Monday, 8 April 2013

Goblin archers, flying things, Slann, and a plan.

First of all, thank you to everyone for your interest in my blog.  I am still trying to get to grips with how it all works!

Just a quick post of a few more goblins, this time archers, as well as a couple of flying models from my Wood Elf and Orc armies, and a shot of the Slann Cold One riders work in progress.

Also, I have realised that I probably need a plan when putting things on my blog and painting. The plan is to add pictures of the already painted goblins of the next few weeks, whilst concentrating on painting Slann as my work in progress updates. I think this way I can focus on taking pictures of the goblins in smaller groups, so that people can look at them properly, rather than me just taking two or three pictures of a unit of goblins and missing the detail of them. I'll try and get an 'entire army shot so far' shot done at some point.

Please let me know if this is good idea and if the pictures are ok. Also if there's anything else that people might want to see. A lot of my older stuff are either old paint jobs from years ago, or unpainted. 
Painted goblins number approx 400 Warriors, 200 archers, 40 wolf riders, 120 Great goblins (aka Gnolls)  from the C12 range, 20 or so trolls, and 20 Orges (including the 2nd version of Golfag's , and some odds and ends. 

At some point I want to photograph some of the old rogue trader stuff, and more modern 40k things, but might start a new blog for sci fi things and Tomb Kings.
 20 goblin archers
 An old C13 Night goblin Standard bearer, Iron Claw leader, and goblin bagpiper.
 Kev Adams goblins
 More Kev Adams goblins.
 Three more Iron Claw goblins . People tend to love or hate Bob Olley's miniatures. I love his goblins, but some of his other stuff I feel can be a bit hit and miss. Some of his Ral Partha/Reaper sculpts are ok.
 Three more goblins, the rear view one has a shield from Hasslefree miniautres. I used these shields for most of the goblins. The one of the right is an old solid based fellow.
 The famous and lovely DRAG7 Dragon Masters dragon with rider.

 The TA3 Orc Wyvern, painted a long time ago!

 Work in progress, 50 cold ones (I'll focus on the 20 at the back) , and 30 Jaguar warriors.
 Close up of the two units.

The left side of the Dragon Rider.


  1. Goblin Lee, these are so wonderful! What treats! And that Goblin bag-piper!!! Also, it is fantastic to see a painted Dragon Master with Rider. You truly have an outstanding collection! Thanks again for sharing pictures of it.

    1. Thank you.
      Got a couple of bag-pipers painted up. He's a lovely characterful miniature. I'll remember next time to take a picture of his back as the armour on his back is well sculpted.
      You can still mail order the Dragon from the Monsters section on the Games Workshop website. I think ebay would be the only way to get a rider with the saddle though. I have the alternative rider on the horse, and am tempted to get another dragon, but getting a saddle would be difficult, so sculpting one is the way to go.

      Got Slann and Pygmies to sort out first though!

  2. Sounds like a good plan - as many pictures as you can stand taking would be great!

    The Cold One Riders look most impressive in those numbers - that's a lot of Jaguar pelts you need to sculpt or are you going to concentrate them on one unit?

    Love the Dragon Rider - looking for a rider and saddle for mine as well as the second rider and horse...

    Great job on the Wyvern too - now him I do have in the paint queue so thanks for the reference pics!

    1. Cool.
      Might get some pictures of some newly painted Pygmies, and maybe a few more Goblins up this evening.

      I only plan on putting Jaguar pelts on one unit (that's still 10 Cold Ones). Might do another unit with Aligator hide, but the rest will be left as they are.

      Glad you like the Dragon and Wyvern, Thought would put something different on the blog for fun.

  3. OOOoOoO... that dragon. Lovely.

    1. Thank you.

      I think your Fimir project is excellent, a really interesting and well painted army and great modelling project.