Sunday, 7 July 2013

Praetorian Imperial Guard

For a change, I thought I would post photographs of my Praetorian Imperial Guard army as I have been meaning to do for a while.
Don't worry, there will be Goblins and Chaos next post (the Chaos army is about a third done).

With the fuss about the upcoming Apocalypse release, I realised that I have'nt done any 40k gaming for months, nor even looked at anything contemporary, and so thought I would re-vist my main 6th Edition 40K army.
 Although I had a few Praetorians/Mordians in the 1990's , I only started collecting a Praetorian army in about 2008 (or 09, I forget which), as I stopped 40k gaming during 2nd edition and only returned to it about 2000. I always had a soft spot for the Praetorians and the Victorian British Empire, but when getting back into gaming, cost and carrying around a metal army meant I chose Catachans.

 It was gaming against a friends Praetorian army that made me think that it was the time to start the army (that and I had the money,and they were only just being discontinued so they were still about on e-bay for resonable cost!). He has nicely painted his army Khaki in the theme of the 1898 Sudan Campaign which I experimented with, but went for the red coat look (blue for Artillery). I thought it looked smart and did'nt look out of place in different types of gaming boards (I sometimes ended up using Catachans on a snowy winter boards!). I went for blue grey for the tanks and heavy weapons as I think it gives a Victorian feel and works well with the red coats.

The aim was to just have a workable army, plus a few odds and ends, no more than 2,500 points. However, random batches of miniatures off of e-bay and organisation charts meant that I soon ended up with one basic Shield Company of Praetorians, plus extra bits, as well as various Mordians. So in the end, I aimed for two Shield Companies of  Praetorians, and one of Mordians.

After gaming, and with the new rules on snap fire, I have totally re-organised the army, adding more heavy weapons, and disbanding the Mordian Company to form two squads of conscripts (which prove useful) and sprinkeling the remaining Mordian special weapons and sergeants into the main companies. Thus, I ended up with 3 basic shield companies, 90% Praetorian. I still have lots of things to paint, but can easily field a sizable painted army.

So here is the 'A to C' Companies of the 7th Praetorian Regiment, with supporting armoured units and specialist forces: 

 'A' Company. 
One HQ squad, and three Platoons, each of one Command Squad, and two Squads each.
 HQ squad. 
The Commander is the Cadian miniature, but with a moustache. I need to paint up flags at some point.

 Three Command squad officers, converted from Praetorian/Mordian sergeants.
 Heavy bolter.
 Heavy bolter, with the alternative seated gunner with bandaged head.
 Squad in ruins.
 Front view of trooper.
I went for a variation of the original Praetorian uniform paint scheme, I added the white piping on the jacker (a later Victorian dress uniform style).
The guns are painted steel, wood, and brass, to give a slightly Steampunk feel.
 Back view.
 'B' Company.
 'B' company Commander.
 Two Platoon officers, one with a cricket bat (in case he finds himself on a sticky wicket!) .
 Converted veteran trooper, and sergeant.
 Heavy bolter using Mordians. I have painted them up the same as the Praetorians, but painted the caps in the style of Victorian undress caps.
 Rear view.
 'C' Company.
Still a work in progress.
 WIP officer converted from a Mordian, and vox caster with a plastic Cadian head and Catachan radio.
 Missile launcher.
 Shooting over rubble.
 Special weapon melta squads. 
I love melta guns :)
 Close up, best way to use them.
 Three shield companies. 225 troopers. 
I need to sort out a overall Commander HQ squad.
 Two squads of 20 Conscripts, made up of Mordians.
 Close up. 
I painted the Conscripts slightly different to the line troops, giving them white cuffs and epaulettes.
This was the orginal paint scheme for my army, but I switched to yellow epualettes and dark blue cuffs.
 Rear view, and a converted conscript. 
I have several head swapped Mordians. This is because about a year ago I did head swap conversions on a couple of squad to use a veterans, but it did'nt look right, so I re-converted them using Cadian and the metal Imperial Guard head from the GW website.
 Regimental advisors.
The Officer of the Fleet is painted as Royal Navy, the Master of Ordnance in  Royal Artillery blue.  
 Two Techpriests, from the Rogue trader days.
 Four Heavy Weapon Squads of Lascannons. 
The squad at the back needs painting.
 Close up, painted in Royal Artillery blue uniform.
 Rear view.
 Five Squads of Mortars.
I like these nearly as much as melta guns :)
The back two squads are Mordian.
 Close up.
 Moridan mortar.
 Ratlings in Rifleman green. 
They are chipped after an opponent accidently dropped a Rhino on them :(  , and are in need of a tidy up.
The sergeant is the Nork Deddog miniature.
 Back view, with added backpacks and loot.
 Rough Riders. 
Not a great fan of the models, I like to consider them allied tribal cavalry.
 Close up. 
Good for killing Terminators.
I have tried to tie them in with the army, and they have a more Steampunk feel.
I have another unit unpainted. 
 Close up,
but that's enough infantry.....
 One Leman Russ Tank Company, an additional specialist Leman Russ Squadron, and a lone tank ace.
 Leman Russ Comapny. 
Ten Leman Russ, with a Vanquisher as HQ Tank; two Squadrons of Leman Russ with just the las-cannon upgrade; and the third squadron consisting of  a Punisher, Exterminator, and a basic Leman Russ with Las -Cannon and Heavy Bolter side sponsons.
I have used plastic numbers to number each of the Tanks in a squadron formation.
 Side view.
 The old style Executioner, and the new style Leman Russ with Punisher gatling cannon.
 The two types of Vanquisher.
On the left is the Gryphonne IV version, which I use as the Company HQ tank.
On the right is the Stygies version, used  as a tank ace.
 Note the random tank number and diffferent comapny hull stripe.
 A stand alone Specialist Leman Russ Squardon, from left to right, Demolisher, Conqueror, and Executioner (made from an old Leman Russ and the new Executioner bits).
Agaib, they have a different colour hull stripe, and I have numbered them differnet from the other company but still in sequence.
 Shadow Sword
Super Heavy Support Tank

