Saturday 27 April 2013

Chaos Dwarves Painted! 

Ok, I know I said I would only post Sundays and Wednesdays, but I have a spare afternoon :)  I'll try to keep to the timetable in future  LOL.

Anyway, despite a busy week I have managed to paint most of the 1980's old style C16 and D3 Chaos Dwarves for my Chaos Ally Contingent. I have painted three regiments of 20 Warriors, and most importantly the two bazukas and two mortars.  They were all fun to paint and full of character.
I still have 10 Crossbows, and 4 swivel guns left to do. 

I also replaced the spear on the Pygmy Hero Regiment leaders with a smaller one more in keeping with the miniatures.

As ever I will try and sort out the other blogs, and tidy up this one with sub sections and links.

Painting wise, I'll finish off the Chaos Dwarves, and then continue with more Slann, although I am waiting to see what goblins are released on behalf of Kev Adams for Goblin Aid. 

Chaos Dwarf Bazuka
 Looking down the Barrel
 Chaos Dwarf Mortars
 Group shot. 60 warriors and gunpowder support.
 As mentioned in a previous post, I have used Vallejo German Fieldgrey WWII, for the armour, with white added for the highlights.
 For the flesh tone I have used Vallejo Grey-Green, and added white again to create the highlights.
 I tried to keep the paint scheme simple. Whilst wanting to give them a uniform look, I did use small amounts of colour, mainly greens and reds, to break up the block look of field grey.
 On the banners and shields I went for the half black/half white scheme favoured of Chaos followers of Malal.
 For two of the standards I used the old 'shield on a stick' method, in these two cases an old marauder shields and brass rod.
 This standard comes from one of the old marauder Dark Elf regiment (I have never owned the regiment, just got the standard in a jumble of e-bay stuff), and has an old Blood Bowl miniature as bearer.
Badbreath Blackbeard, The Master of Madness (centre) from the BC6 Chaos Dwarf Renegades box set, and Origol The Horrible.
 Three Marauder chaos dwarves.
 I went for a very basic stylised face pattern for the shileds as I thought it suited followers Malal.
From left to right, Belekhost Deathbringer, Jezreel Ironhand, and Rainhard Stum. 
 Double handed weapons; Zelazad Hornhead, Barin Aardnose, and Scarsol Smashskull.
 More double handed weapon, this time Radblast The Reaver, Grimdur Gutwrencher, and Kaaos Armahand.
Slayer Mask face,  Spikes Harveywotan, and Furgol Thunderfoot.
Durhal Deathdealer,  Foaming Mad Furrikson from the renegades box set (centre), and  Status Wastedhead.
Dunuin Dust-tooth , Naurthang Blacksoul, and Jabbertooth Eyesplinter.
 A converted standard bearer from a broken Finehorn Deathscream, Ekalim The Mad, and  Mad Marik Trollbiter from the Renegades box set.
 Sithan Sharpsword,  Chaos Zombie Ninja Dwarf, and Squarehammer One-Eye
 Pygmy hero with a new spear
Work in progress on the last of the Chaos Dwarves.


  1. Woah. woah, woah.

    Hang on just a second there.

    So you mean to tell me that 'despite a busy week', you managed to paint 72 figures out of a planned 94? In one week? 94 Chaos Dwarves, to be clear about the thing?

    What's the deal? Unmarried? Unemployed*? Illegal Immigrants? Time Machine?

    You have to moderate all of this awesomeness a little. Its just hard to digest such ...massive... slices in one sitting.

    I'm off to cry ineffectively for a little while. Perhaps I'll recover quickly enough to have enough time tonight to drybrush one of my bases...

    Oh. Very well done, by the way. Not jealous at all. I don't even like chaos dwarves. Silly idea, really. Little chaos warriors - I mean, really? Only if you like that sort of thing...

    *As in, privately wealthy, as opposed to the more desperate variety of this state.

    1. Yes, I've always been a fast painter and the chaos dwarves are easy to paint as most of them is armour. Quiet evenings help too ! :)
      A couple of warm days also helped the paint and bases drying, that gave me a little more speed, and they are only basic painted for gaming.

      My problem is focusing on one thing. Maybe good that I am fast as I have lots of stuff to do now I am re-painting. The need to focus on painting is part of the reason for the blog.

      I am unmarried, but not privately weathly (but have found there is a strong corralation between the two ! ) .
      If I had a Time Machine, I would go shopping and do a mail order, 1988 would be a good year. :)

      I only really collected the chaos dwarves to bulk out the allies, and it was the bazukas and mortars that were the main draw.

      Glad you liked them, never thought of them as little chaos warriors before, just slightly odd dwarves.

      Good luck with your painting.

  2. I love the earthy tones you go for on the Dwarfs, they tie to together quite nicely unlike the multi colored variety most people end up fallowing (including myself).

    1. Thank you,

      I had a lot of Field Grey paint left from painting Space Orks, so thought the colour might work for the armour.

      You're right, the earth tones do make a change, and I thought a more uniform look would tie them together as an Ally Contingent, but individually they can look really good multi coloured.

  3. Wow, you did it Goblin Lee! Very impressive! And I second the admiration/respect for your colour choice.

    1. I had nearly did it, but finished off the rest of the Chaos Dwarves this morning.

      They only require varnishing and basing!

      Thank you , the colour scheme seems to have been quite popular.

      Working on on the last two unpainted Characters from the Magnificent Sven Scenario (Karra, and Agyar the Wizard), and waiting for the glue to dry on the Regiment of Renown Flying Gargolyes of Barda now.

  4. Well it's about 8.30pm on Sunday night. Dinner is washed up and the rest of the evening is mine, however I'm tired and the thought of getting the paint brushes wet just doesn't compute. The girlfriend would prefer my company anyway... Another weekend flown past without any progress on my troops. At least I can hit the web and appreciate everyone else's efforts on their blogs... Well done Lee for keeping the dream alive!

    1. Poor Justin,
      you've done well so far with your Zoats and Wood Elves. Perhaps you should teach your girlfriend to undercoat and basecoat. :)

      Always next weekend.

  5. That's a very fine collection of chaos dwarves, and some super-fast painting. I am impressed with both!

    1. Thank you,

      I have had a free day to paint today.

      The tally today has been:

      10 Chaos Dwarf Crossbowmen
      4 swivel guns and crew (both lots were already base coated though)
      Karra Lakota from the Maginifcent Sven set
      The wizard Aygar from the Maginifcent Sven set
      2 shields designs from from the Maginifcent Sven characters
      12 Gargoyles from the Regiment of Renown, The Flying Gargoyles of Barda.

      Of course none of them have been varnished or based yet.