Saturday 6 April 2013

Slann . 

As promised, here are photographs of the some of the painted parts of my 1st to 3rd Ed Slann army.
I started collecting Slann with the 'Magnificent Sven' offer in the 2nd Ed Warhammer rules, and continued collecting and gaming until the demise of 3rd ed (although I have picked up odds and ends since!) .
 I was always drawn to the background, combining Aztec/Inca/Maya bacground with the Von Daniken ideas. I have taken great care to collect the same figure for each of the regiments to give a uniform appearance. For the Spawn Bands I collected a mix of minautres as they are a milita of sorts, however I have'nt as yet photographed those. The standards used I bought from Outpost games Maya range.
Whilst gaming, I earned the nickname 'the Slann Man', and always enjoyed painting and collecting them, although they were not always the best army in gaming terms.
I will paint more as time goes on  as I have at least as many again as well as cold one riders, scouts, pygmies, Eagle Warriors, and all manner of Slann based wierdness .

A Bull Slann regiment.

 Close up.
Jungle Braves, painted as poison frogs. 

 More Bull Slann

 More Jungle Braves.

 Used as Alligator warriors with double handed weapons (2HW, if you prefer!)
 Back and front.
 The proper Alligator warrior miniatures.
 The second, smaller unit of Alligator warrior compirised of 10 Slann.
 For those interested, they produced two types of miniature for the Alligator warrior. The One on the left has a plain back, whereas the one of the right (who makes up the whole of my smaller Alligator regiment) has an intrigal fin on the back. This is not a convertion but a seperate type.
 Fat and orange; a Slann Wizard on a palanquin.
Another slann Wizard.
 A third Slann Wizard, converted by me to wield a sword.
 Slann Emperor, using the old Slann slave palanquin, but a more modern figure from Gazpez Arts.
 Low level Slann Wizard, painted as a priest.
 Slann Cold One warhounds, with handlers (some converted handlers).
 Both types of Cold Ones, with both head types.
 Slann handlers.
 A wide shot of the Slann (with a ceramic cat looking on from the shelf below!)
The Slann from the side.


  1. Wow!!!! Sir, you are my new Hero!! What an amazing start for your blog so far! And this Slann army! I'm speechless... Please more pictures of it...Please have them in a battle report soon if I may be so bold to humbly request it...

    Golin Lee, I don't do the whole Follower thing but I am adding you to my favourites and I will be a regular visitor/fan. Wow, again....Thanks for your blog!!

    1. Thank you very much, that is very kind of you.
      The photos of Slann I have posted are most of the painted ones I have done so far, but I still have a hundred of so others painted. I'll try and photograph them this evening or tomorrow.
      As of late I have been painting goblins, tyding up a chaos army and was finishing off my Imperial Guard Army (Praetorians, the red coats and white belts take ages!), and so put the Slann on the backburner, but the positive response might get me painting them again.
      I will try to make an inventory and post pictures of the Slann yet to be painted .

  2. I can only echo Private W!

    What a spectacle - the Slann Empire is obviously alive and well in your neck of the woods.

    Oh and a battle report would be fantastic!

    1. Thank you too!
      Yes, the Slann Empire is alive and well, and the army is a result of being one of the few people to collect an army at the time, and then add odds and ends over the years. I used to get a lot of hassle at the time for not collecting one of the 'normal' armies, but I always liked the Slann (and I had and still have many of the other races too!)

      I don't really game 3rd edition anymore as I dont think anyone plays it down here :( However, I do occasionally pop over to my local gaming club when I get the time, so I'll ask around and see about gaming for a 3rd ed Slann battle report.

  3. We're not worthy! truly a wonderous site to behold. Thats made my day that has.

    1. Brilliant, thank you, I am glad you like them.
      They are a rare sight now (they were not very common in the 1980's!) . I have always loved collecting them, and the re-painting project I started a while back allows me to paint them better than I did in my teenage years!

      I have posted few more painted Slann this evening, hope they make another day too :)

  4. A little late to see these but really love them, painting slann at the moment, hope i can do as good a job as these, especially love the palanquins