Sunday 21 April 2013

Chaos Dwarves and ordinary Dwarves.

Thought I would go for a bit of a change from painting Slann (not that I have been painting many this week !) and photographing goblins.

The first few photos are of my current work in progress, the Chaos Dwarf Ally Contingent . It consists of 60 Warriors, 9 Crossbows (bought another this evening from e-bay to make 10), 2 bazookas, 2 mortars, 4 swivel guns.  I never got around to buying and of the warmachines, or the Juggernaught at the time.
Hope to have the Chaos Dwarves done by the end of the week.

The other part of the chaos army, will be beastmen and minotaurs, and whatever monsters I get around to doing (got a Jabberwock, might do that) and I will paint them as and when .

The second of the photographs are from my normal Dwarf army. I have only painted about 100 odd of them, but thought I would put a few of something different on the blog for a change.

I have been asked about putting more Rogue Trader stuff on. I planned to do a seperate blog for those, but just did'nt get the time this weekend, but will do soon.

Hope you enjoy :) 

 The Ally Contingent at a glance.
 Close up of warriors. They are painted with Vallejo German Field Grey WWII. The chainmail will be a black with slight metal highlight, and I will sort out the individual details as I go.
 Bazookas, swivel guns, and mortars
 Dwarf Warrior regiment, 20 strong.
 2 handed weapons
 2 handed axes , along with a  pipe smoking leader.
 More 2 handed axes
 axe, swordsman, and halberdier
 Mix of dwarves, from left to right; Norse dwarf, solid based C06 Northern Dwarf, Dwarf from the villagers range, and solid based C06 Dwarf warrior.
 Tea or booze, the eternal question !
 10 Crossbowmen
 Cigar smoking leader flanked by two D2 Imperial Dwarves.
 More crossbowmen, the centre one with plastic crossbow.
 Dwarf cannon.
Looking down the barrel !
Goblin Commando! with grenades and short bow. 
Just had to post a goblin, otherwise it would'nt be a proper post :) .


  1. Hey Goblin Lee,

    Your collection knows no bounds! Brilliant! Saw a couple of dwarves that I have never seen before. Thank you for that! And are you really able to paint a 100 plus miniatures in a week!??! I thought I was a fast painter, but whew! a 100 in a week is amazing! Great news about the Rogue Trader Blog! If it is anything like this one it will be incredible and inspirational!

    1. Thank you,
      glad you liked the dwarves, I thought it would make a change. Which ones have you never seen before, I can do front and back close shots of them for wednesday if you wanted?

      100 odd (think it works out at 86) Chaos Dwarves by the end of the week (ready for sunday update) should be do-able. I find it's the basing that takes the time.

      I'm a quick painter when I have the time and focus, but I tend to get distracted. In the last two to three weeks I have been painting Slann, Lizardmen, Pygmies, Chaos Dwarves, Space Orks, Goblins, Imperial guard, a small Dragon, three pieces of scenery, and the space Pug from Hasslefree, as well as glueing bases and shields onto beastmen.

      Thats probably why the Rogue Trader Blog gets pushed to the back ! :)

      I have painted 20 Chaos dwarves and the 2 bazookas so far, so I'll give a work in progress photo on wednesday.

    2. Hi Goblin Lee,

      The dwarves I was talking about were: the right axe one in pic 6, the dwarf Villager in pic 9, and I had never seen a painted example of the tea/beer server in pic 10.

      And yes, my addition skills got a little wonky. But hey, I was happily overwhelmed by all the beauty you were displaying! Thanks again!

  2. Your collection is a thing of wonder! and your rate of production is just amazing...its a joy to watch!

    1. Cool, thank you.

      33 warriors and 2 bazookas now done (not varnished/based yet), including the marauder
      Chaos Dwarf that you have on your blog.

      Got all sorts of things to paint and photograph.

      BTW, I love your Bretonians, very nicely done :)

  3. I've become a big fan of yours recently. Love every look at your collection!

    1. Thank you for the comment, and thank you for the mention on your blog.

      Glad you like the minatures :)

      I like your Orcs a lot, very well painted.

      Once I have finished the Chaos Dwarves (I MUST focus on one project at a time ! LOL )
      I might re-vist my orcs too after seeing yours :) .

  4. BTW.......

    For some strange reason, I typed that the Dwarf leader of the crossbow unit is smoking a cigar, when in fact he has a pipe !