Monday, 8 April 2013

More painted Slann, and the follow blog option.

Firstly, as requesed I think I have added the 'follow blog' opiton, althuogh given my lack of familarity with the way blogs work I'm not sure. Let me know if it is'nt there and I'll look into it! 

Secondly, as requested I have taken more photographs of the rest of the painted part of my Slann army. It has been really nice to get the postive comments conerning them, and is pushing me to shelve the chaos project for a time and get back to the Slann.
 I have about the same numbers again to paint (all of the basic troop choice for the army, the Spawn Bands), also  40 Cold one riders, human lobotmised slaves, lots of 1980's lizardmen and troglodytes, 50 or so 1980s pygmies, 4 more wizards palanquins, the army general,  and a converted war altar.
Hope you enjoy :)

 30 Eagle warriors in two regiments of 15.
 Close up of back and front.
 Two Giant spiders
 4 giant frogs, from left to right; Citadel, Reaper, Reaper, RAFM.
 Close up of the Reaper miniatures leaping giant frog!
 Giant Scorpion.
 20 Bull Slann, +1 Shock Elite Garrison troops.

 5 Scouts with blowpipes.

 15 Jungle Braves with blowpipes.
 15 more Jungle Braves, this time orange.

Lizardman Hero (it's actually a C24 Troglodyte, but it works better as lizardman hero. )

 The reverse view showing the cast detail of the shield.
 Gurggl Greenwake and Kremlo the Slann
 Reverse view (I forgot to paint the edges of the bases black, something to do tomorrow!)
 Slann Warhound from the Magnificent Sven scenario
 Another low level Slann Mage.
 10 slann with blowpipes from the C32 Solid based Slann range.
 20 Venom Tribe slann with blowpipes, in 2 regiments of 10.
 Battle line.
 Close up. I painted them similar to poison arrow frogs. I have based many of the skin tones on real life tropical frogs. The flock on the slann's body is'nt stuck on there , just loose stuff from the base!


  1. Good GOD! How on earth did you amass so many slann? Epic army, I love it.

  2. Thank you again.
    After buying my first slann miniature (a soild based cold one rider) I sent off for The Magnificent Sven offer in 1987, which gave you 70 odd slann for about £35!
    When Warhammer Armies was released in 1988 they did a special Mail order offer at Christmas for the basic elements of all the armies, so I bought the Slann one (I still have the mail order flyer somewhere!).
    From then on it was just a case of buying blister packs of Slann from my local Games Workshop, until 1992 when they axed the range. I did pick up some more in the end of line sale.
    During the 1990's I stored them (even swapped 50 of them for a load of Nick Lund Chronicle hobgoblins!).
    Since e-bay I have been able to add odds and ends and finish off the Totem Warrior units, and get a more uniform look to many of the units.
    Thankfully, given the e-bay prices now, I have most of what I need. There's one or two of the unreleased ones I keep an eye out for, and I think I might require one or two of the solid based spearmen to bring a unit up to strength, but otherwise it's just a case of re-painting, and now photographing them. If I get time I'll post a couple of pictures of the 'to do' piles.

  3. Amazing stuff. Can I be really sad and ask you to post a pic of that mail order flier you refer to?

  4. Hello Steve Casey,
    thank you for the compliment. I have posted pictures of the flyer as asked. One day I will learn to scan stuff, so will put on proper pictures of flyers etc!

  5. Hey Lee - you forgot to mention that those blowpipes were poisoned and pretty effective I seem to remember (as long as you managed to hit)!

    Your painting style seems to have got lighter and cleaner over the years. I'm so pleased your finally getting your armies on the net. Theres so few Slann out there that I've never been able to consider collecting my own force. :)


  6. Yes, if I could get close enough through the Wood Elven arrow strom they proved a nasty suprise to you :)
    I changed my painting style a few years back, and and worked of making things a lot brighter and colourful.
    Slann are difficult to get hold of. It was much easier for me to collect a Wood Elf army, although paining it has happened yet (apart from the Dragon!)

  7. I think the painting is great, and I bet you are still just as speedy!

    Unfortunately I still can't seem to see a follow blog option? Maybe I'm already following you?

    1. I did try to put the follow blog option on, but can't seem to find it!
      You have it on yours. I went to Layout and add gadget, but no joy :(

      Than kyou, and yes still fast painting. Painting Pygmies at the moment!

  8. Gorgeous - good to see Kremlo and Gurgyll!

    Do I take it from Justin's comments that these Slann legions have seen action against his wonderful Woof Elves - any pictures of the encounter?!

    1. Yes, they fought each other many times. Often the Slann had to brave a hailstorm of arrows only to be counter charged by Zoats or Treemen.
      Mind you my Dark elves, Orcs/Goblins, and Chaos armies faired better, with fond memories of my Gorgon turning treemen to stone!

      No pictures, as Justin said it, was in the days before digital cameras (and the internet!) , and we did'nt consider recording the battles.

      We fought The Magnificent Sven Scenario once, and Gurggll got to overrun the village :)

  9. That particular encounter I'm referring to happened probably 20-25 years ago and my memory is not that good! My undercoated and part-painted elves against his painted Slann masses. We also had similar battles that involved his orcs and goblins... I cant remember for sure but I may have won through overwhelming elven ranged firepower (probably wouldn't have if there had been any serious terrain to intervene my firing arcs!). I seem to remember giving my hero a couple of 'rain of arrows'(?) magical arrows that when fired turned into 3d6 more arrows! Basically were refighting Agincourt!

    Digital cameras weren't around then, and I don't think my mum would have appreciated me wasting her camera film on taking pictures of toy soldiers!

    I guess we thought we were just playing a cool game at the time... Not really thinking about saving it for prosperity or sharing it on the world wide what!?

    Maybe we'll refight them in the future?

    1. If you think about it, it is 20 to 25 years ago !!!. Badly painted Slann versus half painted Elves (some that yellow biege from citadels god awful 'Smelly Primer') .

      Hail of Doom, was the crazy 3D6 arrow.
      I did use the blowpipe version that had posioned attack . That meant the strength of the blowpipe, was randomly determined with a D6, and then plue one to the score. So possible strength 7 attack :)

      Mind you, with a BS 2, and a range for a blowpipe of 12 inches and minus 1 to hit long range (long range = 6 inches), it was a challenge, especally on open battlefields.

      Did'nt help that I was at the time more interested in collecting stuff than thinking tactically.

      I'm sure a refight could be arranged at a latter date.

      We could even have a Wood Elf on Wood Elf battle now :)