Monday 8 April 2013

Mail Order flyer and Pygmies.

As asked for by Steve Casey, here are a few (not really good) pictures of the mail order flyer I recieved at Christmas 1988 for special deals for the then new Warhammer Armies book, and for 2nd ed Bloodbowl. The flyer is a bit moth eaten, I had loads of them years ago, but they got damp in an old house I lived in. On the back of the flyer are deals for Rogue Trader armies from the Book of the Astronimican, and for Slaves to Darkness book.
I bought the Slann one from the list .

The last two photographs are of my Warhammer Pygmy ally contingent that I have been sorting out this afternoon (there are 76 of them). 


  1. OK I'll admit it .... have Pygmy envy.
    I have never even seen that many pygmies all in one place.

    ... and you have a Kremlo.

    We are no longer friends.

    1. They are unusual miniatures.

      The main problem with them is that the castings of the spears are very delicate. Spent the afternoon repairing them, and will add them the the ever long 'to do' painting list !

      Glad you liked them, sorry we are'nt friends :( LOL

  2. AHHH!!, Goblin Lee, you show the Flyer but you don't provide the Time Portal!! Oh, those deals! Nice batch of Pygmys. I've always liked them too. I look forward to seeing them painted up one day.

    1. Sorry, no portal, but I am going to have a go at painting the Pygmies soon, so keep an eye out :)

  3. I've deliberately not looked too closely at the prices on the flyer!

    Great bunch of pygmies - looking forward to seeing some paint on them.

  4. Love the pygmies, I remember them from an old scenario in white dwarf, what was it, the floating gardens of something or other? You have a multitude of old school goodness.

    Add an aould follow button though, if you please!

  5. Painted up some of Pygmies, they are just drying before basing, so might get photographs of them up tonight.

    The scenario was in White Dwarf #100, and was called 'The Floating Gardens of Bahb-Elonn'. It was a Warhammer Roleplay scenario.
    Great issue, which conicedently I was looking at the issue recently as it has the revised rules of Rogue Trader Dreadnoughts to be added to the Book of the book of the Astronomican army lists.
    I used the list to collect my Rogue Trader Ork force (Luggrubs Drop Legion, the protagonists at Rynns World).

    There's also a great picture of goblins crewing a converted dinosaur kit.

    I think I have added the follow button, but on the layout add gadget thing it does'nt seem to be very clear. :(