Wednesday 3 July 2013

Continuing Chaos, Goblins, and Chaos Goblins!

 Continuing Chaos, Goblins, and Chaos Goblins!

The painting of the Beastial army of the Soulflayer is ticking along nicely. I have completed the first regiment of 20 Beastmen, the Dragon Ogre, Harpies, Chaos Hound, and some Minotaurs.

 I have been a little busy on e-bay and replaced the old solid based C21 Minotaurs with later 1980's ones as the C21 series ones looked too small.  I am happy how the army is starting to look, and will varnish and base it all in one go once all the painting is finished.
Of course, these are all WIP photographs so any painting errors will be sorted out before the army is ready to go.

I have photographed more Goblins too, including the full set C27 Chaos Goblin Mutants as some people have expressed an interest in seeing them.

 Army so far.
From the photos online and in Warhammer Armies, I think this is about as close as I can get.
 Side view.
I need to tidy him up, and then he's done :)
 The Chaos Sorcerer, Mad Jakkel.
 Back view. 
I thought I would go for really bright colours for him, and for some of the monsters, to off-set the duller grey-green tones of the Beastmen and Minotaurs.
 Two more minotaurs. 
The one on the right is the Marauder one, which never looked as fearsome as the Citadel ones. However, with this colour scheme he looks a bit more meaner.
Well, ok, they are'nt techneally Harpies, but I will use them as such. They are two Gargoyles from Reaper.
 Rear view of the wings.
 Dragon Ogre, painted to match the beastial skin tone for the army .
 Chaos hound.
I have no idea of the miniature, I think it might be an RAFM. It might have had wings at some point as I had to green stuff over part of the back 
Painted white, with a purple ink wash.
 20 Beastmen.
 Two Runequest Broo with new weapons, and a repaired citadel one with an Essex miniatures halberd/bill.
 Again, left and right, two more old second hand repaired beastmen. One was headless, so I added a Skeleton Horde skull with green stuff eyes, and the other an Essex halberd.
The centre miniature is a Runequest Morokanth Adventurer.
 Of all my 3rd Edtion armies, this Chaos Beastman one has the hightest proportion of non-citadel miniautres and odds and ends in.
These three are Alternative Armies models from 1991. On the left an Orc, and the other two are Dogmen.
 Three night Horrors, Daemon, Werebear, and a Three-Headed mutant. I have added them to the army as I had nowhere else to put them, and did'nt want them to just sit in a box.
 Converted standard bearer, old C38 Mounted Beastman (althuogh he's on a spare Half Orc's horse), and late 1980's Beastman.
 C27 Chaos Goblin Mutants.
Horns, and Long Neck
 Three-Eyes, and Plague.
 Beast, and Twins!
 Mace-tail, and Spiky Shaman.
 Rear view, showing why they got thier names!
 Hopper, and Winged.

 As I was sorting Goblins out for the blog, I found my old Grenadier armoured Balrog/Demon, so thought I would post him too!
 40 Goblin Warrior. 
Next update I will photograph some more archers.

 Standard bearer (complete with bird house!) from the command set. The leader is the Vile Goblin from BC2 Monster starter set. The Musician is a snotling.
 On the left is a Harlequin Goblin with and axe. 
Centre and right are C12 Goblins charmingly named Eye Gouger, and Slice.
 Two Alternative armies Goblins, and another Harlequin Goblin.
 Three Iron Claw Goblins.
 Solid based C13 Night Goblins, Goblin fanatic with Boomerang, and Gigblad Childsplatter with Morningstar from the SS4 Goblin Raiding Pary boxed set.
 Three more Iron Claw Goblins.
 Three C12/late 1980's Goblins, the one on the right being named Splat. 
The centre and right Goblins are both variation sculpts on each other, similar to the Goblin with shades from an earlier blog post. .
 Goblin with Whiskers. Again, he is a variation sculpt, this time  from the crew leader of the Lead Belcher set.
The other two are Snagga Goblins from Citadels 1980's Lord of the Rings Range.
 Two more Goblin warriors, the centre one armed with the sling being named Zurig. The third is another Snagga Goblin.
 Three more Iron Claw Goblins looking like they are about to get up to no good!
 Three Goblins from the Javelinmen range.
 Three Citadel swordsmen.
 The centre one being Iron Claw.
 Two more late 1980's Goblins, and on the right a very modern one, from Crooked Claw miniatures (also sculpted by Kev Adams).
...and finally not a goblin at all, but a Bugbear from Citadel/Ral Partha. 
I just think he's looks better mixed in with the Goblins :)


  1. I've always wondered how a goblin with heavy conjunctivitis would look and now I have an answer.

    Goblin Lee + Chaos army => CHAOS GOBLINS, I TOLD YOU ! \o/

    Soulfalyer looks great, I like the dark nobility in this mini

    1. hehe,
      think you might be right, turning to slowly turning to Chaos!

      I'm suprised at how nice the red looks for Soulflayer, I like the phrase 'Dark Nobility' to describe him. Tried to keep to Bryan Ansells colour scheme as close as possible.

  2. Wonderful, Goblin Lee. Very Moorcock. Or is it Moorcockian? I'm thinking of that great scene in The Swords of Corum when a true Horde of Chaos is first met. Also nice to see the Alternative Armies beastmen. I have those too and they add a nice flavour to any Legion of Chaos. Lastly, I love the Broo and Dogfaced Beastmen with the added Halberds, nice touch.

    1. Never considered him in a Moorcock context, but you're right, he does.

      I've got several Alternative Armies miniatures, especally the Goblins, and liked them but never reallyhad a use for them, so the chaos army seemed the best place for the Dogmen.
      I had spare halberds, and the idea of some of the Chaos army with them seemed to fit, and of course they are useful with the +1 Strength bonus.
      I had to mend several second hand beastmen, as well as some that I had converted for a chaos renegade warband in the 1980's with bolt pistols, and so adding the halberds seemed a good idea. Glad you think it looks ok.
      I love the old Broo miniatures too, might have to see if I can get some more if I expand the army at a later date.

  3. Hi Lee, as always nice post.

    I'm still impressed with the the speed you paint and the sheer variety of your collection. Both of which I am extreamly envious of.

    Hopefully now I am back of my holls I'll be able to throw out a post of my own sometime soon, I have a collection of bugbears to post up as well as a few other odds and ends if I can get my phone to take a half decent piccy.


    1. Hello Orcsbain, and thank you,

      I still have loads more to post, although I have done little painting since mid week .

      I look forward to the Bugbears, and always like odds and ends :) .

      I like your Skaven too, and I am working on a 3rd Ed army of them myself, and like you, I bought the Copplestone Future Warriors when they were first releeased (still have the rules set somewhere!).
      I am planning to do a 40k post next of Praetorian Guard, then back to Chaos and Goblins :)