Sunday 14 April 2013

More photographs of Great Goblins, and other stuff.

As promised, here are a few more pictures of the Great goblin unit, plus a few others. I have approx 120 of them painted up, so I will post more of them at a later date.

Also a sneek peek at some of my goblin Wolf riders, and a few other odds and ends.

Enjoy :) 

 Great Goblins, 2 handed hammer, 2 handed axe, and bow
 2 handed hammer, mace, axe.
 Another axe, stick, and boat-hook spear!

 Sword armed goblins
 Mace, and two halberds (which I managed to miss in the photo!)
 The 'Norman ' Goblins. These are the nucleus of a different regiment of Great Goblins.
 Close up of one of each. On the right is the FTG 14 Gnorman the Gnoll (aka Gilbert the Goblin).
 Corbit Shortstuff, Gnome Jester, from SS2 The Dwarf Kings Court. I added him to the Goblins/Gnolls as he seems to fit. Like to think of him on tour perhaps!
 FTG 15 Goblin Priest with Mace
 Ogre from Reaper miniatures. Sculpted by Bob Olley, this guy is big, thats a 40mm base he's on. 
 From the back, mainly to just show off the shield  :)
C21 Goblin Wolf riders (with a goblin warrior leader and snotling musician)
 Zogbok Maceface (if you don't belive me, check out White Dwarf #87 )
 Rancid Swordsmite
 C20 Troll: Grog Stuntycrusher. One of many Trolls, painted and unpainted, to photograph.
 C23 Ogre: Hrothyogg.  More to follow soon.
 C28 Giant.  Again, several more to be added at a later date.
 For the Rogue Trader fans, the Saharduin (Piscean Warrior). I will probably do a seperate Rogue Trader blog at some time, but thought I would add this as I have always liked it.  :)

 Ambulls. (in need of a touch up on the paint).


  1. Thanks again for sharing these great photos! I've coveted Grog Stunty Crusher for years! Love the Ambulls, too!

  2. Wonderful. The old goblin wolf riders are really excellent minis. The great goblins are fantastic!

  3. A bit jealous of your horde of Ambulls! Otherwise, great post.

  4. Thank you all for your comments.

    I'm really glad that people are pleased to see them, especally the goblins. I have always seen them as really characterful, and thought they were often overlooked for the quality of the sculpts and thier personality. Believe it or not, apart from Grom's Goblin guard, I paint them all individually and see them as a large collection of individual goblins organised into regiments.

    I'll try to do another post on wednesday with the rest of the wolf riders. They are great miniatures and have lots of charater. Always imagined them riding ahead of the main army, pillaging and causing a general nuisance of themselves !
    The good thing about the 1980's goblins is that many of the warriors range fit on the wolves as well, giving a greater mix of riders. The snotling musician fits in well too.

    The Great Goblins are lovely miniatures too. For miniatures made over 30 years ago they are nicely detailed and characterful. I have kept them in seperate regiments from the rest of the goblins (apart from the animosity !) as they have a different style, later in thier clothing fashion and less Dark Age/Medieval than the bulk of goblins.
    I have loads of unpainted Great goblins, including boar riders too, but generally have no plans to post any unpainted stuff unless people really want to have a look .

    I posted the Ambulls as someone was said that people were interested in them. They are part of my old Rogue Trader stuff which I am planning to do a seperate Sci fi blog for, along with my Praetorian Imperial Guard force.

    I'm concentrating on painting Slann to get them done, and will post them as I go along. However, I will still continue to post photographs of painted goblins, and if people are interested, trolls, ogres, and giants.


  5. I love the fact you paint some of your Gobbos with reddy noses! They look like they managed to acquire a few barrels of Bugmans...

    1. Yes they do,

      or that they are feeling the cold from this never ending cold weather!

      I took the idea from some of Brian Froud's drawings of goblins and Fey folk.

      I've got the Bugmans miniatures somewhere to paint, so might use the idea on them too now,
      thank you ! :)

  6. I'd like to have a look at your un painted boar riders. I'd like to know if you are open to financial offers for any of them as well?!

    1. I might be doing a blog update, probably this Wednesday, on the unpainted Goblins.

      Sorry, but not planning on selling any of the Goblins.