Sunday 14 April 2013

Slann and Great Goblins (Gnolls). 

After painting some of the Pygmies I have got distracted with the idea of painting more Slann, painting 10 more scouts, and Slann for the Spawn Band regiments. The Spawn Band are the basic compulsary choice for a 3rd Editon army, and the miniatures themselves are more varied.
 I tend to paint the ordinary Slann green, but scouts, jungle braves, and other unusual troops in differing colours based on frogs. The scouts below are loosely based on the Common European frog, and from the old solid based C32 range.

The Goblins are from the old solid based C12 Great Goblin range orginally released as Gnolls of which the  Chariot is also part. I went for a lighter more human-ish flesh tone for them, loosely based on Hoggle from the Labyrinth, although the painting guide in the Forces of Fantasy supplement suggests a ruddy brown.

I am considering updating the blog twice a week, once on sunday, once wednesday. That way people know when to check in for updates, and it stops me from going trigger happy and overloading everyone with hundreds of posts!  Please let me know if you think thats a good idea, and any preferences for  pictures. I'll be posting Slann as I paint them anyway.

 10 Scouts, painted as Common frogs
 Front and back
 C19 Lizardman Hero with blowpipe, and unusual miniature and useful.  Strangely I cannot find him in any catalogue, but I'm sure he's in one of them. He's not a conversion.
 16 Spawn Band Slann. I plan to have them in regiments of 20. The Leader (second from right) is the axe warrior from the Magnificent Sven Scenerio. The standard bearer is the fan bearer from the wizard palanquin.
Side view of the axe slann leader.
Cupacocoa, and an unlisted slann with a club.
FTG13-  The Goblin King (or Gnoll King) chariot. Although not clear in the photo, I painted in Dwarven runes (lifted from Tolkien) the name of the goblin King, Rug Longtooth, taken from the Book of Battalions from the Forces of Fantasy supplement.
 Side view of the crew
Head on.
 30 Great goblins, always looking for trouble.
 Close up of great goblins with a spear, a stick, and a dagger and mace.
 Pitchfork, two-handed sword, and boathook looking spear (and Amish beard)
 Combined standard bearer/musician, and two great goblins with maces.
Sword armed great goblins.


  1. Another bountiful post of absolute beauty Mr. Goblin Lee! As much as I flip over seeing your wondrous Slann (and please much, much more of them), it is your amazing, amazing classic Goblin collection that glues me to your fantastic site. I've said it before, but I can't help saying it again, What an incredible collection you have!! Thanks for posting!

    1. Cool, thank you again !

      I'll be posting groups of Slann as I finish them, painted a couple more this evening and I am concentrating on working my way through them.

      If I get chance I can post a few more goblins later this evening. Either more of the Gnolls, or something else.
      I am trying to pace myself on postings, otherwise I'll flood the blog with goblins all in one go! :)

  2. What a collection! I love those old Great Goblins...I have a few lurking here and there in my as yet to be painted Goblin regiments, but not as many as I'd like...Stunned by the Slann collection, too! Got to be worth a fortune, these days! Thanks for the great blog!

  3. Hi, your blowpipe lizarmen is on CCM:
    number 01. But indeed not in a citadel publication I know.

    Your club slann is supposed to be on WD 96 as C32:
    but I don't have this issue here to verify!

    but indeed