Friday 5 April 2013

First batch of pictures!

First batch of pictures!
I have taken a sample of pictures to get things started. Once I figure out how, I'll batch photos up into sections. More photos to follow, probably tomorrow.

 The corner of a 40 strong goblin regiment

Close up
 The unit as a whole. 
 Close up of goblins, including one with whiskers!

 Two regiments, 80 Goblins

MD1 - Goblin King's Battle Chariot, King Sourgutt, Goblin King.

Another 40 goblins!
 Three more lovely goblins, including a C27 Chaos Goblin, and an old solid based Standard bearer.

 Ratnose Snotgurgle, Goblin Wizard from the Battle Chariots mail order flyer.
 Yet another 40 goblins!
 Close up and personal! (I like the way the verde gris came out on the shield.)
 Another Battle Chariot Goblin on foot [centre]

 160 goblins, looking to pillage a village!
 Goblin Chariot.
 A hopeful goblin and the DRAG 4 Great Fire Dragon.
 200 goblin archers, just waiting to be photographed!!
 And the some of those same goblin archers, that little bit closer!
 Close up of C32 Slann Braves with blowpipes.
All 10 Slann in the unit (I'll photograph more later, probably tomorrow!) .


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I plan to add more photographs over the next few days and to try to get my head around how the mechanics of a blog works.

  2. Beautiful! What a collection!! And I love the mix of flesh colours/tones for these wonderful old gobbos. And that mail order wizard, yeah!

    1. Thank you.
      I based the skin tones on Brian Froud's goblins from the Labyrinth. I mail ordered the wizard at the time, about 1988, and has always been the Level 25 goblin Wizard of the army.

  3. That is a lot of old lead ou have there and some lovely oldhammmer paint jobs. Wonderful. I'm in.

    1. Thank you, as I mentioned to Private Wierd above, the painting was based on Brian Froud's goblins, but I also have been influenced by the 2nd and 3rd edition painting styles, which was prevelant at the time I started collecting (1986). I always preferred a more realistic set of colours rather than the bright reds and yellows, and ithink it gives the goblins that cheekier mischievous look to them.

  4. Fantastic collection! But u think you could do with a few more gobbos....

    1. Than kyou,
      I will be photographing nore goblins as the week goes on. I have that many again painted, along with wolf riders, trolls, orges, giants, and a stone thrower (I have paitned the crew to the other stonethrowers and leadblecher, but not the machines yet!)
      It ia all part of my long term re-painting project to give the goblins a painting that they deserve.