Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Goblins and riding lizards!

I have had a busy couple of few days, and so, on the painting front I have'nt done anything! Well, I think I painted a couple of Slann, but they were just filling in a unit so not worth worring about on thier own.

I have though, been sorting out the ordinary slann and the cold one riders, and found that with repairing some old broken ones, I have some spare. So I have decided to make 10 of the spare Slann into converted Cold One riders, inspired by the Slann Cold one riders on the 'Somewhere the tea's getting cold' blog . I'll have a go at greenstuff Jaguar pelts, and maybe Aligator hides too!

This left me with 10 of the same Slann, and so I have decided to put them on  10 of the old Rogue Trader Space Marine Riding Lizards I have laying around. I put a few photos on the end of the photos for this post, so please tell me if it looks good or awful!

As many of you have been  interested by the goblins, I have posted the pictures of a another Warrior regiment of 40 of them, and tried to photo them all. This way you can see them bettter individually rather than just a photograph of a mass of goblins. Less is more.

Except when collecting of course  :)

The Battleline. 40 Goblins 

 Three goblins with spears. The one on the right is Nikord the Crazy, from the Goblin Battle Chariot mail order flyer. 
These three little critters show the clever way Citadel used to take one miniature, and then use it as a basis on which to convert it into other miniatures. They did a lot of that too with the Great Goblins/Gnolls in posted in my last post.

 Three more goblins from the same goblin range.
 The one on the left is a C13 solid based Night Goblin Champion. The Goblin leader with a cigar is from the 1990's, and made by Heartbreaker (I think it's a Chaz Elliot sculpt.)
 C27 Goblin fanatic with Boomerang, a C13 Goblin (based on the same body as Grom from the 1st Regiment of Renown set), and a C27 Mutant goblin called 'beast'. All are solid based.
 Three Iron Claw Goblins.
 Three goblins with spears, including one with a red nose, especally for Justin :)
 On the left is the Armoured  Chaos Familiar, which I added to the goblins as is reminds me of Brian Froud's Labyrinth goblins. The one on the right is a C12 goblin called 'Leg Biter' .
 Standard bearer (with bird house), and two more goblins.
 Two goblins, the one on the right being a Iron Claw one with great shoulder detail.

 Three goblins, the two with swords being solid based ones.
 Just to break up the long procession of goblins, a C20 troll: Hobol Firebreath .
 A Giant. He's from the early 1980's, I think he is an old Ral Partha one, but can't recall. Please let me know if you do :)  He's on a 50mm square base to give you an idea of the size.
 Back to the goblins! 
The one on the left is a snagga from the old Lord of the Rings range. The other two are musician, and a solid based spearman.
 Left and Right are two more Iron Claw goblins. The one in the middle is a C12 goblin, with an added metal shield.
Last three goblins. Solid based on on the left, Iron Claw in the middle, and C12 series on the right.

 The Slann (with converted on shield) on the riding lizard (ignore the paintwork on the Slann, he'll be re-painted) .
 Riding lizard.
From the side.


  1. Hi Goblin Lee,

    Another wonderful post! Hey, I have that giant too, and I pretty sure he is a Tom Meier one that ended up being both Ral Partha and Citadel. I've had the plastic base on mine for years, so I can't check. Which is annoying me at the moment because I wish all my Pre-slotta guys were on detachable plastic bases - it would be so nice just to have them free again!

    Your Rogue Trader stuff is a joyous tease! I can't wait to see your Rogue Trader/Sci-fi blog.

    1. Hello Private W. ,

      Thank you, I think you're right, the giant does look like a Tom Meier model. A quick Google search for Tom Meier Giant resulted in several photos and e-bay listings with pictures of him. C28 Giant, Tom Meier.

      I saw him in the corner of one of your fantastic battlefield photos, and it gave me the idea of putting mine on the blog too.
      You have some lovely miniatures slugging it out there :)

      Might have a go at the Rogue Trader Blog at the weekend. As with the 3rd Edition Warhammer stuff, most of it is now in post paint stripped mode ready for re-painting, but I have got Luggub's Drop Legion completed, so might start with that. Add what I have done so far on the Emperors Children and Imperial Army later.

      Think I'll end up with about four blogs at this rate. This one; Rogue Trader; Praetorian/current 40k; and my Tomb Kings army.