armour shield, Standard bearer, musician, and level 10 hero =  367 points

10 Archers =110 points

10 Archers =110 points

19 Lords Bowmen, light armour, shields, standard bearer, musician, level 10 hero with Magical Arcane Bodkin arrows, =394 points

10 Lords bowmen, shields =130 points.

4 Glade Runners, with level 5 hero with 1 Hail of Doom arrow = 140 points

4 Glade Runners, with level 5 hero with 1 Hail of Doom arrow = 140 points

5 Glade Runners = 80 points.

2 Animal Handlers with light aromour and 8 warhounds = 62 points.

Zoat Ally Contingent:   Level 15 Zoat Wizard = 275 points.

=2,999 points.

Like most Wood Elf armies, it is dominated by archers. The tactics are based on the Classic Wood Elf tactics of shooting up the enemy as much as possible and then counter charging.

 The large Regiment of Archers and one of the smaller ones,  and both units of the Lords Bowmen, will deploy as the centre of the army in skirmish formation so they can all shoot their bows. They will be supported on the flanks by the Glade runners who deploy as scouts. The other unit of archers will be placed in cover or on a hill.

If an enemy gets close, I hope to slow their movement down with the Giant Eagle, and then counter them with the Treemen and the Zoat. I can always withdraw the big units of archers back and reform into fighting blocks, and then counter-charge with flank support from the Warhounds.
The General will lend his support where needed.

I was concerned that taking the three lots of Hail of Doom might seem a little over the top and un-gamesmanly, although the magical arrows do fit the theme and soul of the army. I gave the General a magical sword so he can lend a had in melee, and magicial armour, and gave one of the heroes Arcane Bodkin arrows as I had 8 points left!

My arm allowing, I hope to finish off the Chaos army as soon as possible, and make a start on the Wood Elves by the end of the week or next weekend.

 Chaos Army, nearly done but still not quite! :(
 60 painted Beastmen.
 These are a few photos of some of the Beastmen I managed to do Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
The one on the left is a Bob Olley Iron Claw Beastman, the other is a Realm of Chaos Slaaneshi one.
 An old C27 Beastman, named Guzgog. The other one is a Rogue Trader Imperial Guard Beastman.
I think I forgot to mention it before but I have painted the Beastmen shields a verde gris bronze becuase despite them not being aligned to any of the Chaos Powers, I still wanted to give a unified feel to the army. I think it also gives the Beastmen a weatherworn and unkempt feel.
 Another C27 Beastman, Slugman. He was armed with a Katana, but it snapped off, so I drilled and pinned a plastic Skeleton Horde sword blade into the break, and gave him an old Grenadier miniatures shield as his unit has shields too. 
The other Beastman is a Realm of Chaos one.
 Army shot of the Wood Elves.
The Wood Elven Army General. 
I like this miniature and thought he makes a good Army General.
I will do proper photographs of the army as I paint them up. I will be going for (unsuprisingly) greens and browns, but will go for the palette used by GW in the 1980's, such as used with Skarlocs Regiments, rather than an ultra-realistic camo scheme.
A regiment of  40 Goblins.
The Standard Bearer is an Iron Claw Goblin. The unit leader is an old Heartbreaker miniature, I think he was sculpted by Tim Prow. I love the Character and details, uncluding him smoking a cigar.
Goblin horn blower from the Command range, Ral Partha Orc or Goblins from an awfully long time ago (1978/9?), and a much more recent Goblin from 1987 or 1988.
Three of the more unusual memebers of the regiment.
 On the left is the armoured Snotling. Centre is one of the limited edition LE5 Pyschohobbits, which I think looks more like a Brain Froud Goblin. I have the other Hobbit somewhere. The other little critter is another Chaos Familiar, named Imp (or Imp 2 in the later catalogue).
Three Iron Claw Goblins with double handed weapons.
Two Alternative Armies Goblins (the one on the left is really an Orc with his standard swapped for a English Bill), and the Goblin on the right is from Prince August.
A converted Runequest Trollkin/C13 Night Goblin now carrying a spear, and two later 1980's Goblins, the one on the right being a dismounted Wolf Rider.
Three solid based C13 Night Goblins.
There more Solid based C13 Night Goblins, with one poking his tongue out!
Three later 1980's Goblin Warriors.
A trio of Iron Claw Goblins. The speaman is holding an old citadel metal shield.
Two Goblin Javelinmen, and the Lesser Goblin from the BC2 Monster Starter Set.
A duplicate of the C12 Goblin named Splat; one of the spare crew of a Goblin Battle Chariot; and a ADD52 Goblin variant from the Citadel Advanced Dungeons & Dragons range.
Two Goblins from BlackTree/Harlequin.
Finally, a later 1980's Goblin spearman with the longer type of spear, and an Iron Claw Goblin.

The next update I will hopefully have most or at least more of the Chaos stuff painted, and I might photograph the 'to do list' of Goblins, all the unpainted things I have left.


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    1. Thank you,
      I might teach myself to varnish the army with my other hand :)

    2. That's when sprays and airbrushes appear! Though I know you don't seem to favor those...

  2. Take good care of yourself Mate !
    Look at your painted minis, it greatly heps recovery.

    1. Thank you, good idea. :)

      It's annoying, I want to get on with painting but might have to rest it for the rest of the week.