Monday 22 July 2013

Chaos Army Finished. The Soulflayer returns!

I can paint again!

And so I did.
I spent Saturday afternoon, and most of Sunday afernoo/evening painting, varnishing, and basing, hence the late in the day blog update.
Finally finished the The Army of Soulflayer Peelbone. 

I have taken a few pictures of the complete army, but not of each miniature as I have photographed a lot of them on a previous update.  I did'nt get around to photogrphing any Goblins, but don't worry there will be Goblins for the next update.

Next project will probably be making a start on finishing off either the Wood Elves or Dark Elves. 

The Army of Soulflayer Peelbone:

 Army shot.
 Soulflayer Peelbone
 Side view. I tried to get the colours as close as possible to the photo in Warhammer Armies and the view in the cabinet on Eldrich Epistles blog photo.
 Mad Jakkel, Chaos Sorcerer.
 Rear view. 
I like the flowing robes and random 'wizard stuff' on his belt. He is the second in command, a Level 15 Wizard. 
 ...when I was sorting through boxes of odds and ends I found the miniature they used for Doomweaver Goreblast, although not his horse. So I gave him a spare one I had, and I have 3 spare points to buy him the horse in the list, and I'll paint him up as soon as possible.
Poor old Mad Jakkel may end up retired before he starts, or relocated to the my Chaos Warrior Army ( I wonder if it will make him madder?).
 Ral Partha Gorgon
 Rear view, showing the tail rattle.

  Dragon Ogre. 
He's a big miniature. To give you an idea, he is mounted on a modern GW chariot base. 
 Two Reaper Gargoyles being used as stand-in Harpies.
I like them better than the Iron Claw Ones.
 Unknown creature, maybe RAFM, used as a Chaos Hound.
 Doombellow the Deathsteer.
 Unit of 5 Minotaurs, composed of Citadel Minotaurs.
  I have used  the same base colours as the beastmen for all the Minotaurs, Vallejo Grey-green.
 Minotaur Lord, Level 5 Hero unit leader.
 Two Minotaurs, looking angry.
 Two more of the Citadel Minotaurs. 
I prefered the look of the Citadel Minotaurs.
 The other unit of 5 Minotaurs, comprised of Marauder Miniatures.
 Level 5 hero unit leader.
 Two Minotaurs. 
I was never too impressed with the Marauder Minotaurs. When they are usually painted they look too friendly and the sculpts seem too' rounded'.
I tried to paint them as less 'happy' as possible.
 The other two Minotaurs.
 20 Beastmen, with double handed weapons.
With the Beastmen, whilst I kept to a basic palette of Grey-Green flesh and dark brown for the fur, I did try to add colour and individuality to each miniature without ruining the overall uniform feel. 
 Unit leader, using a Reaper Deamon miniature.
 I love the Sword.
 Realm of Chaos Beastman on the left, and Ogbash Facesplitter from the White Dwarf Personalites Box Set.
 Two Realm of Chaos Beastmen. 
The one on the right is a variant on the basic sculpt on the left.
 Two more variants on the miniatures above. 
The flail on the one on the left is tipped with tiny skulls.
 The Mutant Goblin (see, there is one Goblin in the update!) from the BC4 Mighty Ugezod's Death Commandos. 
The other one is a Realm of Chaos Crocodile headed Beastman.
 Two Realm of Chaos Beastmen.
 20 Beastmen with Halberds.
 Two Slaaneshi Beastmen.
 One Realm of Chaos Beastman, and an Iron Claw Beastman.
 Mounted Beastman Hero, and Iron Claw Spearman

 20 Beastmen with hand weapons, light armour, and shields.
 Two Slaaneshi Beastmen, the one on the right is the unit leader.
 Realm of Chaos Beastman, and an old C38 Beastman, named Mantis Man.
 Two more Realm of Chaos Beasmen.
 Realm of Chaos Beatman, and C38 Beastman, strangely with a Jelly Fish motive on his shield. He's a variant on the Fishman Beastmen they made.
  20 more Beastmen with hand weapons, light armour, and shields.
Two C27 Beastemen, a repaired version of Tenacle Arm, acting as unit leader, and Guzgog. The leader looks like a Slann who has turned to Chaos. 
 Two more Realm of Chaos era Beastmen. The one of the rights weapons snapped off, so he's wielding a RTB 101 Space Marine knife.
 Khornate Beastman, and Rhino headed Beastman from the Realm of Chaos era.
 Two Imperial Guard Rogue Trader Beastmen from 1989. The one of the right has had his sword replaced with a shield.
 I took an army shot photograph on the shelf below, and whilst not clear, it gives a better impression of the colourfulness of the army.
 Iron Maiden Beer. 
Really nice, and drunk it whilst updating the blog :)

I would like to do an army based on Iron Maidens Eddie. I have some old Victrix British and some undead bits, but will focus on 3rd Edition Warhammer for now!


