Sunday 7 April 2013

Chaos Sunday and Grom's Goblin Guard work in progress.

After being inspired by the Realm of Chaos blog, I have today started re-basing my old 3rd ed chaos army ready for repainting and organisation. Not sure whether to go for a Slaves to Darkness Slaanesh army, or generic chaos army Warhammer Armies force with maybe alligence to Malal, (I have Kaleb Daark somewhere!)  .

 Box of beastmen!
 Minotaurs, and a Grenadier Wyvern.
 The good old books themselves!
 Box of bases, bought from The Troll Trader.
 The first version of Grom's Goblin Guard, a current work in progress.
 Basing so far!

The helmeted verson of the chaos marauder (dont' worry, he'll be repainted better at a later date!).


  1. Wow. Just came across your blog (courtesy of your message on Orlygg's Realm of Chaos).

    Just blown away by the photo's you've posted to date. I consider myself capable with words, but I am rendered speechless by the sheer enormity of your goblin forces!

    Good to have you on the internet!

    1. Thank you very much.
      I have always been keen on collecting goblins, and have many more to phootgraph and to paint!
      I will be posting more of the goblins over this week. I have had several requests for more Slann pictures, so they will be up first.

  2. Put the follow gadget on your blog please!

  3. Thank you for your interest. As soon as I figure out how to put the gadget on I will. Technomancy is'nt my strong point I'm afraid :(

  4. Hi Lee!

    Great to see you blogging! I'm loving the pictures of all your old miniatures! Such fond memories for me although it looks like you've been busy repainting a few of them since I last saw them. They look great! Have you still got your orcs too or are you keeping that army under wraps for now?

    Have you seen my wood elf blog? I'm slowly getting round to painting them...

    I would love to catch up properly some time. I'm hoping to be in hove in a couple of weekends time, if your around?

    All the best to you and your family.

    1. Hello Justin,
      just replied to your post on blowpipes and painting!
      I only started the blog on friday, and it seems to be attracting attention.
      Been busy repainting Slann and other odds and ends, but still a way to go. Might have a crack at the Pygmies for the fun of it!

      I still have all those the Orcs, I did a repaint of some of them about 10 years ago, thats why the Wyvern has a different look in painting to the more recent Slann.

      I had a look at your blog, I love the way you have painted your Elves. You have kept a good simliar green thruogh the army, giving a really good theme and coherence through.
      I love The Bowmen of Wood Elf Prince Oreon, and think you've got the right colour for the Zoats (those pesky, pesky Zoats!)

      We can meet up in Hove if you want, you down to see auntie?

      I thought you were on my Facebook, but can't find you! I'll find you and add you :)

      Catch you later,