Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pygmies : Part 1. a few odds and ends, and e-bay. 

Got the first batch of Pygmies painted and based.
 It consists of one Regiment of 20 Pygmy Warriors, and two units of 6 scouts. Only another 20 warriors, 15 Pygmy Impis, 6 socuts, and 3 Characters to go !
The miniatures shout out the look of cartoony Zulus, but as they are to go alongside Slann I went for a more South American Skin tone, with colourful feathers. I think the photographs make them a little more flat in highlighting terms than they are.
They were fun to paint, and make an unusual , if releatively useless addition in gaming terms, to the Slann army. The scouts can be useful for pot shots at things.

Also posted a few pictures of few other random things too.

 The batch as a whole

 Blowpiping scouts.
 Shrunken head standard Bearer.
 The front of the regiment. The leader has had his orginal spear replaced with as it had been broken long ago. It also helps to tell the Level 10 hero apart from his Braves.
 Goblins. The Iron Claw goblin catapult.
 The Crew. 
It came with 3 crew, and at some point I seem to have ended up with a fourth one!
 The Citadel, CM2 Gargantuan Fire Lord. 
Sculpted in the 1980's by Nick Bibby, who stopped sculpting miniatures, and went on to fine art statue scultping.
 My lucky find from e-bay from last weekend!!
The Ral Partha Three Stooges troll (or Ettin).
 A close up of the goblin catapult, poking his (or mabye her!) tongue out.


  1. Pygmies are getting there! how fast do you go through brushes??? I really like the fire lord (useful for D&D!), and I really like that Iron Claw catapult!

    I can see your trying to add the follow blog gadget - you've added various feeds and the google follower, but the one I use is found:

    Layout > Add a gadget > more gadgets

    The one I use is Followers by Blogger, found at the end of the first page under more gadgets...

    You might also want to reduce the size of the top banner photo. It's massive on my ipad... Just trying to help! :)

    Also if your going to have lots of photos for each of your forces you can add pages (like mine for wood elves, undead, chaos etc), and keep your current page for latest news... Otherwise they will drop off the page and will be hard to find again for us saddos that like looking at old pictures of old minis...!

    Most people go through a process of improving their blog until they are happy with it! Keep with it!!!

    1. I managed to add the 'follow blog gadget' via Followers by Blogger, I think I did it via a veiw blogs thing. But anyway it's there now :)

      I want to reduce the banner and section things off into lists, just need to work out how. Also add a links page.

      I don't get through brushes too quickly, and I keep the old ones for detail work. I get through lots of paint.

      Did you know there a minautres shop in Hove, just North of Hove station. It's called Onslaught games ?

      I've had the Iron claw catapult for years, I love the face on it.

  2. Cool - Im now officially following your blog! (Be afraid! lol)

    I posted a reduced size copy of your header picture on my blog... go to my blog and you can copy it and use it for your header if you think it is alright?

    I didnt know about Onslaughtgames! - do they know you by name yet? ;)

    1. Thank you very much for doing that .

      It has made the blog look a lot better. :)

      Onslaughtgames are good, not sure if they know my name, but they do recognise everytime I am there.

      I'm following your blog too.