  1. Very tasty looking Chaos there Lee, also a fan of the Trooper Ale :)

    1. Thank you,
      I'm glad to have got the army finished.

      I have never had the Iron Maiden Ale before, but it's really good. :)

  2. Good lord! That's a come back.

    The overall look of the army is just brilliant with enough colour link between minis and the right amount of individuality.

    Didn't know about the trooper ale but now I've got to have some...
    I've done (long time ago)a converted squad of noise marines embodying the great names of 80's metal and should have it somewhere. I had found the perfect head for Eddie in his "somewhere in time" version. If I find it I'll let you know, it might come in handy...

    1. Good, glad you think the overall look of the army works well.
      I was concerned that it might look bland, but I think the limited use of colours avoids both blandness and looking too dis-jointed. Nice to know other people think it worked out fine :)

      The last army shot photograph on the shelf below gives a better idea of the colours.

      The Trooper Ale was very nice, very refreshing considering the weather.
      I love the Noise Marine idea. I was thinking that the current GW Warhammer Ghouls heads might work, but it's a project way, way, down the list at the moment.

  3. That is an awesome sight - Very inspirational! Soulflayer Peelbone you don't see too often. Thx/Hans

    1. Thank you.
      I thought as I had the miniature it would be great to give a background and identity to the Chaos Army by using him as the Army General. I like the idea of him returning from the depths of the past to wreak havoc at the head of another horde of Beastmen.

      I'm pleased I found his second in command, Doomweaver Goreblast, so I'll have to get him painted too!

    2. BTW: I was looking for Soulflayer Peelbone and Doomweaver Goreblast on SOL and CCM but couldn't find them. Do you know which series they belong to? Thx/Hans

    3. Soulflayer Peelbone is the Undead King from the C21 Fantasy Cavalry range:

      Doomweaver GoreBlast is from the FAC Series, Mounted Fantasy Miniatures (he's down the bottom, FAC2) :

  4. Glad your arm is better and you can paint again, Goblin Lee! This army looks wonderful! My favourite is the mounted Beastman champion. Wow!

    1. Thanks, my arm is mostly better. I can paint, but have to use my right hand (as I am left handed) to varnish and base so as not to overdo it.

      The mounted Beastman is an old C38 Beastman, but he's not on his original horse. It's a spare one from the C series mounted Half Orc hero. I think it fits well, and looks good to have a mounted miniature in amongst the foot soldiers. Glad you like him and the rest of the army.

  5. Great army! Yes, the pink creature is RAFM by Bob Murch. The one I have has a separate rider that I take for a ghoul.

    1. Excellent, thank you I wondered about the Chaos hound. I green-stuffed over a flat part on its back on which I thought something should be attached. Think I got him in an e-bay batch of something.

      Glad you like the army. :)

    2. Indeed, Rider, and wings too. Sold 2 per blister!

  6. Shazam! A fantastic army! Love Soulflayer Peelbone and the use of the RAFM ghoul as a chaos hound! Magnificent selection of Beastmen! I'm fascinated by Mantis Man! He appears to be a variant of the Fly man I used for my Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer...the head is the same anyway. Great painting too, as always, Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cool, thank you, glad you like the army.

      As I had Soulflayer I thought it would be a good theme for the army. The RAFM Ghoul looked like a thin, otherworldly chaos hound to me and seemed to fit the army.
      I have managed to collect a variety of Beastmen over the years, and I mixed some of the Night Horror range and other odds and ends.
      I like Mantis man too, a quirky Beastman. He is an old C38 Beastman, I found a picture of him from 1984 release sheet :

  7. That's a bloody fine army there Sir!!! Good job!

    1. Thank you.
      I wanted to paint up my Chaos Army and give it a theme and backstory. As I had the model used as 'Soulflayer' in the Warhammer Armies book I thought it would be fun to do. Glad you like it.