Tuesday 23 April 2013

Here be Dragons. 

To mark St. George's Day I thought I would post photographs my Dragons for people to look at. I have never been that intent on collecting Dragons, and so what I have are random ones, with one or two exceptions,  which I picked up over the years.
I know I have a couple more somewhere, but can't find them at the moment.

Like most of my older stuff, I am in the process of paint stripping/re-painting them. Hence why some are unpainted or not up to my contemporary standards.

The Chaos dwarves are coming along fine, but not done any painting today as been too busy, and also out in the South Coast sunshine ! 

Hopefully for next St. Georges day I will have a Bretonnian army painted in English colours, with Knights and Longbowmen made up of the old citadel range that is now avalible from the re-born Wargames Foundry War of the Roses range.  :) . Bretonnians were one of the amries I never got around to doing, but thankfully many of the miniautres are still available.  Shame I could'nt get to Salute this year.

 DS6 Serpentine Dragon.
 DS6 Young Fire Dragon / Enraged Dragon.

#324  Grenadier Pond Dragon, aka Dragonfly.

 DG2 Red Dragon, by Tom Meier. Slightly chipped after the box it was in with some Wood Elves fell over :(
 A Wingless Grenadier Dragon.
 Not sure of the name or code. I bought it to go with a load of Nick Lund sculpted Orcs I have in a box somewhere to make up a hoard of Morgoth army from the Silmarillion, but never got around to painting it all up!
 The bug-eyed, odd looking C29 Cave Dragon. But it's still strangely endearing.
 DS4 Rock Dragon, with the desperate knight.
Grenadier Skeletal Dragon. The goblin gives an idea of it's size.
 C29 Young Scorpion Dragon, C29 Mauling Young Dragon/Smoke Wyrm
 C29 Stealthy Yound Dragon/Swamp Dragon, and C29 Hatchlings.
 C29 Jabberwock.
 A Dragon, but not sure what one. I think it is an old Red Dragon from the early 1980's, maybe a Tom Meier one.
 The Ral Partha Conflict Diorama. It consists of two fair sized Dragons locked in a mid air battle. I bought it ages ago in the 1990's, but have never got around to making it !
 Inside the box, with a handy diagram for assembly.
 The Marauder Miniatures MB17 High Elf Dragonlord on Dragon. In desperate need of a re-paint! I have the Elf rider in the Wood Elf army 'to do' box!
 The Ral Partha Ghost Dragon. 
I painted this up a long time ago to look like a Dragon made of flames, but was never happy with it. It got knocked off a table sometime ago (by my then neighbours cat), and so decided rather than to repair it, to dismantle it and paint strip it, and re-paint it as a Ghost Dragon. I intend to get this Dragon painted up in the next few weeks, so keep and eye out !
 Another picture of the DRAG4 Great Fire Dragon.
The DRAG7 Dragon Masters Dragon. 
DRAG3 Green Dragon.


  1. Impressive collection of Dragons. Remind me never to play D&D with you...

    1. Thanks :)

      I have'nt played D&D for years, but if I do I'll remind you !

      I'll be posting pictures of the Dragons as and when I get around to painting them, but next up for sunday will be the Chaos Dwarves.

  2. Oh, Yes! Love the first two especially!

    1. The Serpentine Dragon is a favourite of mine too. :)

  3. Did you know GW dragged out some of the old Dagon sculpts such as DRAG7?


    1. Yes I noticed that too, great is'nt it ! :)

      Funny you should mention it, I am looking at getting a Drag 7 for the Dark Elves.

      Also, I have been working out a 3rd edtion 3,000 point High Elf army list with a hero on a Dragon, 5 Elven Dragonkin, 2 host bound Dragons, and a wizard on a horse.

      8 Dragons. Too OTT ?

  4. Howdy. Way late on this, but I just recently returned to the miniature painting/gaming hobby after almost a decade, and enjoy your blog. Been going through your old posts, both to while away some time and for some inspiration. The unidentified dragon is Grenadier's 9611 Platinum Dragon II.

    1. Thank you very much, good to know the Dragons true identity.

      Glad you are enjoying the Blog, and hope it has given you inspiration :)