 Front view.
 Rear view, including the Shrine.
Fourteen Leman Russ, and Shadowsword.
Two Squadrons of Basilisks
 Close up, showing the old metal crew and the squadron numbers. The red number on the front is the battery number.
 Hydra and new style Manticore.
 In theory, this can be three Heavy Support choices!
 Four Chimeras, very useful for mounting squads in and grabbing objectives.
 Scout Sentinel Company. 
Ten Sentinels, consisting of an HQ and three squadrons of three.
 Close up. 
With the removed heads from the failed conversion project, I customised the pilots. 
I painted the over-alls Khaki to suggest flame resistant clothing.
 Two Armoured Sentinels. 
These are seperate from the Scout Company, and like the Leman Russ, they are numbered different.
When the plastic Sentinels were first released back in the 1990's, there was an article in White Dwarf on converting them. One of the idea was adding an oildrum from the battlefield accessories set to make them look bulkier, which is what I have done to them all. 
I like to think is contains extra fuel or water (or perhaps tea !).
 All twelve Sentinels.
 And Yarrick.
 The army is largely finished, except for finishing off painting. However, at a later date I might add a Gunship or two, replace the Rough Riders with 'Curious Construct'  made ones, and convert up some Veterans painted up in Rifleman Green.

Anyway, my local club has been using 1,850 lists so here is the army list I last used many months ago:

Company Commander, with Bolt Pistol. 
2 Melta Gunner, Regimental  Standard.  =87 points
Master of Ordnance =30 points


1st Platoon: 
Command squad, bolter, Auto-cannon.
1st Squad: grenade launcher, heavy bolter.
2nd Squad: grenade launcher, heavy bolter =175 points

2nd Platoon: 
Command squad, bolter, 3 flamers
1st Squad: grenade launcher, heavy bolter.
2nd Squad: grenade launcher, heavy bolter =177 points

3rd Platoon: 
Command squad, bolter, 3 flamers
1st Squad: grenade launcher, heavy bolter.
2nd Squad: grenade launcher, heavy bolter =177 points

4th Platoon: 
Command squad, bolter, 2 melta guns
1st Squad: grenade launcher, auto-cannon.
2nd Squad: grenade launcher, auto-cannon  =182 points
 3rd Squad, grenade launcher, heavy bolter, Chimera =120 points
4th Squad, grenade launcher, heavy bolter, Chimera =120 points 
20 Conscripts = 80 points 

Special Weapon Squad, 3 melta guns =65 points. 
Heavy Weapon Squads:
Mortar squad = 65 points
Las-cannon squad =105 points
Las-cannon squad =105 points 
 Las-cannon squad =105 points 
5 Rough Riders = 55 points
Scout Sentinel, Autocannon = 40 points
Scout Sentinel, Autocannon = 40 points
Basilisk =125 points
Basilisk =125 points 
Hydra = 75 points
TOTAL= 1,848 points.


  1. Superb! Your great collection never fails to amaze. I thought I had a lot of IG tanks, but you've beaten me by a couple!

    1. Thank you,
      I've been wanting to photograph them for a while.

      I've been told it's an Imperial Guard thing collecting tanks!

      I used the Tank Company complete a couple of years ago in an Apocalypse game where my other Praetorian playing friend and I destroyed a Chaos Marine horde.

    2. That's great, I'm pleased they have had a run out on the battlefield. :)

      I have used my tank horde twice, both in 30,000 points per side Apocalypse games. My allies and I were victorious both times, with a not insignificant contribution from my armour.

  2. Wow! Goblin Lee. Ahhhh, and wow! Nothing like Perry metal Imperial Guards. I love them. Although, I was always a little cold about the Praetorians but seeing what you have done here has really changed my mind. Do you have any pictures of them in that Apocalypse game you mentioned?

    1. Thank you as well,
      they look great on the board all lined up.

      I need to finish off the army, might take a detour from 3rd Edition Warhammer and do that after I have painted the Chaos army (I painted a Minotaur this evening :) ) . Need to do the flags too.

      I also have a stand alone project that involves doing a Veteran NBC Warfare Praetorian army converted up from Cadians so that they are wearing Carapace armour and with pith helmet and gas mask heads I bought from Black Pyramid miniatures.

      No sorry, I don't have any pictures of the battle, but I'll check with him and ask as I think he did, but it was about three years ago.
      We soundly defeated the Chaos army, and I suffered more casualities from my ally accidently messing up his Scheduled Bombardment map and shelling me instead!

  3. Emperor's Balls man! That is one impressive collection! Bravo in-deed!

    So happy you posted that link so I could check all these out. :)

    1. Thank you, glad you liked them.
      They are a sight to behold in an Armageddon game, and will be even better when I get around to finishing them off. I might get a few of the Curious Constructs cavalry/Rough Riders too.